The End of Majesty And Its Restoration

The Full title of King Charles III is His Majesty King Charles the Third. Why “His Majesty”?

In 2023 at Westminster Abbey in London, His Majesty King Charles the Third in a large congregation of people from all over the Commonwealth, took the Statute 1 Will and Mary (Coronation Oath) 1688 (C 6) and thereby succeeded to the Majesty of the Commonwealth Crown.


It is a tarnished and pathetic Crown, tarnished by politicians and lawyers whose first loyalty is to themselves and the unholy dollar. This tarnished and pathetic Crown was smashed in 1948 when King George the Sixth was dying, and the politicians took advantage of his pending demise, to usurp His Majesty and declare His subjects to be citizens in both the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth of Australia.

Seventy-five years of treason is probably enough!!!

The separation of powers between the Legislature, the Church, and the Administration is enshrined in the English Constitution and came to the Commonwealth with the Australian Courts Act 1828. It also was adopted by the United States of America when they separated from the then United Kingdom in 1776, and for around 257 years was a successful Republic… more or less. The “less” started in 1871 straight after lawyers were readmitted to the House of Commons after a 498-year ban.

Majesty comes from Almighty God. There is No majesty in the law.

In 1670 a William Penn, an Oxford Scholar, was accused of tumultuous assembly in front of the Mayor of London. Tumultuous assembly was the gathering of people to hear the Word of the Lord preached outside of the King’s Churches.

He defended himself.

Lord Chatham, William Pitt

With the cooperation of the Sheriff, he was tried in front of a local jury of landowners, and so enraged the mayor that he ordered him fettered to the ground and gagged. He had, however, said enough and the jury acquitted him despite the mayor’s instructions to convict. The mayor was so enraged he fined all members of the jury forty marks, which was a huge sum in 1670

The fine was overturned by the Court of Appeal establishing that a jury trial, like proceedings in the Parliament of the Commonwealth are privileged.

In 1871 the United States of America needed funds to rebuild after the American Civil War. The British Empire was awash with gold from Australia, South Africa and looted from India.  The Act of 1871 was enacted to form the United States of America into a Corporation, and taxes from the United States of America were paid to the United Kingdom to repay the reconstruction loans.

When Britain was under severe threat from NAZI Germany in WWII the Americans started a Lend Lease scheme where they supplied armaments on credit. Eventually, they were forced to enter the war in 1941 after Pearl Harbour.

President Roosevelt also supplied the Soviet Union under Stalin with enormous amounts of war supplies to fight the Germans but, unlike Britain, the Soviet Union under Stalin was never asked to repay the debt. Instead, the Soviet Union under Stalin paid in blood. The estimated casualties from Stalin’s attacks on his own people vary between 20 to 40 million dead.

Allied casualties under His Majesty King George the Sixth were 520,000, of whom 100,000 were Australians. The Majesty of Almighty God blessed the British.

The principles of majesty are contained in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

Majesty never leads to one individual oppressing another, and this is contained in Article 9 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. It prohibits all arbitrary judgments, and that would include the sentencing procedures so beloved of Judges and Magistrates.

The Stephens Code that inspired the Criminal Code Act 1898 (Q) was drawn from average sentences imposed up to that time by juries. The Criminal Code Act 1995 is a similar enactment with a Code as its schedule, and while it should act as a guide to corporate offenders and individuals who clearly know they are guilty and are caught offending, it sets a clear path towards forgiveness.

But as Gilbert and Sullivan, in one of their comic operas, stated, the purpose: “To make the punishment fit the crime, the punishment fit the crime”, is the true purpose of the LAW.

The Law is a Religion Today

The LAW has become a religion. It is a pagan religion, it has no majesty, and is a grubby method of ensuring that peace is maintained. Its practitioners were banned from the House of Commons for 498 years, and probably ought to be again banned. The 1372 law banning them was repealed for the United Kingdom in 1870.

In 1770, one hundred years before a Lord Chatham delivered a speech in the House of Lords on the English Constitution in the English Parliament, and the same year Captain Cook claimed Australia for the British Crown under Almighty God the precursor of the settlement of Australia was happening in the United States of America. Lord Chatham tried desperately to persuade the Parliament of the United Kingdom to extend to the American Colonies the same Constitution as he showed the English Protestants enjoyed. He failed, and a smallish band with about 20 percent of the population in support of it, defeated the greatest world power of the day. The result was a Republic established in 1776.

Two years later a flotilla of British ships called the First Fleet, arrived in Botany Bay and started a colony.  Many of the convicts were Roman Catholic Church followers, because the Roman Catholic Church was the sworn enemy of the Protestant Church that ruled the United Kingdom, and convicts were the same as slaves. Protestants were rarely transported as slaves, because in the then United Kingdom, the Protestant Church of Almighty God and the LAW were the same. Every Protestant went to Church and the King James Version of the Holy Bible was read in it every Sunday. The Great Charter of England was based upon it, and was based upon it, rendering an offender liable to excommunication for crime and probably transportation to the colonies, firstly in the United States of America and later Australia as slaves.

Many English lawyers were first transported to the Colony in New South Wales mainly for perjury, and like leopards they have not changed a lot and many still have spots. This explains the abysmal state of our judicature today.

Where law ends, tyranny begins

By making the LAW a religion, the lawyers of the Commonwealth have arrogated to themselves absolute power.

In the closing words of Lord Chatham’s speech: Unlimited power is apt to corrupt the minds of those who possess it; and this I know, my lords, that where law ends, tyranny begins.

Judicial Review, is the subject of a whole chapter in THE JUDICIAL PROCESS (1962-1998) Seven Editions, Henry J Abraham Oxford University Press. In it he describes it thus: “In its full majesty and range, it is a power that ordinary courts, ie Those that are part of the formal judicial structure, of merely a handful of other countries in the world possess with varying degrees of effectiveness: among these are Australia, Brazil, Burma, Canada, India, Pakistan, and Japan, of whom most have federal systems of government.”

Majesty comes from Almighty God. It does Not come from the Parliament of the United Kingdom or a Parliament of the Commonwealth.

It is recognised in both the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 and the Constitution, but not by proponents of the communist religion called THE LAW.

The Destruction of Majesty

In 1948 in Australia the majesty of King George the Sixth was destroyed by the Nationality and Citizenship Act 1948. By an ordinary Act of Parliament, the King was stripped of all power, and the Parliament of the Commonwealth arrogated to itself a False Sovereignty (false majesty).

Prime Minister Bob (Pig Iron) Menzies

This was immediately punished by the change of government which put Menzies in charge, but Menzies as a barrister was a pagan anyway.

In 2007 another pagan lawyer named John Howard confirmed the death of majesty with the Australian Citizenship Act 2007, which resulted in a resounding defeat in the same year at the polls, where he lost his personal seat in the Parliament of the Commonwealth and Government.

The recognition of Majesty is in S 5 Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 and S 79 Constitution. It is recognised by use of the words, courts and judges without any capital letters.

It is recognised in S 2 Judiciary Act 1903 definition of Appeal, where the words Court or Judge are confirmed as any decision by any of them is not sacred, and any proceeding at all can repeal their deliberations.

A trial with judges is a religious proceeding in a sacred gathering of the people, where a Justice presides, and administers the will of Almighty God. The Magna Carta incorporates the Gospel of Matthew Chapter 18 Verses 15-20 into the law of the land.

Perhaps its spooky, but the Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit does the judging when a jury is present and any lesser gathering is pagan. By S 15A Acts Interpretation Act 1900 and S 116 Constitution, since we are conscripted by the Nationality and Citizenship Act 1948 and Australian Citizenship Act 2007 as pagan citizens to bow and scrape to lawyers of the Pagan religion of the LAW, and we denied that power to the Parliament of the Commonwealth in a referendum, in 1946, evidenced in S 51 Placitum (xxxiA) Constitution all law not acceptable to a fully informed jury is void. The pagan powers-that-be refuse to accept that they are charlatans (persons falsely claiming to have special knowledge or skill).  

The word “verdict” comes from jury trial. The word Judgment is pagan.

Almighty God guides the Parliament of the Commonwealth. They say Prayers to Him every day they sit. It has made some very inconvenient laws the pagans refuse to acknowledge. One is the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. Every pagan Judge and Magistrate who sits in a charlatan Court as a Judge has been disregarding it since its inception.

Inconveniently the Parliament of the Commonwealth has incorporated it into the Criminal Code Act 1995 as S 268:12 Criminal Code Act 1995 and S 268:20 Criminal Code Act 1995. Refusing to apply it carries seventeen years imprisonment.

Since the Crimes Act 1914 imposes penalties for breach of Statute Law, in S 4B Crimes Act 1914 and gives the formula to calculate it, the greatest wealth transfer since 1948 should take place when people start reclaiming their god-given right to prosecute criminals, no matter how important.

A breach of S 42 and 43 Crimes Act 1914, which is the crime of perverting the Judicial Power of the Commonwealth, carries a ten years imprisonment penalty. Using the formula provided for in the Crimes Act, this sentence calculates at $165,000 which accrues daily while the effect of the crime continues by S 4K Crimes Act 1914. That is $165,000 for every day.  

A breach of S 268:12 Criminal Code Act 1995 carries a liquidated penalty of $280,500 with a penalty unit at $275.00. We became the Commonwealth humbly relying on the blessing of Almighty God. We are not to be subject to a communist pagan religion of any description whatsoever.  His Majesty (Almighty God) forbids it.       

The Queen Victoria’s Letters Patent 1900 was the document that was created to preserve Her Majesty. It contains three special clauses to prevent the imposition of communist idolatry. They are:

II. There shall be a Great Seal of and for Our said Commonwealth which Our said Governor General shall keep and use for sealing all things whatsoever that shall pass the said Great Seal. Provided that until a Great Seal shall be provided the Private Seal of Our said Governor General may be used as the Great Seal of the Commonwealth of Australia.

III. The Governor General may constitute and appoint, in Our name and on Our behalf, all such Judges, Commissioners, Justices of the Peace, and other necessary officers and Ministers of Our said Commonwealth, as may be lawfully constituted or appointed by Us.

IV. The Governor General, so far as We Ourselves lawfully may, upon sufficient cause to him appearing, may remove from his office, or suspend from the exercise of the same, any person exercising any office of Our said Commonwealth, under or by virtue of any —- Commission or Warrant granted, or which may be granted, by Us in Our name or under Our authority.

The failure to include these three clauses in the Australian Letters Patents promulgated by Bob Hawke and Kevin Rudd took the Majesty from Her Majesty as She then was, and effectively turned the Crown into an unholy Ghost.

Upon this treatise being made available to every Member of Parliament or Senator in the Parliament of the Commonwealth, should they fail to reinstate the Original Queen Victoria’s Letters Patent 1900 they will be in breach of the Statute [1351] 25 Edward III Stat 5 Ch 2 [Criminal and civil justice] in force in South Australia in the Criminal Law Consolidation Act 1935, and they will be attainted of treason.   This brings S 44 Constitution into effect, and any of them that disagree must resign or be charged and convicted. It must also abolish State Judiciaries owing allegiance to the pagan State Legislatures created since 1986 and S 9 Australia Act 1986. 

This is the will of Almighty God done on earth as it is in Heaven, the Parliament of the Commonwealth calls upon each day it sits from the Lord’s Prayer they say.

The Murder of Her Majesty and the Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit was planned from 1983, when S 9.5 Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions Act 1983 was enacted, giving the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions power to take over and discontinue a Private Prosecution of any member of Parliament accused of treason. This neutralised S 80 Constitution, which is there to ensure a jury is empanelled and the accused tried locally. It is time this power of recall of any Member or Senator was restored.

God save the King!

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