Where is the Money? — GOLD!

This article is the first in a series we are presenting to the Australian people to expose how badly we, the People of the Common-Wealth of Australia have been deceived and robbed by the political party traitors who rule over us.

If you haven’t read our Constitution, which is still alive and well, but ignored by the political party TRAITORS, please download your copy by clicking on this link and read it. You’ll find that it is written in surprisingly clear, simple English. Everyone can understand it. And as we learn where our wealth has gone, we will include information about how our Constitution works to protect our rights and freedoms.

Let’s start at the beginning of our current troubles, although the rot set in many decades ago. But there there is no need to go that far back to see how crafty the politicians have been fooling us.

In 1973, Prime Minister Gough Whitlam removed the people’s Queen, Elizabeth II by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and of Our other Realms & Territories Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith from her Oath. This was a direct attack on the Crown, and Whitlam was guilty of HIGH TREASON. Unfortunately, most Australians were so unaware of how our political system works that they did not realize the extent of Whitlam’s crime and how it would impact us so badly even today.

As a result of Whitlam’s TREASON, and then Bob Hawke trying to create a defacto Republic without the approval of the Australian people voting in a referendum, we have not had a lawful government ever since. In truth, we are ruled by a criminal gang far more ruthless, dangerous, and rapacious than any Mafia mob.

Our Constitution States:

WHEREAS the people of New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Queensland, and Tasmania, humbly relying on the blessing of Almighty God, have agreed to unite in one indissoluble Federal Commonwealth under the Crown of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, and under the Constitution hereby established :

By taking the Queen out of our constitution Gough Whitlam removed all Crown Authority from the Parliament and courts. In effect, he ensured that all laws passed by any government since 1973 are not valid; they do not have the authority of the Crown behind them. How can they when there is no crown authority any more?

To understand how badly the political parties have robbed us, we need to understand how they have been able to enforce almost total control over our lives.

Each time we vote in an election the candidates make wonderful promises — But once they are elected it’s as if they have contract Alzheimers.

They forget all the promises to us and set about toeing the party line instead.

This is the problem with the current political system. The party politicians are accountable to their party, not to us.

The party line is dictated by their real masters, the international banking system and the United Nations. We have no say in their decisions.

As a result, we have seen our nation go from a rich and powerful country to a weak, poor one with no ability to defend ourselves from invasion, or even to stop the rape of our valuable water, land, and minerals.

We have been massively betrayed.

So, what has happened, and if we are to recover does Australia have enough wealth left to recover?

We at Advance Australia have done our research into how wealthy Australia is. The results will shock you! And hopefully, you will start asking Where is the money!?

In 2017 Australia’s Foreign Debt topped ONE TRILLION DOLLARS! That is $ 1,000,000,000,000 that we and our children and their children will have to pay off — unless we come up with a solution.

Yet we hardly ever hear anyone mention this staggeringly high debt, or the implications it holds for our future.

One Trillion Dollars is equivalent to 60 per cent of the nation’s annual income (gross domestic product) today, whereas the federal net public debt is headed for less than a third of that – about $320 billion – by June 2017 – from the latest figures we have access to.

If the political party corporate government continues to create even more debt in the coming years, how are we ever going to get our national bottom line back in the black?

This question needs to be addressed by all Australians. The government is spending the wealth of our nation, or our children’s children, without providing ways for us to repay the many loans they have taken out.

However, there is some good news.

The simple fact is, the political parties have incurred this massive debt. They have done it in our name, but as the government is in reality a corporation registered in the USA they actually own the debt.

We, the People of the Commonwealth have never agreed to, or signed off on, any of the loans. Technically, it is not our responsibility.

However, if we are going to get our country back to Constitutional lawful government, as our founding fathers intended, then we are going to have to look at ways to repay this debt. Australia cannot be seen as a nation that refuses to pay its debts, just because we have let a bunch of criminals and TRAITORS incur the debt in our name.

We have looked at ways to do this, and we believe that the following report will give hope to all Aussies.

The truth is, despite the worst efforts of the political parties, Australia is still a very wealthy country.

The problem is that the political parties have not managed the wealth on behalf of the people. Instead, they have sold us out to the international banking system and the United Nations.

Does anyone recall agreeing to allow the United Nations to dictate our laws and the way our government is run?

Click on the picture to enlarge

Whitlam signed the UNIDROIT AGREEMENT in 1973 ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UNIDROIT), ostensibly to unify our law with international standards. But Whitlam had no authority to sign any agreement that would nullify our Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901.

Our Constitution is based on English Common Law. By signing the UNIDROIT Agreement Whitlam turned over control of our laws to a foreign entity based in Rome. Ever since then, our courts and the government have not operated according to the Constitution. Instead, they operate under Roman Civil Law.

We, the People of the Commonwealth of Australia were not informed of this treasonous move by Whitlam. As a result, we have suffered under a foreign law system ever since that does not protect our rights of freedoms.

This is why we all need to stand united and refuse to elect any political party to Parliament ever again. We have the law on our side, as the Constitution states very clearly that only the People can select our Parliamentary representatives. It does not mention political parties, or even a PM. They simply cannot exist under our Commonwealth law.

The qualifications for choosing our senators and representatives are enshrined in Sections 16 and 24 of our Constitution:
The House of Representatives (same for Senate) shall be composed of members directly chosen by the people of the Commonwealth…..

Once we rid ourselves of the criminal enterprise ruining our nation, we need to elect a government that will help our nation recover from the damage the political parties have caused.

Then we can start creating a wealthy nation.

We were once one of the richest nations in the world back in the 1920’s. We can do it again.

Apart from our industrious people, our greatest wealth is our land. Not just the land we grow food on, but also the hidden wealth below the surface. Australia is an extremely rich country. But until we have the power to manage it for the benefit of all Australians we are losing that wealth to foreign interests.

Our Mining Industry

Australia has a robust and world-leading mining industry evidenced by a top five position as a producer for some 17 commodities including gold, bauxite, iron ore, rare earths, mineral sands, zinc, lead and coal.

In 2017, Australia’s mineral exports (excluding petroleum products) amounted to $179 billion which was 59% of all export merchandise and 46% of all exported goods and services.

In the same year, mining accounted for 8.1% of gross domestic product.

In addition, the mining industry employed some 220,000 people, with many more employed by related industries.

In this article and the accompanying video podcast we are going to show how wealthy Australia really is, how much wealth has been stolen from us without our knowledge, and finally we will look at ways to create more wealth for everyone in the future, based on our many resources.


We actually have 128 operational mines.

Our 5 largest gold mines are:

  1. Fimiston aka Super Pit in Kalgoorlie – open pit
  2. Boddington WA – open pit
  3. Telfer – Pilbara – 2 open pit – 1 underground
  4. Olympic Dam in South Australia – underground
  5. Cadia, Orange, New South Wales – undergound and open cut – 2nd largest after Fimiston
This map above shows our untapped gold deposits and operating mines

Map of Australia’s Hidden Wealth


The map above shows where we know many of the metals and minerals shown in the table below are located. But Australia is such a vast land it is likely there is much more we haven’t discovered yet. Our untapped wealth is massive!

Kalgoorlie Gold Mine

Kalgoorlie, WA, is our largest open pit gold mine. The earliest visual record we have of the mine is 2004.

But mining in Kalgoorlie has been going on since 1893.

Work on the huge pit that we see in the images below began around the turn of the century. Since then the open pit has expanded to become the largest one in Australia. It is expanding so much now that it is encroaching on the town.

Looking at the 700 meter deep Kalgoorlie gold mine pit today we can see how much gold has already been dug out. But there is still much more below ground.

The pit is so deep it’s difficult to see the bottom if you stand at the top of the pit. It is almost constantly in deep shade.

About Our Gold Holdings

Reports from the Source: Geoscience Australia indicate that each mine is producing about ONE BILLION DOLLARS WORTH OF GOLD A YEAR: that’s $1,000,000,000

As part of Australia’s official reserve assets, the Reserve Bank holds an amount of gold in reserve. Including gold that is on loan, the RBA’s holdings amount to 80 tonnes, with the full value of these holdings recorded as an asset on the RBA’s balance sheet.

The RBA’s position in gold has not changed since 1997. Data on the RBA’s assets and liabilities are presented in the RBA’s Annual Report and in ‘Statistical Table A1’ on the RBA’s website.

Despite having so much gold in the ground we are not leveraging it to create wealth for Australians by backing our currency with it.

Where is the Reserve Bank’s gold stored?

Australia is the second leading producer of Gold behind China ,but does NOT rank in the top 10 for Gold Reserves…see diagram below.

Top 10 Countries with Largest Gold Reserves in 2019

In January 2020 The Reserve Bank has $73,303 mill & 4,679t which means the BoE holds 4,632t @ $72,567 while here in the Reserve Bank we hold just 46.8t

RBA provides monthly figures along with our position with the IMP

Despite our huge gold deposits, Australia isn’t even in the top 10 gold producing countries

Almost the entirety of the RBA’s physical gold holdings (99.9 per cent) is stored in the United Kingdom at the Bank of England (BoE). The BoE holds the RBA’s gold as bailee; legal and beneficial title to the gold remains with the RBA. A very small amount of gold is stored at the Reserve Bank’s head office in Sydney.

Does the RBA earn income from its gold? — And more importantly, what benefit do the Australian people get from our gold?

Gains (or losses) on the RBA’s gold holdings mostly arise from changes in the spot value of gold. Gold holdings (including gold that is on loan) are revalued daily by the Reserve Bank at the Australian dollar equivalent of the LBMA’s 3pm fix, with revaluation gains and losses transferred to an asset revaluation reserve on the RBA’s balance sheet.

Gold holdings in a vault do not accrue interest. To earn some ongoing income, the Reserve Bank may lend its gold. For more than 30 years, the RBA has participated in the gold lending market, at times lending almost all of its gold holdings (Graph 1). Over the past decade, the RBA’s gold lending activity has been lower. A reduction in gold producers’ hedging demands, combined with greater willingness of other investors to lend their gold, has lowered the returns available from gold lending.

What is our gold worth today?

Obviously, these calculations are very general, but with the gold price currently hovering between $1,500 and $1,600 an ounce we can calculate how much the gold that has been dug up since 2004 is worth. But don’t forget that we have massive reserves of gold still untouched in the ground.

80 Tonnes = 2,821,917 ounces of gold.

Calculating at the lower price, we estimate our current gold holdings are worth around $423,2875,500 — So, why is the government always crying poor!?

Where is the money?


If we are going to move our country forward to become a wealth country again, able to protect our borders, manufacture essential goods, feed ourselves, and become a sovereign nation, we must have a plan.

We have a list of all the gold reserves in the NT where there are over 500 viable mining prospects that need due-diligence to confirm. However, they add up to around $200B in value.

The same will apply for Queensland and WA, which will be much larger.

So far we have seen how valuable our Gold reserves are, but once we start venturing into Silver, Lithium and others, it will blow right up to extra-large numbers we can use to back up the currency.

Let’s say we have $500B total gold reserves for a start, even though we have much more.

When working out the value of an asset in-ground we drill 50 Meter intersections. This gives us an idea of the total volumes available for net extraction for certain.

Once we know this, we can calculate how much value we have available to leverage as backing for our currency.

Let’s say our in-ground assets are valued at 10% bankable:

This gives us $50B for lending under the current Federal Reserve rate to back our money using the 10% fractional reserve system. This will be calculated in our gold backed currency, not the fiat money system used today.

That gives us back $500B in Cash, which is exponential. In reality, we will have much, much more to show how we can repay the $ 1,000,000,000,000 (one trillion $$$) debt.

Once we have created this wealth, we then fund 300 gold and other mineral mines at say:

$50M each = $40B = 5,000 jobs @ 10% from production with time limits.

That production coming out of the ground from interest goes into the Commonwealth gold vault to be kept here in Australia acting as the fractional reserve lent out into the market again.

Once there is enough cash and things are firing we will lift the gold ratio up to 20% increasing, making our system of gold backed currency exponentially valuable. Every gold bar will have 2 serial numbers; say bar 1 will have 1-100 = 100x $100 notes in series with that series of numbers.

These are just the figures for the Gold we own. When we add in all the other valuable resources we have, we will be able to repay our debt obligations very quickly and move forward to rebuild our nation.

The following video explains what the political party criminals and TRAITORS have been doing with our gold:

Where’s the Money? — Gold

Where’s the Money Part 2? – Coal

We have already seen in Part 1 of this series how much gold we have sitting in the ground, as well as how much has already been taken. Based on the value of our gold resources alone, Australia is a very wealthy country with trillions of dollars in gold value still sitting in the ground.
Link to Environmental Clean Technologies: http://ectltd.com.au/

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