Power to the People!

Power to the People!

CIR NOW has been established to unite many existing organisations and individuals in support of Citizen Initiated Referendums.

By uniting, we can show all political parties that it is the WILL of the vast majority of voters that we want a system of Citizen Initiated Referendums. To support this idea, all you need do is register your name and email address. Nothing else is required. We just want to collect as many signatories as possible so that we can show the politicians that a large number of Australians want CIR NOW! This is the pledge we will present to the policians:

We the undersigned (on right column) support the concept of Citizen Initiated Referendums (CIR). We the People must have the power to decide the destiny of our nation and the type of government we want.

We urge all supporters to Register as a CIR Supporter. Click on the button, register, and we will automatically add your name to the scrolling list of supporters on the right.:

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Your signature on this petition in no way endorses the policies, teachings or beliefs of any other organization or individual on this petition, other than CIR.