Australia has been very lucky throughout our history. We have never been invaded by an enemy force. The Japanese tried hard during WW2. They bombed Darwin many times in an attempt to scare Australians into surrender as they raced through southern Asia towards our northern shores. They got as far as New Guinea, but our boys fought them back and defeated them.

That was then, but what about today? Would an enemy try to invade Australia from the north again?

CCP Women soldiers are disciplined, determined and very, very dangerous!

You only have to look at a map of Australia to see what a stupid idea it is. The logistical problems alone would finish off an invasion before it even got started. An enemy would have to cross those vast desert areas between the north and the south, west or eastern seaboards. Even if they brought enough supplies and equipment, their resources would be stretched to the limit before they even launched an attack on any major population centers.

So, how would an enemy force invade Australia?

Transport ships like this could be used to invade us

Forget about motive for the moment and let’s look at possibilities. Our politicians don’t appear to have thought of mounting any defence against an invasion.

Look out to sea any day of the week and what do you see?

That’s right, hundreds of container ships each day engaged in international trade are cruising up and down our coast right now bringing in cheap goods, or to load up with our coal, iron ore, etc.

So, what if those ships were loaded with troops and armaments hidden below decks and in containers instead? They could sail right into our harbours on a long weekend while we are all away relaxing at the beach or at a BBQ, and no one would take the least bit of notice. And what if they did it while the bulk of our troops are based in Darwin, as they seem to be today?

Who would defend our shores if the troops hidden on those transport ships stormed ashore?”

But, what about Canberra, you might ask? Surely the government could order our troops south again quickly enough to foil the invaders?

Perhaps, but what if those ships also carried a strike force of helicopters capable of flying the short distance to Canberra from Sydney and they destroyed the city and our seat of government first?

The implications of this strategy are staggering, yet so far who has ever heard a single politician or military commander even mention this scenario?

Why not?

Perhaps because it sounds so far-fetched and scary that they are afraid to even think of it.

Compare these warriors to the Soy Boys the younger generation Australians are today!

However, you can bet our potential enemies have. It would be so simple to pull off. How many ordinary Australians would be able to defend our shores, or even our homes, from these invaders?


We don’t have a citizen army like Switzerland or Israel. We are not even allowed to own guns. So what would happen if the unthinkable (but quite possible) occurred and we faced a determined invasion force?

The world is getting more dangerous every day. The Chinese are flexing their military muscles and expanding south, while also buying up huge swathes of Australian property.

The Indonesians, the most populous islamic country on the planet, are become more militantly islamic every day, as are the Malaysians. They are already eyeing Australia. The Indonesian military purportedly have maps showing Australia as “south Indonesia.” Even if they don’t you have to admit this scenario is not just possible, but highly likely. After all, the Indonesians have already invaded Papua West New Guinea where they have slaughtered more than 500,000 Papuans already. The Indonesians are after the riches hidden in the mountains of PWNG.

Why wouldn’t they have their eyes on the almost unimaginable riches Australia still has buried underground, not to mention the rich and fertile farming areas and our thousands of miles of pristine ocean?

Yet, our coastline is wide open for anyone to come sailing in. We just don’t have enough Naval boats or men to patrol the whole coast. Nor do we have enough Australian Defence Force personnel available to protect our nation in the event of an invasion.

Australia needs a strong defence capability, yet governments keep cutting defence budgets and imposing “cultural sensitivity” programs on our ADF to “integrate islam”. The islamists who are already in the ADF are not integrating. Instead, they are demanding that the ADF cater to and subjugate itself to islam and sharia law.

Just look at Mona Shindy, for example, who, when she joined the Nave was happy to dress like every other sailor, until she started practicing islam more “devoutly”. Then she put on a headscarf and then demanded that the Navy provide an “islamic” uniform, which they did…all in the name of “cultural diversity” of course!

This is what islam does, yet we ignore the obvious. We have allowed these “fifth columnists” to infiltrate almost every aspect of our nation. The enemy is already here and they can strike at the very heart of our nation without even bothering to send an invading force!

So far, we have looked at a “what if” scenario. Despite this, we still need to think about an invasion force coming here. So how can we protect ourselves?

A Possible Solution

CIRNow supports Service to the Nation. All able-bodied Australians would be required to repay our nation for the many gifts we enjoy by serving in the ADF, or they could choose alternative service in a civil capacity if they object to being in the military. Here’s how it would work:

Those volunteering for military training shall be a member of the Military Reserve Forces from age 18 to 38 years. Military training shall be for a continuous period of 14 weeks during each and every five years from age 18 years to age 38 years. Such Citizens shall be obliged to render military service as and when required to defend the Nation.

It is considered that blocks of 14 weeks is the minimum required to achieve a useful level of expertise without unduly disrupting civil occupations. It allows for three intakes in any 12 month period with appropriate periods between intakes for recovery and preparation in training establishments.

This training schedule equates to three weeks per year over 20 years – about one year in total. The option to undertake training at any time during a five year period allows Citizens maximum flexibility.

Deployment on active service shall count as double against this military training obligation.

For example, if a Citizen is called up for 14 weeks operational duty, he would expunge 28 weeks of obligation.

Citizens shall have the right to volunteer to serve part-time and full time in the Reserve Forces, to undertake specialist training, and to undertake training as Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers.

Alternative Service

The statutes shall provide for training in alternative services such as police, fire, ambulance, paramedic, coast watch, search and rescue services.  Those undergoing alternative training shall be a member of Emergency Services Reserve from age 18 to 38 years.  Alternative training shall be for a period of 15 weeks each and every five years between the ages of 18 and 38 years. Such Citizens shall be required to render such service as and when required in times of emergency.

Deployment on actual operations counts as double against this training requirement.

For example, a Citizen called out to assist with fighting bush fires or with flood mitigation for a period of two weeks would have their training obligation reduced by four weeks.

Training and service to the Nation between the ages of 18 and 38 years is voluntary for every able man and woman.

Those rendering service shall be paid appropriately for the job they perform in that service.  If necessary, family income shall be augmented by the Commonwealth to a reasonable level bearing in mind the family income pertaining at the start of the Citizen’s service.

Employers of persons undergoing training or deployed on operational service in the Military Reserve Forces and the Emergency Services Reserve shall be required to ensure such employees are reinstated without detriment at the conclusion of their service.

Those who render military or alternative service and thereby suffer health impairment or lose their life shall receive for themselves or their dependent relatives adequate support from the Commonwealth to ensure their income remains equal to or exceeds Average Weekly Earnings1 adjusted annually.

1 Average Weekly Earnings (AWE) shall mean Average Weekly Earnings as determined by the Bureau of Statistics.

The families of Citizens rendering operational military service shall be granted preferential treatment by all government agencies. For the purpose of this provision, “family” is defined as only mother, father, spouse, son, daughter.

Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders are considered members of the Commonwealth of Australia, with all the rights and privileges of any member of the Commonwealth.

Benefits of Service to the Nation:

When a nation encourages its people to serve the nation it creates a proud people willing to fight and die to preserve the rights and freedoms of all.

Instead of raising generations of men and women who are confused about their own sexuality, unable to face even mild set back, military and civil service encourages pride and courage.

How we got here and where we could go….

Since World War 2 our country has gone steadily downhill. Our education system is churning out kids who can’t do basic mathematics or even write coherent English. Many people have poor language skills because they are so used to using their mobile to text each other in gibberish. Even our universities are passing out graduates with no practical skills or knowledge of how to apply their special training.

Too many people believe that everything is the fault of the government instead of taking responsibility for their own actions — and yes, let’s face it, their own stupidity. But we can’t blame them for being stupid. They have not been given the education and the discipline to know any better. Over the last 40 years or so our education system has been replaced by a Socialist agenda designed to produce graduates ill-equipped to deal with today’s modern demands.

Imagine the benefits of Service to the Nation

Every adult Australian that chooses to serve in the ADF would be trained in the use of arms, and they would be capable of defending our shores at a moment’s notice.

Just as it is in Switzerland and Israel, all trained reserve personnel would be required to take their assigned weapon home with them and keep it clean and ready for use at any time. This would be the best deterrent to any invader…not huge warships, or sending our troops overseas to battle a bunch of goat herders who became terrorists because they were deprived of a decent income due to their land being invaded by foreign armies, as we have now.

At the same time, service to the nation would give every youth the discipline and strength of purpose that is lacking in so many today. Instead of tattooing and piercing their bodies because they have nothing better to do with their vain lives they would be learning pride in their country. They would be meeting people from all over the country and learning to get along with each other.

Obesity would be reduced. Physical training quickly hones bodies into fit fighting machines. Any obese people who turn up for their  service training could be put into a special group to reduce their weight first, and then they could complete their basic training when they reach a target weight.

Bikie gangs, the drug problem, and gratuitous violence for the sake of it would be curbed, or even largely eliminated. We would become a cohesive society, united in the defence of our country, proud, and working together for the future.

A Defence Force…Not an Offence Force

Creating a defence force like this would not mean that we are preparing to wage war on any other nation. It would simply mean that our whole population is ready to defend our shores if necessary. A reformed Australian Government, as we propose in the 5-Point Plan, would be friends with all nations. We would never actively seek war without the express consent of a majority of Australians voting in a referendum.

We would still maintain a full time professional military force, but if the country is ever threatened by an enemy, the ADF would be augmented by every able-bodied Australian who has undergone military training as well.

But wouldn’t it be dangerous to arm citizens?

In 1931, Weimar authorities discovered plans for a Nazi takeover in which Jews would be denied food and persons refusing to surrender their guns within 24 hours would be executed. They were written by Werner Best, a future Gestapo official. In reaction to such threats, the government authorized the registration of all firearms and the confiscation thereof, if required for “public safety.” The interior minister warned that the records must not fall into the hands of any extremist group.

In 1933, the ultimate extremist group, led by Adolf Hitler, seized power and used the records to identify, disarm, and attack political opponents and Jews. Constitutional rights were suspended, and mass searches for and seizures of guns and dissident publications ensued. Police revoked gun licenses of Social Democrats and others who were not “politically reliable.”
(Read more at:

John Howard knew this when he disarmed Australians as part of the agenda to create a strong government at the expense of Australian citizens. Since then, we have seen the government bring in the dreaded Section 18c of the Anti-Discrimination Act that has destroyed our right to Freedom of Speech.

We have already lost our Freedom of the Press. Today, the media is owned by a small cabal of corporate shills who decide what news we will see and what slant they want to put on it.

If we continue to allow the government to act without any citizen oversight we will lose even more rights, and eventually we will become no more than slaves to the system. For more information, read this assessment of Agenda 21/2030.

This document describes nothing less than a global government takeover of every nation across the planet. The “goals” of this document are nothing more than code words for a corporate-government fascist agenda that will imprison humanity in a devastating cycle of poverty while enriching the world’s most powerful globalist corporations like Monsanto and DuPont.

One of the prime directives of Agenda 21 is the disarming of all citizens, with guns held only by military and other groups controlled by the state.

We can already see the effects of this in Melbourne which is being victimized with home invasions, robberies, rapes, and other crimes committed by the black African islamic Apex Gang. Citizens are at the mercy of these criminals. The police are impotent and unable to stop them.

If Australians citizens were armed the Apex Gang criminals would not be able to rampage as they are today. Terrorists would think twice before trying to attack armed citizens…and even if they did attack they would be killed much faster than the police seem able to do it.

Would we see a repeat of the Port Arthur Massacre?

Whether you believe that was a government created “false flag” or not, the simple fact is that Australia had only a handful of mass murders dating back for more than a century before Port Arthur. Yet Australians were always armed and free to carry firearms until John Howard took them away. Re-arming our nation is highly unlikely to result in a rash of mass murders by gun, especially if all gun owners must first be tested for any psychiatric disabilities, and then trained in the proper use and storage of weapons.

Financial Benefits

When the Service to the Nation law is passed it will contain a clause requiring all equipment supplied to the ADF must be manufactured in Australia within a certain period of time. It would allow time for Australian manufacturing to be set up and a work force trained to produce the equipment. So, for example, we could set a date for all shoe laces to be supplied by Australian companies within twelve months. We would need a longer time-frame, say five years, to set up the industries required to manufacture jet aircraft, of other hi-tech equipment. Government interest free, or low cost loans would finance new start-up companies.

Within a very short time we would eliminate unemployment. Our youth could be gainfully employed as soon as they graduate when they enter the ADF, trained up in the various disciplines required for both the ADF and manufacturing, or even attend university to gain qualifications for ADF service, and then go on to lead productive lives that will benefit the nation.

With universal national service, every citizen would become tougher, more confident, and proud of themselves and our nation. The dole bludgers would quickly learn there is no such thing as a free lunch, and they would be taken off the dole to become contributing citizens.

Our indigenous citizens would gain self-respect and pride in themselves. They would no longer have to rely on the white man’s patronizing hand-outs. Instead, they would join all other Australians and become a part of mainstream society.

All Australians will have the opportunity to gain a good education under the new CIR system we propose, and Service to the Nation will play a major role in creating better citizens. At the end of their service citizens will have skills ready to take them into the work force.

Isn’t it time our politicians started thinking about real-life issues, including how to protect our nation, instead of launching scathing personal attacks at each other like petulant children in Parliament? We want leaders with vision, leaders capable of rational thinking, able to deliver real solutions to the problems we all face. Isn’t it about time we got this country back on track and prepared for the future?

That future is all we have to leave for our children. Surely it is our personal responsibility to ensure our children inherit a country they can be proud of?

Sadly, under our current system, our politicians are never going to introduce the necessary changes. But You can be part of the solution! Hop in and help the thousands of Aussies who have already made a conscious decision to work together to make this a better country.

Click here to become a member of Advance Australia today, and let’s restore our nation to health, wealth, and the pursuit of happiness!