What Hitler Really Said

The Deception Exposed

After World War Two the western Allies presented us with a picture of Hitler as a mass murdering monster. But have you ever wondered who this “monster” really was?

We have all seen Hitler speaking to massive crowds of Germans, but we rarely hear his speeches translated into English. Have you ever wondered what he really said that so entranced millions of Germans?

How did Hitler manage to take a Germany prostrated into submission by the victorious Allies and re-build the German economy? He couldn’t have done it without the willing support of the German people. Yet we rarely hear any explanation for this.

Why did Hitler decide to eliminate all the Jews? We are told he hated them, but why? That is rarely explained either.

In fact, we are told very little about Hitler the man….the man the German people not only idolised, but willingly went to war for against the whole world.


This video answers these and many more questions. It should be noted that this website does not, and never will, support National Socialism. It is a totalitarian form of government that we could never tolerate. And yet, Hitler managed to completely revitalize Germany through Nazism. We can learn from his successes and his failures.

Australia is heading towards a similar fate to Germany before Hitler came along. We are losing our rights, our freedoms, the government ignores our needs and our will. The political parties have set up a destructive, dictatorial style of socialist government that has disenfranchised all members of the Commonwealth of Australia. It is up to us to change things. But we can only do that if we understand what is really going on in the world today.

And we can only understand if we learn from history. Hitler, despite the evil he did, has plenty to teach us. This video shows us a completely different view of the man and the nation than the one we have been told.

What Hitler Really Thought – Video Part 1

What Hitler Really Thought – Video Part 2

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