Dr Reiner Fuellmich – Warrior

Dr Reiner Fuellmich is originally from the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen. He studied law and was admitted to the bar in Germany and California.

He has been practicing as a litigator for over 25 years. In the beginning, the focus was on medical malpractice cases, but then came more and more cases in which he was asked to represent injured parties of corporations and banks – especially those who were damaged by the so-called “junk real estate cases“ by Deutsche Bank.


In 2004, he filed a 45-page criminal complaint against the then chairman of the 11th BGH senate on behalf of an aggrieved party. This senate – in contrast to the 9th senate – also known as the “banking senate“ – had made conspicuously bank-friendly and customer-damaging judgements. The criminal complaint was a unique action by a lawyer in German judicial history until then.

These cases made it increasingly clear to Dr Fuellmich that there is a lot wrong with the German justice system – and that “being right“ and  “being proven right“ often do not go hand in hand.

Dr Fuellmich became aware that there was also something seriously wrong with the so-called “corona virus pandemic” and on doing his investigation he realized a massive cover up has been perpetrated on the people of the world. Since then, he has dedicated himself to the Corona Investigative Committee, which started on 10 July 2020, with meticulousness and perseverance, in the deep belief and hope that he can help shed light on the dark abysses of the Corona facts. 

By September 2022, he had built up a strong network of international experts and lawyers, doctors and scientists. More than 400 interviews showed that the publicly visible measures and players were, and are only, the tip of an iceberg, and that its keel is much deeper and wider than previously suspected. 

When the Corona Investigative Committee was unilaterally terminated, he decided to settle the conflict – as is appropriate – in court. A public dispute is first and foremost detrimental to the cause itself – coming to terms with what happened around the pandemic. 

As a result, he has continued this work, by building a new team, partly with old companions and partners as well as with many new, fresh and highly motivated people. A new format with new interviews will add to what has been learned so far. However, it is early days, and listening to international experts and scientists leads to surprises and unexpected connections as well. Only time will tell.

Listen to Dr Fuellmich talk about his work:

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