Australia’s First People’s Grand Jury

On 5 April 2023 a Grand Jury was convened somewhere in Sydney’s Western Suburbs, consisting of 30 members of the local community sitting in secret.

Try them all for TREASON! (click on image to view full size)

Evidence was presented to the jury against David Hurley, the purported Governor General, who is occupying the assumed position without Crown Authority.

Many people are unaware of what a Grand Jury is and how it works. Most Australians think it is only an American institution, but in fact Grand Juries have been an integral part of English comm law for centuries. It is only in the last 5 decades or so that the political party corporate governments have hidden any knowledge about our rights by denying any education about the law, our social responsibilities, the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901, and government, in our schools. As a result, the tyrants have slowly but surely been stripping away our rights, while most people remained unaware of what has happened.

But as more people are now learning about their inalianable rights, the tyrants are coming under pressure to step down and be held accountable. The people are demanding that these tyrants be brought to justice in common law courts for their many crimes against the people.

The Grand Jury is the first step towards reinstating the rule of law according to the Constitution, the Magna Carta 1215, our English Bill of Rights 1688, and the Crimes Act 1914. These are our protections in law, and any transgression is sure to bring swift justice and punishment to those who have broken our laws.

What is a Grand Jury and How does it Work?

A grand jury is a legal body that is responsible for determining whether there is enough evidence to bring criminal charges against an individual.

A Grand Jury is made up of a group of citizens who are selected from the local community to serve for a specified period of time. They typically consist of between 9 and 25 members who are selected by a common law assembly, a judge or a grand jury commissioner appointed by the community.

The grand jury’s role is to review evidence presented by a Plaintiff, often someone who has been harmed by the actions of someone else, to determine whether there is sufficient probable cause to believe that a crime has been committed and that the accused person is responsible for that crime. The grand jury does not determine guilt or innocence, but rather it evaluates whether there is enough evidence to proceed with a criminal trial.

The proceedings of a grand jury are conducted in secret, and witnesses are typically subpoenaed to testify before the grand jury. The Plaintiff presents evidence to the grand jury, including witness testimony, documents, and other physical evidence.

If the grand jury determines that there is sufficient evidence to proceed with a criminal trial, they will issue an indictment, which is a formal charging document that outlines the charges against the accused person (See below). Each juror is empowered to ask questions to ascertain the facts of the case. If the grand jury does not find enough evidence to support criminal charges, they may issue a “no bill,” which means that no indictment is issued and the case is dismissed.

“The discretion of judges is the law of tyrants”

For more information on common law courts and how to organize them, click here.

Organizing the West Sydney Grand Jury

The Grand Jury was supposed to be conducted at the Wenty Leagues Club, Western Sysdney. But corporate enforcers, both State and Federal, acting on orders of the tyrant corporate politicians, threatened the Club with losing their liquor licence if they allowed the Grand Jury to proceed.

As a result, the organizers of the Grand Jury were forced to move to a new secret location. Such is the state of lawlessness in our nation today that We the People are constantly being denied justice. But in this case, the tyrants were unable to stop the hearing going ahead.

This is the report one of the organizers sent to the author:

“When the C.E.O. of Wenty leagues Club, Glenn Kovacs, told me he had been warned by Liquor and Gaming NSW and the NSW Police Force (and I would dearly love to know who exacted the names of those persons) to cancel my booking of the Lawson Function Room to conduct my Juries R Us gathering to conduct a Common Law Grand Jury for a True Bill of Indictment. Don’t you think it’s kind of Stalinistic when you see this type of “Tremble and Obey” behaviour?

In fact, it only adds to the significance of the occasion….especially when the baddies know that, with the facts and real law that make up the case in question will “pull the rug” from under ultra ultra powerful administrative “dens of iniquity”. Once Grand Juries start to spread across the nation, We the People (and there are still enough of us left) will look at the words around the top of the Federation Pavilion, ie” Mammon or Millennial Eden”, and say, “I think we’ll go for Eden!

I anticipate obstinacy from the High Court and, while that would be the best and direct means, the Fraud and Treachery that has existed since 01/01/1901 is still going to be exposed to all and sundry. Attached is the True Bill of Indictment and a draft Indictment for the High Court, which does not come under any “Sub Judice” Rule because it is of National Importance. Also, do you like my latest poster promoting Grand Juries, annexed hereto?”

The Grand Jury Decision

The Plaintiff presented undeniable evidence that the Governor General’s position has been unlawfully occupied for many decades, but the indictment was only brought against the current occupier. It is expected that more Grand Juries will be convened to try other criminal tyrants who have assumed positions of authority over the free people of the Commonwealth of Australia.

The Grand Jury, after deliberating on the charges brought against the imposter Governor General, issued this indictment (below), which will be filed for prosecution into the High Court of Australia. The question is, will the judges of the High Court do the duty they have sworn an oath to perform, or will the prove to the people of the Commonwealth that they, too, have been corrupted by the Khazarian war lords infesting the United Nations, and governments around the world?

We, the people of the Commonwealth, are watching.

Indictment Page 1

grand-jury indictment

Indictment Page 2

grand-jury indictment 2

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