Schulzey and the Battler: Taking fines to Court

Michael Schulze and the Battler got together recently to discuss Michael’s work helping people fight fines. This is the transcript of our conversation. View the video at the bottom of this page.

 Hello. Good day Australia again, and I’ve got an exciting discussion coming up today. Michael Schulze is on the zoom call with me. Michael. Would you like to introduce yourself and tell us what you’re up to?

Yes. I’m part of the common law group Western Sydney (CLAWS), and I also have my own channel on Telegram assisting people with their common law issues. We’re not discussing just common law issues, but corporate juris and judiciary issues. Some people find me early and learn how to deal with their matter in court with a good chance of success, or they find me at the last minute and I try to provide ’em the tools to argue their case in court.

Yeah. I’ve been reading some of your material. Boy, oh boy. It’s very powerful stuff. Have you had many successes in court?

We’ve had quite a lot with the Telegram channel Live in Private (LIP). Between the CLAWS common law group and LIP, we have helped more than 100 people win their cases. You’ve won. We’ve won. We haven’t lost any.

Wow. Okay. If you wouldn’t mind sending me details about that, because I think people need to see that. I’ll put it on the webpage. People need to see that we can go into court and win, because I know a lot of people in the past have gone into court and they haven’t won anything. So,  let’s start out with maybe you could describe for everyone how you came to do all of this stuff. Obviously, you’ve done a lot of research, and then let’s talk about the methods that you’re employing.

I started off in the defense force myself, like yourself.

You were in the Navy, right?

I was in the Navy, yes.

Yeah, we’ll forgive you for that man.

Yeah, I was a Pusser. That’s what they are called. And then…

Yeah, so, you know, there’s a little bit of rivalry there…

Yeah. Obviously. So, since then as a civilian I’ve had my headbanging sessions with police and certain situations arose and I thought they didn’t seem to act right. It was almost like the system’s designed to make you guilty before you’re even able to be proven innocent.

Obviously. That’s not how the system’s supposed to work.

No. Then I actually found common law group, your group actually, and that gave me a huge head start in the Constitution stuff. And then, through the course of learning and educating myself and all that, I came across a few individuals, a retired judge and a solicitor, who are anti-establishment and it’s from their works and their… what’s the word for it when you look up to somebody to study, I’ve got a mind blank on the word.


Yeah, and from all that study I started helping a few people out just on their own private matters. And I thought, well, there’s something here. And as I learned, I’ve always been clever at putting systems together. I can walk into a business and within a few hours analyze exactly where the problems are that are holding them back.

From that experience, I was able to formulate some sort of system for the whole organization to follow and improve their profit margin? Well, it’s something that I’ve always had working in my corporate capacity over the years after I left the Navy. I was a troubleshooter.

They used to stick me in a branch location to find out where the problems were. Yeah, and I got paid really well to do that. And then I went out on my own. I sold over a million dollars’ worth of office furniture from a bedroom and a home. So, that taught me a lot about how to systemizing things.

A lot of my customers were big corporate customers and they all assumed I had this big factory and big warehouse or something. In fact, that wasn’t the case at all. I didn’t carry any stock at all. So, it’s about systemizing everything. Keeping everything super simple. Like the KISS principle, keep it simple, stupid.

I’m always looking a task is so broad, heavy and long tasks to see how to simplify them so that even the mum and dad at home can actually do it. And that’s how it’s come down to this.

Like anyone making the truth available, I’ve been banned from platforms like Facebook and YouTube, so I went onto a Telegram and that’s all I do is Telegram. I have my own channel there called Live in Private (LIP). From there, I’m working in association with one of your assemblies here in central West Sydney.

And we’ve been growing from there. That’s not my assembly. I just helped ’em set up and they’ve been doing a fantastic job. Claws, they call it. Yeah. Common Law Assembly, Western Sydney. Yeah. I’d love Claws. Yeah. Yeah. Look out, you’ve got a very similar background to me. I’m a systems analyst, database designer, programmer been a businessman many years up in Thailand.

So,  I gained a lot of experience in dealing with companies and with people up there. Alright, now let’s talk about your court successes and how you’ve done this. And of course you’ve sent me some of these documents. I love your court cheat sheet. Cheat sheet. Cheat sheet. Yeah. So,  how did this all start?

I had a friend who came to me, he had a bit of a bother. With the police and was being called into court, all sorts of stuff that they just made up. And it really alerted me to just how corrupt the whole system is. Yeah. And as the more and more I started into it the more and more, it started with helping him basically, that’s actually the, my standard, my most basic court cheat sheet was trialed with him.

Oh, and it was from his experience in court and I’ve constantly, with each court case, it’s getting more and more improved. It’s the same with the court affidavit. With each court case we analyze it and we add more to it. We change a few things, maybe reword a few things, and it’s just trial and error, basically.

As successful as they were, it is getting easy and easier for people to go into court if they understand and they’ve got their mindset correctly that it’s their court, not the judges. The judge doesn’t work for you at all. He’s actually an agent of the government and his job is to screw you over good right and proper to get his hands into your pocket.

And that’s what a court system is here today cuz none of ’em are legitimate. None of ’em are lawful. They might be legal in their jurisdiction, which is commercial, but as a living man and living woman,  Those courts have nothing to do with you. You don’t, it’s unless you’ve murdered somebody or done harm to somebody or whatever you shouldn’t even be in a court, not even a court issue.

That’s right. And this is a strange thing because you know, I’ve been fighting a case in the Melbourne courts and the last judge that I faced or the judge before, actually said to me while he was talking to me on a Zoom call, Mr. Holt hasn’t harmed anybody And then I challenged his jurisdiction under Constitution section 80.

And boy did that throw a spanner in the work. So,  they actually convened the court a couple of weeks ago. And I didn’t turn up because under section 80 of the Constitution, I didn’t have to be there and they have no jurisdiction over me. So, once you start understanding how the law works, yeah, boy oh boy.

It really makes their job very hard. And the key word here is consent. Yeah. Nothing happens for them against you if you don’t consent. That’s right. If you make it clear in writing that. And that’s usually where an affidavit comes in handy. You’re telling them that unless they can prove their authority to call you in the first place and that the laws, their statutes and Acts, they are reliant on to call you into court, that those statutes and acts have Royal Ascent, unless they can provide you evidence that they have royal ascent, the courts are nothing. They sit in their bell towers, they’re thinking that they are our masters they talk to us like we’re rubbish.

They even have contempt for us. The have us guilty before we even walk into the court, they just have contempt for everybody coming through their courts. Yeah. So,  it’s disgraceful behavior. The whole attitude of the judiciary needs to change, and that starts with sacking a lot of them, and they should all be Trialed because they’ve been sitting in treason for the last 40, 50 years.

That’s right. And now a word from our sponsor who helps keep these podcasts going. Dick Yardleys book a Australian Political and Religious Leaders Treason, treachery, and Sabotage. Dick exposes how Whitlam Hawk, Keating, Goss, Rudd, and all the other fabs have destroyed our manufacturing and agriculture. If you want to know exactly how they have done it, get Dick’s and click on merchandise.

Knowledge is power. Get the power to fight the corruption. Today.

You’ve also been doing some other stuff. Let’s go over the affidavit with. Okay. You’ve got a template here which we can use. Would you like to go through this a little bit? This is your private affidavit and you’ve made this into a template.

So,  let’s go through here. First of all, our reference first and middle name. Now I noticed that you don’t have your address or anything on here. Normally I put the, my address on the right hand side and then their address on the left hand side. Why? No the, my address is actually care of, it’s a one fake street suburb.

Oh, okay. Gotcha. It’s my, my first and middle. Your first and middle name would be the living man as agent for the artificial person. The artificial person is the one called into court. Right? In Capital. Capital Letters. Yeah. It will explain further as you read through the Template it talks about the trust.

Alright. Why don’t you explain what we’re looking at here. It’s bringing everyone involved in the  prosecuting. That’s everyone from the police arresting officer through to the clerk processing your paperwork on their behalf, and the The registrar and the judge. So, everyone in the, everyone pretty much staffed in that matter can be held accountable in their private capacity.

I’m not interested in their rank. I don’t care if they’re a Mr or Mrs. Or whether they’re a judge or whatever. It’s, that’s all military ranking and I’m not interested in that. I just, I treat them. I bring them down from their hierarchy positions to being the average Joe Blow, just like I am being caught in there.

Exactly. All my trust is anyway I’m going in representing my trust. Yeah. They put their trousers on in the morning just like we do. Yeah. If you read the first part of it, Ben cheating is the prosecutor stated on their information I get off the court summons. Right, And usually this information’s actually stated on there, attention to them in their private capacity.

Under law. Under their law. Any public servant who does not stay within the boundaries of their job function, any of them who exceed their job limitation of their job function, no longer have indemnity cover. Right? So, they are now out in the cold. Their business or their corporation they work for will throw them under the bus.

And they are now in their private capacity. Right? Yeah. Because if they don’t follow the rules, the rules that have been set for their employment and they go beyond those, then they are no longer protected insurance wise with their employer. Right. And that’s what I’m doing with the chief Federal prosecutor in Melbourne too.

She’s gone way beyond her. Her. Her authority tried. That’s right. Hit me, tried to drag me down there to stand trial for a stupid charge. Yeah. So,  I’m going after her. That’s the way to do it, because that’s the only way you’re gonna get justice yourself. Yeah.

The part that uh, the only mention, Of the information that’s on the court summons or even on the infringement, you notice? All I do is put the number their reference number and the date it was issued, the date I was either received if it was a court summons. Right. And that’s all I have because the rest of their notice, their infringement is rubbish.

Everything else that’s in there is absolute rubbish. Yeah. It means nothing to me. Don’t care about it. Not interested in it. Yeah. You’re not answering their charges, you’re actually going after them for what they’ve done. Yes. Under their law. The onus is on them to prove you guilty. So,  if you keep your mouth shut, don’t answer questions.

When you’re confronted with, by a policeman, then the onus is on them to prove you guilty. And if they’ve got nothing because you keep your mouth shut, you just don’t answer questions, and you tell them you know, you do not consent to contract implied or stated then they can’t, they don’t have anything.

You, you’re not building their case for them. The onus is on them to prove you guilty. And it’s so easy to throw out, once they’re in court and you got the judge and the prosecutor talking to each other, reading out all these crimes.  It doesn’t mean anything, because it’s all presumption.

There’s no fact in it unless you contract and agree to it.

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The next thing is notice to agent is notice to principle and notice to principle is noticed to agent. In other words, the responsibility. It goes up and down the line all the way. Yes. Right. So,  if you send a notice to our principal, it includes everybody who works underneath him and the same, the agent goes right up to the principal.

Yep. So,  if you get a letter, for example, just say from a collections agency there’s sometimes, you get a contact name and it’s usually some pleb, some Lower ranking in the organization. Amazing. You can talk, you can re correspond, you can reply to that person but you’re addressing the whole letter to the CEO.

So,  by doing that to the CEO, you’re addressing it to the CEO. You now capture everyone in that organization down. Correct. You make them all accountable. Yeah. But if you just made that letter to that contact within that organization then the CEO and the company really don’t get captured in at all because if they did something wrong in that they’ll throw that employee under the bus and make them wear any problem that you might bring to their attention.

Right. So,  this statement is very important to put on all documents that you see always. Yeah. Always. Now then we start out, I first, middle name, surname, proper name being so and so, that was given to me by parents. Authorized agent / executor principle for the artificial person.

And this is where you use their capital names or, yes. First middle capital name. Well, that’s your Trust. That’s right. You are the principal, sorry, excuse me. You are the agent, executor, principal of that trust, right? The artificial person. Yeah. Okay. So,  in other words, when you are born and your parents sign that birth certificate, they create that trust for you.

The government creates the trust from it, right? Sorry? Their documentation. And that gives them the authority to open a CUSIP account, another trust, a CUSIP account. Okay. Without full disclosure mind you, that’s a contract that your parents signed. They signed you over as goods or Chattels,  services, the property of the government.

Yeah. You’re not, you’re no longer your parents’ child. You are property. The government does all this stuff because they own your body sold. Yeah. They, yeah, they do. They own every aspect of your life from that birth certificate on wards. Yeah. You think you’re living free. You are not and there are tell tale signs throughout your whole life.

Every day there are tell tale signs that you are not free at all. That you are one of the sheep in the paddock, and when your life is due to expire, that’s when they’re finished with you. You’re no good to them anymore. It’s the same with the how their government system works, right? They work on business corporate trusts.

Everything’s corporate, everything’s trusts. There’s no living being involved in it all unless you consent, which is what everyone does. Because they don’t know their rights. They don’t understand what’s happening to them. So, every day when they sign their signature on something, it’s a signature, it’s a contract without full disclosure.

So,  they’re actually breaking the law. They haven’t fully enclosed anything for you to sign any document of theirs. Yeah. So,  when a, when the contract is signed without full disclosure, fraud, vitiates, everything, they do, it’s not real. Yeah, but if you don’t see it or highlight it or bring it to their attention because they know fully what they’ve done to you.

But it’s ignorance of the law. You know, it’s, if you’re ignorant of your rights, of the law, of your rights, then you don’t have any. I’m just gonna show you an invoice that I sent to the chief Federal Prosecutor. This is the woman that’s been tried to drag me into the Melbourne County Court. This is the case number.

So,  I’ve quoted the law here. You have attempted within the meaning of section 43 Crimes Act 1914 to pervert the course of justice in respect of the judicial power of the commonwealth. And being bound by Section 43 Crimes Act 1914. You need to look that up. And by Section five Constitution, which binds everybody to the Constitution.

Yep. Including, an incurred liquidated penalty of $126,000 for attempting to avoid the provision of Section 80 of the Constitution. Yep. So, what does Section 80 say? Section 80 says, the trial on indictment of any offense against any law of the Commonwealth shall be by a Jury competent court. And every such trial shall be held in the state where the offense was committed.

And if the offense was not committed with any state, the trial shall be held at such place or places as the Parliament prescribes, not the Commonwealth Department of Public Prosecutions. Yep. She’s broken the law constitution. She has and crimes Act now. It wasn’t section 79 that we were referring to before, so I think we need to.

We need to look at that because I’ve never actually heard that before. Anyway, so, yeah, go on mate. What else would you like to say about your affidavit? The first part of it establishes you in every context. Yeah. The I, as you get further down, that’s to establish yourself so that the judge can’t joinder with you.

Right. Right. And the importance of this affidavit is if you do go to court and you front them this is the only document the whole trial should be based from. And you don’t let ’em steer away from it because uh, if they haven’t rebutted it under, within the time limit that you’ve given them to rebut, this is now the contract.

That’s right. They’ve all agreed to it. There’s nothing more to discuss in court. What is there to be discussed is how they’re gonna to compensate you. Exactly. Now I’ve done the same thing in Melbourne. I’ve actually filed two affidavits. One when they first summoned me to court, and the second one, after I caught out the federal prosecutor stating that she is an employee of a private corporation called the Australian government.

She admitted it and therefore, yeah she’s committed crimes. Yep, that’s exactly it. And the, their own documentation proves them criminal. But they’re in, they operate in denial. They don’t want to hear it. They don’t want to. They don’t wanna have a discussion or a conversation about it. They don’t want any because they know they are sitting in fraud.

And the only thing that’s letting them get away with all this is us, because the majority of us don’t know and aren’t educated enough to know what your rights are. They’re not familiar. I’ve had discussions with people who don’t even know what common law is. And when I give them a basic rundown, they go, ah, that’s that strawman stuff.

You know, that’s all a conspiracy theorist theory and all that sort of stuff. I thing now conspiracy theory is what the FBI brought out in the thirties to shut down anyone who was telling the truth that went against their narrative. They created that conspiracy theory term. Yeah.

And it is been going on ever since. And I said, well, you know, that’s you. You live the way you do. I’m not gonna argue with you because I’m doing it. You are not, you’re talking about something you don’t know anything about yet. I’m doing it and I’m proving it. Yeah. No, well, not me personally, because I coach people to handle their own cases.

Using my tools and they actually go into court on the, on their own. I’ve never fronted court yet. And the reason I do that is because I don’t need them to see how good looking I am. I don’t wanna be targeted. But they have been coached to the point where they can argue their own case in court.

It’s not a  point of Arguing about the fine. It’s not a, they’re not arguing about the act that the prosecution’s relying on. They’re not talking about the actual specific charge or the action that they did or whatever. There are only a few basic things you need to argue your case with in court, and that one is, first of all, is the jurisdiction of the judge, correct?

Is he eligible to be sitting there dictating to you. secondly? The acts that they’re reliant on is and the charges they brought against a strawman are they royal assented which is not because they don’t have any proof whatsoever. And then they don’t even have themselves per, they don’t even have their own authority to do everything that they’ve been doing.

Police are supposed to be peace officers. They’re not, they’re policy officers. They are not law enforcement. They’re peace officers. The way they conduct themselves, you know, where’s three or four of them fully armed, needing to jump on a woman unarmed, all because she’s yelling at them.

And speaking up for her freedom and her rights and stuff, there’s no justification for that behavior from any police officer who behaves that way and laugh about it and think yeah. We got another one. You guys gonna be, you should be hung.

No, there’s no question about it. You should be hanging, you should be hanging. You are the most evil vile, I wouldn’t even call ’em human. They’re not even a living being, they’re just. The upside is, you know, they’re all jabbed, their life expectancy has been cut pretty short. I think they’re living on borrowed time.

I heard yesterday somebody told me that the jab are all gonna be killed very shortly because they’ve got all this stuff in their bodies now, and they’re just gonna flick the 5G switch and boom, they’re all dropped dead. That’s a Nasty thing to, to learn. Yeah. E even if it wasn’t 5G related the substance.

I’ve done a lot of, I’ve done a lot of research on, on, on these jabs and that, and I’ve got freedom of information from the Australian government. They never, and this applies to global governments. Every government on the world, no one has a live culture sample of Covid 19 strain. Yeah, no one.

Secondly, no one has evidence that what they call a vaccine, which is a poison jab, is actually safe and effective because the evidence is coming out now. And keep in mind, the evidence there that is out is being manipulated. It’s a lot worse than what they claim, is clearly, The Vaccine, this poison jab is actually the virus on the planet.

It’s got nothing to do with Covid 19. COVID 19 doesn’t exist. It’s just, it’s something they use to brainwash all of us, or the low IQ people. Yeah. If anything, it was just the flu and we’ve had the flu for ever since time began, basically. Yeah. Yeah that’s right. It’s just been rebranded. Like they do everything else in life.

They rebrand If they want you to do something and follow their narrative and their direction, they use fake news TV to brainwash you to start with. Yeah. And they steer that’s to steer you in the direction that they want you to aobey because they know under their own system, they need your consent to do it.

And by lining up with your arm, getting a jab in there, in technically, Is consent but no contract. Remember, you have to fill out forms before you take a jab. And that form is supposed to protect them as your consent to have the jab regardless of what happens to you afterwards. The problem is they haven’t fully, they haven’t given you all the information.

They haven’t told you what the post injuries you could have or the benefits are. In fact, there’s nothing actually beneficial to any of this jab at all. It’s, and the research now after two years, has exposed it for what it is. There was a grand jury overseas that had the top scientists, legal minds, medical minds, research minds, everything.

Did a full criminal investigation on this in Hague, is a Nuremberg Criminal investigation. It’s not a trial, it’s a criminal investigation. And then I’ve actually got a copy of that, the report from each of those specialists, scientists, and all that have come, had their piece to say about it. It’s shocking what the government has done.

And I hate using the word government. I don’t like calling them government because they’re not government. They’re criminals. They’re a criminal cartel. Yeah. They’re worse than the mafia. Yeah, they are. Yeah. At least the mafia killed their own. Yeah. This mob, they want you dead as part of the United Nations World Economic Forum pandemic.

It’s to reduce the population, and that’s what the whole drug is. That’s exactly what it’s doing. It’s reducing the population and they’re disguising it as, oh, you know, unknown people dropping dead, unknown. Anyway, it’s unknown because they don’t do autopsies because they burn the dead as quickly as they possibly can.

Yeah. Using the covid, oh, you know, covid spreader. So,  they get rid of the corpse for uh, so they can’t do autopsies on it, that way their secret lies never found out. Well, it’s being found out. We all know about it. Let me go and share the screen again. Let’s go back to the affidavit here.

So,  once you’ve established who you are and you’ve also copyrighted your name, is that correct? Yeah, copyrighted my name and my DNA, Cause I had to do that for you know, during the Covid period where they were so quick to take your bio DNA sample, you know, for their stupid testing.

Alright, so, how did you do that? It’s the website you can go on, to for $25 you can get your your name in all variations. You can actually get it copyrighted. And once it’s copyrighted, it’s like all copyrights and it’s recognized worldwide, globally, in every country.

You can’t use, no one can use it without your consent. I did it. I did it on the name. There could be another person with exactly my name. They can still use their name. It’s not a problem. It’s a copyright based on your face, so my face is unique. It’s unique to that particular name. Therefore it’s my copyright.

If there was another Michael, then not a problem. He can use his name freely. He doesn’t have to copyright it. If he wants to stay within the jurisdiction, that’s fine. It doesn’t affect my copyright. I can’t stop him from using it. Alright, I’ll share the screen and show everybody this website.

It’s called, and you can go here and get seals. Various certificates. So,  these are the seals that you can get made and the certificates are up here. You’ve got genetic code, certificate public notice board links on telegram and so on. This is an interesting one. An expose on Derek Ball, who was ripped off a lot of people.

Yeah. I actually, I came across his name just only a few weeks ago and I really didn’t pay that much attention to what it was all about. And then I actually got a personal email from his partner, sending me some information about, and there’s a real eye opener. Yeah, well, I actually did some interviews with him because I thought he was a good bloke.

And then I started getting emails from people and calls from people that he had ripped off. So,  I removed the videos. And then heard that I had been saying that he’s a bit of a scammer, and he rang me up and boy did he tried to rip my ears off over the phone. But who cares?

You know? I just do not like people who rip other people off. They’re thieves. They’re criminals. And this man deserves to be exposed. Obviously, So, yeah, this website’s doing it and good luck to them. Good on em. My, my only advice, my only advice to anybody is if they’re interested in pursuing what we do as a, as in the common law arena and in the Constitution stuff is.

Do it yourself. Yeah. It’s the only way you learn. If you learn, the only way to learn is actually do it yourself. And there are plenty of people around to ask for advice and whatever. You don’t have to pay them money. No. But if you go and pay someone thousands of dollars or even hundreds of dollars to do it for you, then you might as well just give the money to your neighbor.

Because that’s the result you’re gonna get, you know? Just learn it yourself. It’s not, it’s actually not that hard. Once, once you fine tune your skill set, you don’t have to read law books. There aren’t any. That’s their books. who cares what’s in them? None of it. All of it’s the equivalent to toilet paper, so you don’t need to know what’s in it.

It’s only, you only read what they throw at you and then you just tear it down. It’s got no royal assent. It doesn’t apply to you as a living person. For a living man, A living woman doesn’t apply to you, so it’s irrelevant. They don’t care what charges they throw at you and under what act and all that sort of stuff.

Their jurisdiction, it’s not yours. Yeah. And any acts after 1973 Null void anyway. Yeah. But the Crimes Act was enacted in 1914 that had Royal Ascent and that’s what we rely on mostly apart from the Constitution and the Magna Carta. They, you know, funny thing is this corporation that we all live under are reliant on that same Act…

If you committed a crime definition is harmed another or injured another, or killed another, or damaged property or whatever the case is, you know, if it’s a criminal investigation, the problem they do now is you could run a red light, they send you an infringement, and then when they send you a court thing, they charge under crime, it’s a nothing, for them it’s a criminal act.

It’s not a criminal act. It’s an infringement. Yeah. It’s not crime. But if court summons has you charged currently for a crime of going through a red light, that’s a statute that they’re referring to that’s got nothing to do with you. And besides that, they called your strawman in there. They didn’t even match, call you in at all. Legislation.

Alright, let’s go back to the transcript here. Sorry, the. Affidavit. Yeah. Yeah. Is there anything else you wanna talk about there? There is actually, as you scroll further down, yeah. Just stop there for a sec. Where is it? Number four is very important. Number three. So, as your legal lawful jurisdiction over the living man filing, you will.

So,  that’s something that you can stand by in. But number four is important too. There’s a reference there of a court case, that to validate if evidence supporting documents were all sent as for so that’s one court case. And that in that court case, it determined that all acts after the Australia Act 1986 are only purported acts with purported enactments.

And also I added onto, All Acts after 1960 have no queen seal, after 1973 have no Royal Crown ascent. So,  basically, that’s just my wording, which just confirms what was already in the court. There is that here this article here. Explains how they install our future and establish themselves as a parliament and a Norty law over us.

This article here, criminals in Government. Talks about how Wayne Goss and Kevin Rudd created the Reprints Act and most people have never heard of it. Yeah. This reprints Act gave the parliaments the power to rewrite acts and laws. And basically what happened then was they started rewriting all of these acts and they copyright them to their private corporation registered in the USA and down the bottom of each one they say, copyright it to and.

For education purposes only. It’s not even a real act, they tell you. No, that’s right. Read it. Yeah, I know. It’s shocking. We’ll be teaching this in seminars and we’ll also be doing webinars. You know, this is valuable information, so thank you very much, Michael. It’s all right. Pleasure. I’ll get you on again sometime in the near future once I’ve read all your documentation, because there’s an awful lot.

And I need to get my head around it first. But that’s, I think there isn’t really much if all you did was read the template, my affidavit template and my court cheat sheet, and I also have a police cheat sheet. So,  if you wanna study that, you can, if you confronted by police, that’s, there’s also way again out of it too.

There’s only one thing. There’s the district court of paramedic case, that’s all you have to refer to in court. And you’ve got and you question the jurisdiction of the court. With those two things, there’s nothing more to go. They can’t proceed until they can prove it and they can’t because Right.

Okay. You’ve already sent me the paramedic court case. Right. Only by serial number. Only by case number because the government lost the Case and it actually exposed their fraud. They put it under the Queen’s copyright, say, well, the normal Joe Blow isn’t aware of it. It rarely comes up in court cases except for mine.

We’re learning very quickly how to deal with these criminals, and eventually, of course, we’ll be bringing these criminals to justice. They know it’s coming. The last few court cases, their behavior is changing. They’re trying to adapt to what we are bringing in. And they’re stuck. They dunno, they really dunno.

They got to get you to join the judge needs you to joiner with your strawman in court before any case can proceed forward. Doesn’t matter what the prosecutor’s got on you nothing if you don’t have joined, if the judge doesn’t have you joined With him and with your strawman, he has no case to be heard.

You can’t do it proceed forward. Let me show you a segment of the transcript they sent me from the court. This was the transcript from the first day of the trial that I was supposed to attend in Melbourne. So, His honor said, alright, thank you. Yes, Ms. K Crutch, what do you want me to do? He’s, that’s me.

He’s been called and he hasn’t appeared. That’s right, isn’t it, Mr. Butler. No appearance your honour. Alright, no body out there who possibly have been him? No.  I also understand from looking at material on the file, that he indicated in July, I think, that he wouldn’t be attending

Yes, your Honor.

But he gave reasons for that. Yes, your Honor. If I could sum it up, essentially he’s indicated that he doesn’t accept the jurisdiction of the court, his honor. That’s right. I’m instructed to seek a warrant today. I can indicate that the latest communication with Mr. Holt dated yesterday, fourth of this, of September.

I received an email from him that said, I have told you before that you and the county court have no jurisdiction. You have ignored me. Your attempt, his honor. What date was that yesterday, your Honor, at one 14pm. Yesterday was the fourth and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. It’s very brief, Mr. Kra says, so I’ll just read it to Your Honor.

He says, I’ve told you before that you and the county court have no jurisdiction. You have ignored me. You are attempting to pervert the course of justice. Yes. See invoice attached, and he attached an invoice, his honor. That’s an invoice about costs. Yes, your Honor. And this is a letter to whom Ms. Crutch. And then email directed to myself, the instructing solicitor.

On 24th July, Mr. Holt wrote to the Commonwealth Director, I think I have said that. I have that because they’ve got it on file. I filed that on behalf of Mr. Holt, your Honor, effectively seeking a discontinuance, no, I don’t have it, blah, blah, blah. Yeah. But my searcher of the file revealed to me an email by Mr Holt

Hall. It’s not clear to me exactly to. Ms. Crutch. Apologies, your Honor. I don’t have a hard copy of his letter dated 24th, July, June. I have an electronic copy, his honor. She keeps on interrupting him. I just wanted to finish what I had to say. That’s an email of 15th August of 2022, which refers to a 28 July 20th, 2020 letter from the director probably via you.

And so they’re having all sorts of problems here, figuring out what I’ve done. But the fact is I’ve challenged their court. Yeah, the jurisdiction. And if you listen to their language, the way they’re using, how they use their words and all that, it’s constantly, every time they open their mouth, it’s constantly trying to trip you up so that you, they got you in contract.

Yeah. And that, and this is how they’re trained. They’ve got years, decades of training in this is all they’re interested in, is once they have you contracted, they can, they own you. Yeah. They own the money you have. They take away, the money that feeds your kids. this is the problem with ’em.

They’re so dishonest and disrespectful, you know, for we, the people. The whole, their whole ambition is just to screw us over and steal from us legally. Cause we’re ignorant of our rights. Not anymore. And more and more people are learning them and Oh, yeah. Oh the, all the local courts around the Western Sydney is they’re doing things which I’ve never seen before.

You know, they’re courts behind closed doors. They’re holding these court sessions. They don’t want the public witnessing anything. Yeah, they tried to do the same thing. If I had appeared in Melbourne, they would’ve closed the court. Yeah. Yeah. West Western Australia’s bad. You think Victoria’s bad?

Western Australia is shocking. They make up rules and laws as they go along. It’s, they’re ignore everything and they’re just making it up as they go along. They’re unbelievable. They think they’re just untouchable. I think Wayne Glew and Rod Culleton can attest to that. Yeah. It’s probably the worst state behind Queensland and Victoria.

Pretty much on par new South Wales is, it’s not too bad. We have fun, you know, with them. We have fun with them. They’re not as aggressive and they’re still lying. They’re still being deceitful. They’re still committing perjury and fraud, but we see it, they make it Pretty obvious.

Whereas in wa you really gotta be on your toes because you dunno what direction they’re taking you in. And you’ve gotta have a real big, you’ve gotta have an instant comeback. Otherwise they’ll catch you in it. They’re really crook shocking. Well, south Australia’s no better.

A mate of mine down there has been locked up for nothing. Just because he made a few statements in public and. You know, they’ve locked him up. He’s a diabetic. They’ve denied him his medicine. They’ve cut it down. He’s in dire straits. He’s probably gonna die in jail. He’s been in there for well over six months.

Peter Horton is his name, and you should look him, try and look him up. He’s in big trouble, but they can’t get him out. They’ve been working for ages to try and get him out of jail and they won’t let him go. The worst thing you can do is actually get a lawyer involved. They play it out and they just wanna draw more and more money from your own bank account.

Have every excuse to stick a bill under your nose when there’s nothing being achieved, Anywhere else. When you’re in corporate business, if you negotiate and you have a contract with another business to perform, Deliver, you know, but for some reason in the judiciary, with the lawyers and stuff like that, there, there is nothing to justify the kind of money that they’re asking for.

They don’t, it’s not of equal value. No. The service they provide, it’s not equal value to what they’re charging. It’s pure robbery. Yeah. Alright mate. Thank you very much for coming along and I look forward to further discussions with you here, educating everybody about their rights and how to fight back against this corrupt system.

So,  we’ll see you again, Michael. Thank you. Thank you. Bye.

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