Defending Freedom of Speech

Facebook has banned any videos uploaded to Brighteon, so the only way to alert you to this is to publish their announcement here, and then link it to an image on facebook.

Facebook and youtube are all run by the CIA/Illuminati anyway, so I bet they take this post down. But I encourage everyone to stop posting anything on Youtube in favor of this bastion of Freedom of Speech:

Brighteon Update:

Facebook has threatened Brighteon in an effort to force us to remove the “Plandemic” video documentary featuring Dr. Judy Mikovits.

Facebook has blacklisted all links from the entire website, including banning any mention of Brighteon in Facebook’s private messaging. You can read those details at this link on

This illegal antitrust action on the part of Facebook is a desperate, punitive effort to force us to censor our own users. We refuse to comply.

I’ve posted a full podcast outlining why we are doubling down on protecting the speech of our users, rejecting Facebook’s tyrannical threats.

You can hear the podcast and read the full article at this link on

Or go directly to the podcast at

We are fighting for your right to speak freely. And we will not give in to the techno-fascists.

Thank you,

– Mike Adams, Founder,

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