How the UN Controls Queensland’s Environmental Laws

After reading this document you will be scratching your head in wonder, anger, and confusion…but that is par for the course when dealing with the Queensland government.

Click here to download and read this “explanation”: Synopsis of the Queensland Environmental Legal System

Dr Chris McGrath starts off by explaining in the Introduction, “The environmental legal system in the State of Queensland, Australia, is comprised of many parts that can be complex and confusing. No single part of the system or single level of government regulates all activities. Instead, the many parts of the system and different levels of government are interlinked, forming a safety net protecting the environment.”

He takes the art of understatement to a whole new level of….confusion.

But this is hardly surprising, as any Queenslander can attest to after trying to deal with any “environmental” requirements.

It should come as no surprise that all these laws, Acts, by-laws and dozens of other regulatory mechanisms are a direct result of United Nations meddling in our affairs.

What is worse, this UN meddling, as can be seen in the chart below, not only overrides Common Law, it places it at the very bottom of the control system.

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If you live in another state or territory, don’t start laughing at Queensland. What happens in Queensland automatically becomes law everywhere.

This is yet another very good reason why Australians need to put a stop to the United Nations dictatorship empowered by the Lima Agreement and all the other “agreements” that the politicians have signed us up to. But when were we ever asked if we wanted the UN dictating how we should live our lives?

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