A Letter to the ATO

It has become very clear to many people today that the ATO is operating illegally. However, proving this has been difficult… until now.

This letter asks the ATO to send the writer definitive proof that their private corporation has any authority to impose taxes. The letter also includes the crimes they are committing if they personate a Commonwealth Officer, as well as explaining that under the law anyone suffering financial hardship can apply to stop paying taxes.

Letter to the ATO
Letter to the ATO

Download this letter, edit it with your own information, and then send it to the ATO if you would like to challenge their authority to impose any taxes.

Size: 101KB

Should you continue to suffer problems with the ATO, make sure you find out the name and position of the person you are dealing with at the ATO office, and hold them personally accountable for their crimes against you. To do this, you will need to prepare an Invoice, and follow the steps in this video:

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