The Three Greatest Dangers Western Countries Face

Western culture has thrived over the centuries because we respect and uphold people’s rights, as well as teaching our children moral behaviour. The successful civilization we have created as a result is the envy of the world. This is why so many people from third world countries are desperate to live in the West.

Unfortunately, this freedom has been too much for some Westerners with limited intelligence. Instead of relishing and protecting the many freedoms we enjoy, they have turned to ideologies like Communism and Islam that seek to destroy them instead.

We face so many problems lately that it’s hard to tell which problem to attempt to solve first. But if we are going to get our country back we need to concentrate our energies on the root causes of all the problems.

Until we face up to reality and take down those who are responsible for the many crimes against us, we face the possibility of complete destruction of our nation and our culture.

The most dangerous ideology is the purported “religion” — Islam

We have investigated Islam thoroughly over the last decade, read the Koran, and spoken to many Moslems, and everything we have seen and heard has led us to the inescapable conclusion that Islam cannot co-exist peacefully with any other ideology or culture.

Anyone who has read the Koran will have read the 109 verses that order all Moslems to slaughter the unbeliever. While not all Moslems become radical and start killing, the likelihood of it happening is all too real. A list of the deadly verses in the Koran can be found here:
The Quran’s Verses of Violence (

Unless Australians are ready to face up to reality and prepared to take steps to protect our nation from being overrun by those who plan to destroy our way of life, we will lose it.

This is not hate speech. It is a simple statement of fact, based on observations the writer made during his travels around the world. He has spoken to Lebanese, both Islamic and Christian, who fled their country when the sectarian violence broke out. They described many instances of Moslems attacking non-believers, forcing them to pay the jizya (a fine for being allowed to live as a non-moslem), and even killing them if they refuse to convert to Islam.

The writer has lived in Islamic countries and seen how women are treated as second class citizens, and any transgression of Islamic laws can result in beatings, hangings, beheadings and even stoning to death.

They described how entire Christian families were slaughtered by Moslems when ordered to by their imam even though they later stated they didn’t want to do it to their lifelong friends, but they were afraid of being slaughtered themselves by their brother Islamists if they refused.

This is the extreme danger with Islam; We can never know when one or more of them feel so insulted by what they perceive as a slur on their beliefs that they will start killing, just as this judge points out during sentencing of a terrorist in the UK.

This video is a chilling reminder of what can happen if we continue to let this ideology live in our midst.

Corrupt Governments

It is hardly news to most Australians that our governments, both federal and state, are so corrupt we no longer trust them. Instead of serving their masters, We the People, they have turned the tables upside down and created a system of control that is getting so tight that people are being pushed to the wall, and that is very dangerous for any government.

When the people have nothing to lose, they lose their fear. Look at history.

Politicians need to take heed. The cries of anger around this once prosperous nation are growing louder by the day. Unless the political system changes to start serving the people, as it’s supposed to, the push back could be terrible. No one wants violence, but desperate men will do desperate things. It’s up to the politicians to decide what sort of future they want.

A Corrupt Judiciary

The police and judiciary have created a system designed to impoverish the people in the courts.

Police collude with government agencies to evict people from their homes when they can no longer pay for them due to government corruption. The police are also implicated in false arrests, beatings, and other crimes, yet they are not held to account. In fact, the police club is structured so that any honest police are either forced out, or they are compelled to become corrupt. It is a pernicious system that needs a complete overhaul.

Judges routinely hand out sentences to people unjustly accused of crimes they didn’t commit, and punishments are often in excess of what may be deserved.

Lawyers and police routinely lie in court, mislead their clients, or don’t even try to defend their clients. Instead, they do back room deals and betray their trust and their clients.

All this misbehavior is driven by the corruption the very top our nation. When the politicians are making the laws that the judiciary use to their advantage, We the People of the Commonwealth cannot expect to get justice.

But history has a way of repeating itself, so the people involved in these crimes against the people should take heed of this warning. Because when people are pushed so hard their backs are against the wall, anything can happen.

It’s up to those committing the crimes against the people to decide now whether they will change their ways and start serving the people or be held accountable instead.

Common Law courts have already begun issuing verdicts which stand for all time. Once people start to realize that every member of the community is bound by law to arrest any criminal on the run, those convicted will spend their days looking over their shoulder.

All persons who were the victims of a crime in Anglo-Saxon England were expected to raise their “hue and cry” and apprehend the criminal; and upon hearing their cry, every able-bodied man in the community was expected to do the “utmost in his power” (pro toto posse suo) to chase and apprehend the accused as a “posse”. Every man was thereby personally responsible for the law and for the safety of the entire community.
From1215: The Year of Magna Carta ~by J. Danziger (2003)

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