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Common Sense Perspective on Viruses

We have seen a lot of hype and hysteria about the Corona Virus plandemic… but how true is it? This German doctor brings a common sense, medical perspective to the discussion.

He explains that all viruses mutate, or they couldn’t survive to attack their hosts. He also shows how the world governments, egged on by the corrupt media, have generated the hysteria and lies that have resulted in most of the world being shut down — for a very minor danger. Hundreds of thousands of people die each year from the flu. The corona virus is just another form of flu.

As the people are pushed further towards the brink of their patience, the retaliation against the criminals who have destroyed the world when it comes will be far worse than any virus could ever wreak.

Who owns the Coronavirus?


and QINETIQ owns the patent for the Coronavirus….

Worried about the Corona Virus?

Do you know there is a cure ready right now…. but it’s not being released?

This video explains who OWNS the patent for the Virus…and who is behind releasing it into the world and why.


Do your own research. The evidence is out there. We just have to find it.

What do the Cash Ban Laws mean for you and our future as a nation?

Richo and Jones discuss the new bank bail-in laws currently before Parliament.

The Lower House has already approved it (no surprise there!), and the Senate is about to “review” it.

If they pass this law banning us from doing any transactions worth more than $10,000 then there will be hell to pay!!!

We, the People of the Commonwealth of Australia have an absolute RIGHT to spend our money as we see fit. No government or bank has any right to steal our money, or jail us for spending our own money.

Australia, wake up!!! Are we going to sit around on our hands bleating like sheep?

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