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Facts in Issue for the Court

Have you been summoned to court for any offence where no person has been hurt by your actions? In that case, you have no case to answer. Under Common Law you can only be tried if you have caused harm to another person.

A speeding ticket, parking your car where someone says you can’t, not paying a toll fine, refusing to pay unlawful city council Rates, are all victimless crimes. Therefore, the State has no right to drag you into court to try and convict you so that you are forced to pay a fine.

Yeah, mine is only this big after all that drinking!

This article will inform you about your rights under the law. Download the Facts in Issue document linked to below, read it carefully…it’s very long and detailed…and then got into court armed to challenge the authority of the magistrate or judge pretending to sit in judgement against you.

When Bob Hawke’s political party government passed the Australia Act in 1986 without Crown approval or the consent of the Australian people voting in a referendum, he acted unlawfully. From that moment on all governments, Federal and State have been unconstitutional and unlawful. Every Act they have passed since then has been unlawful and non-binding on every member of the Commonwealth of Australia.

Who is the Commonwealth of Australia?

We, the people of Australia, are all members of the Commonwealth of Australia. Each one of us has a single share and a single vote in the Commonwealth of Australia. This Commonwealth binds us together as a united Federation of Australian States, each with a vested interest in protecting our rights and freedoms granted to us by centuries of Common Law and the British Crown, currently empowered by Queen Elizabeth the 2nd, Defender of the Faith and Protector of the Realm.

Queen Elizabeth the 2nd, her official title, must appoint a Governor-General or Governor of Queensland to hold the position in the Commonwealth of Australia as held to the terms and conditions of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901. However, she has not done so since 1972.

That has led to the Commonwealth of Australia being taken over by private people of the Commonwealth, all members of registered Political Parties, who have formed unlawful Unicameral Parliaments or Corporations for their own private benefit.

They have side-stepped our Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901, and the Constitution Act 1867 Queensland, both of which are still in place to this very day.

The last Act signed by a Governor-General appointed by the lawful Crown of Elizabeth the 2nd was in 1972.

Since then, the political parties have carried out a massive fraud and deception against the people of Australia. Indeed, after the political party government of Bob Hawke fraudulently enacted the Australia Act without the approval of the people voting in a referendum the political parties have done everything they can to fool We the People of Australia into believing that they have authority over us.

In fact, they have no more authority over us than any single person has to impose their will on us.

On 25 July 1988 the political party Federal government held a referendum asking us if we would approve Local Councils as a third layer of government.

We voted NO!

In fact, any time the political party governments have initiated a referendum asking We the People to give them more power over us the result has always been a resounding NO!

So far, we have voted in 44 referendums, and we have passed only 8!

If you examine the list of referendums it is very clear that most of them were aimed at increasing the power of the political parties to rule over us. Despite this, they have often overridden our vote and gone ahead with their unlawful desires anyway. The 1988 referendum is just one example of them ignoring the wishes of the people.

When we voted no, the state governments simply incorporated the Local Councils as “Local Government” bodies, each with an ABN, and gave the councils “authority” to act as a third tier of government. The Local Councils are not accountable to the people. They are only accountable to the State Government. Therefore, their demands for Land Rates, parking fines, and any other fines are unlawful. Even demanding payment in decimal currency is unlawful under the true Commonwealth of Australia which deals only in Imperial currency and measurements.

Yet, how can these commercial local governments get away with this? No company or corporation has any authority to govern over us.

They enforce the fees, fines, taxes and levies against us using standover tactics, unlawful court rulings, and even thuggery if we don’t bow to their wishes. These are the acts of criminal enterprises…not government.


(If you want to do something to stop the criminal corporate political parties continuing to destroy our nation and our Democracy, sign up for free at Advance Australia Group. We are not a political party. We are a political group of Australians who want to bring back the rule of law under our Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901….Click here to Sign Up!)


Facts in Issue Explained

To understand more clearly how they have done this requires some serious reading. The Facts in Issue document linked to here is your reference. Please download it and refer to it as we explain what it means:

Click here to download Facts in Issue

If you haven’t read a legal document before this Facts in Issue can seem confusing at first. But if you read from the top down and consider what each part states the extent of the crimes against We the People committed by the political parties will become clear. All it takes is for us to Connect the Dots.

It all started long before Australia became a federation of states held to a Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901.

In 1891 the members of the Queensland Legislative Assembly voted in by the people decided to make a partnership agreement to trade outside Queensland. They realized they needed the Crown’s approval if they wanted to form a company in Queensland, and they would only be allowed to trade in the currency of the Commonwealth of Australia — the Imperial Pound using imperial measurements. But the Legislative Assembly wanted to trade outside the authority of the Crown, so they enacted the Partnership Act 1891.

The Partnership Act states that a person can start a partnership agreement for financial purposes, to make a profit for only the members of the Partnership Agreement. Anyone employed by the Partnership can be paid in whatever currency the Partnership earns or decides they will pay with.

The Partnership Act 1891 allows only private persons, not a political party, to be part of the Partnership, and each person must be registered under the Partnership Act as a partner.

Because Australia in 1891 consisted of six separate British Colonies, the states could only declare and amend the partnership laws to trade outside the Commonwealth of Australia as a group of private persons within a Partnership. This is important to remember, because later on we will see that the political party governments have used the Partnership Act to break the law for the enrichment of the political parties. In fact, their Partnership to set up what they call the Firm, does not contain any live people in it.

If there are no live people then nothing exists that can act lawfully against a living person. If We the People do not have a vote in the Partnership then we are not bound to do anything the Partnership may demand.

At the same time, they entered into the Partnership in 1891, effective in 1892, they included decimal currency as their currency, instead of the lawful currency of the Commonwealth of Australia. Yet, decimal currency did not exist in Australia in 1891. It was only valid currency in the USA. We only started using decimal currency and measurements when the Harold Holt government used the Partnership Act to introduce decimal currency in 1966.

Queensland Premier Peter Beattie of The State of Queensland Australia, as held to Australia Act Request Act 1985, created a private Corporate Australian Government (Republic) across the whole of the Commonwealth of Australia without a referendum as is required. At the same time, he also appointed himself the Worldwide Head of the Anglican Church so that he could cite the authority of the Church. In other words, he referred any authority vested in the corporate government to the head of the Anglican church, similar to the way all authority is vested in the British Crown as the Defender of the Faith of the Church of England.

Beattie used his authority as a single shareholder as an individual inside the Preamble of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act, to hijack Queensland’s Constitution – Queensland the Smart State – for the Queensland Community for Educational purposes only.

The firm is “the State” of BRISBAINE QUEENSLAND AUSTRALIA as held to Partnership Act 1891, in 1891 the Partnership was signed between private persons only, as the Constitution Act 1867 Qld, was in force and there was no Commonwealth of Australian Act (UK) Was not in force until 1st January 1901.

Therefore you had private persons as we now know to be members of Registered political parties only inside Partnership Act 1891 © State of Queensland 2009, and held by Copyright their own private partnership agreement all other persons exempt by way of Copyright.


Do you have a signed person to person partnership agreement with the Premier of Queensland the Smart State Annastacia Palaszczuk MP and deal in American Currency the US Dollars outside of Queensland as held to Constitution Act 1867 Qld, and not being a Member of a Registered Political Party?

Then what Constitution do the Premier of Queensland, Annastacia Palaszczuk MP and every Member of the Queensland Public Service, including Members of the Queensland Police Service, and the Judges and Magistrates and Members of the Legal Profession act under? It’s not our Commonwealth of Australia Act 1901 Constitution.


If not, they must be acting under the corporate Constitution set up by Peter Beatty on his own volition. No other Commonwealth of Australia citizen voted in a referendum to approve his Constitution. Therefore, anyone pretending to govern under the Corporation known as the Firm is acting unlawfully, and they have no authority over us.

If you look at the Partnership Act 1891 that was reprinted according to the Reprints Act 1992 enacted by Wayne Goss and Kevin Rudd you will see the Queensland State Seal above the word Queensland. Below that it states the Partnership Act was reprinted on 22 May 2009.

Now look at the next line that states, “Reprint No. 2B revised edition”. Every Act must have a number. In this case it’s No.2. But the political party has given it a letter “B” after the number. This invalidates the Act, as shown by the statement: “Warning—This reprint is not an authorised copy”


This reprint is prepared by the Office of the Queensland Parliamentary Counsel

Warning—This reprint is not an authorised copy

If it’s not an authorized copy, what is it? It’s certainly not a valid Commonwealth of Australia Act.

Further down the fake Act there is a copyright notice. Since when did an Act of Parliament require Copyright?

© State of Queensland 2009

A Lawful act with just a reprint number if it has been amended, binds the Act to the Crown of the Commonwealth of Australia.

But an Act passed by a private corporation is a Private Corporate Act and it does not affect the rights of others who are not members with voting rights of the corporation:

  • A private Act does not:

(a) affect pre-existing rights in any way prejudicial to the Crown or another person; or

(b) impose liabilities on the Crown or any person in relations to previous acts or omissions except so far as the Act otherwise expressly provides.

  • Subsection (1) does not affect rights conferred, or liabilities imposed on

(a) a person at whose instance, or for whose special benefit, the Act is passed; or

(b) another person claiming by, through or under such a person.

And yet, Beattie cited the Partnership Act 1891 to try and justify his actions as being validated by HM Queen Elizabeth II.

The problem is, there never has been a person called Queen Elizabeth II. How could there be? Elizabeth wasn’t even born yet. Nor is her title Elizabeth II. She is Elizabeth the 2nd.

The Partnership Act was only constituted to govern trade. It bestows no authority on the members of the Agreement to govern over any citizens of the Commonwealth of Australia, or to set laws for anyone outside the members of the partnership. If we have no vote within the Partnership then it cannot bind us to any acts or laws it enacts.

The limited partnership they entered into in 1966 brought in decimal currency. So we must ask, what happened to the Imperial Pounds that we owned before then? They simply said that we were getting $2 for every Pound and the Imperial Pound magically “disappeared”.

There was no referendum on bringing in decimal currency. The Firm just told us what they were imposing on us. They also bought land in metric measurements…but under the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 land and currency is measured in Imperial units only.

All the land, oil, and other assets of the Australian people are held in trust by the Crown of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the 2nd.

Once Beatty established the Firm called the Queensland Government, it took control of all our assets and promptly started selling them off as fast as it could.

We have detailed all the unlawful acts they have committed in this article:

How and When the Political Parties Committed Treason

The Juridical System

If you challenge a judge to produce their Royal Warrant to sit on the bench they will state they are there to uphold Australian Law.

Without a Royal Warrant appointing a judge, Australian Law doesn’t exist. Only Commonwealth of Australia law is authorized under the Crown of Elizabeth 2nd.

Electoral Fraud

The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 states that only people age 21 or over may vote. Yet, the political party governments have reduced the voting age to 18 unlawfully without a referendum. They are even discussing lowering it to age 16 because they believe they have brainwashed the younger generation enough to vote for them.

The Australia Act


The Queen asked PM Malcolm Fraser if he had conducted a referendum to create a Queen of Australia. He replied No. She then rejected his request to form a Republic under the non-existent Queen Elizabeth II of Australia.

But the political parties were determined to get their own way despite the wishes of the Crown and We the People. They went ahead and enacted the Australia Act anyway, without bothering to hold a referendum, as required under Section 128 of the Constitution Act 1901.

What Beatty Did

The Corporations (Commonwealth Powers Act) 2001 Act No. 43 of 2001 – The Parliament of Queensland enacts: – as held to Queensland Constitution Queensland the Smart State as held to Public Seal of Queensland Government as personally held by Premier Peter Beattie as an Educational document only. Under the Partnership Act no commercial gain may be made for The State of Queensland Australia of the Parliament of Queensland Act No.81 of 2001, Commencing Queensland Week June 2002 inter alia THE  COMMONWEALTH – “foreign government and political subdivisions,”

Held in signed De Facto Contract between Peter Beattie and John Howard Members of Registered Political Parties inside the Preamble of The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act, as single shareholders of The Company THE COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA and Members of Registered Political Parties inside the Constitutions of the Political Parties holding the authority of an individual Member of a Australian Political Parties the power of an individual, as held to Chapter 5 Queensland Constitution No.80 of 2001 as in force Queensland Week 2002.

The power of the individual for commercial activities of The State of Queensland Australia only, and that delegated authority to all agents, banks etc. employees of Australian Public Service etc paid through Queensland Treasury Corporation Act 1988 and through the Government Owned Corporation Act 1993 – as to where every Australian Public Servants is employed as politically appointed Public Servants holding a signed De Facto Contract/s person to person commencing with Premier Peter Beattie Queensland Government and Prime Minister John Howard holding the authority of an individual.

NOTE: The Members of the Registered Political Parties in Legislative Assembly refused to seal the Legislative Assembly to create a Unicameral Parliament of Queensland Request of Premier Peter Beattie and – the Members of Registered Political Parties did not enact the COMMONWEALTH POWERS (DE FACTO RELATIONSHIPS) BILL 2003 as held to Statute Law Revision Act 2002 – Sealed to Public Seal on Corporations Act 1989 inter alia Corporations Act 2001 – Section 9 – Act includes “thing”.

To allow Premier Peter Beattie of The State of Queensland Australia, as held to Australia Act Request Act 1985, to create a private Corporate Australian Government (Republic) across the whole of the Commonwealth of Australia without a referendum, as is required.

As cited in Queensland’s Constitution – Queensland the Smart State – at Chapter 1 Preliminary section 8, and held to Acts Interpretation Act 1954 Queensland, signed personally by Premier Peter Beattie holding the authority single shareholder that of individual inside the Preamble of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act, Queensland’s Constitution – Queensland the Smart State – for the Queensland Community for Educational purposes only.

The Crown is a private person, every other private person, in Queensland and the Commonwealth, are totally exempt from any purported Acts, of the State, also holds a signed Commercial Contract with Premier Peter Beattie and Prime Minister John Howard in the Preamble of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution also as I and the Queen, private shareholders, holding one share only.

Under the Industry Research and Development Act 1986 Act No.89 of 1986 — An Act to encourage certain research and development

Section 19A General provisions concerning direction powers under sections 18A and 19 (1) For the avoidance of doubt, a direction given to the Board after the commencement of this section under section 18A or 19 must not confer a function on the Board to commit, authorise or recommend the expenditure of Commonwealth money. — In other words, no corporate government body may spend Commonwealth of Australia Imperial money — the Pounds, Shillings, and Pence mandated in the Constitution Act 1901.

(2) The Minister must publish in the Gazette any direction under section 18A or 19 or any revocation of such a direction.

The expenditure of Commonwealth Money is the Legal tender of the Commonwealth of Australia the Pound guaranteed by the owner of the land in the Commonwealth of Australia the Crown. not being Australian Currency $AUSD.

Further down this Act you will see: Bills Digest No.18 1999 – 2000 – Not sealed, not signed to any Public Seal of any of the Unicameral Parliaments of Australia known as:- The Parliament of Australia – Consisting of Members of Registered Political Parties only,  commencing 19th October,1973.

The ASIC ACT is being discussed in Parliament now because it is important to give the corporation the power to control trade.

Yet, we have already seen that the government has been taken over by a corporation that has no people in it, and that it was led by one person – Peter Beatty.

(7) For the purposes of this section, an authority of the Commonwealth is noncommercial if:

(a) it is constituted by only one person; and
(b) it is neither a trading corporation nor a financial corporation.

The Members of the Parliaments of Australia did not give any support for the purported Act – New Tax System (Goods and Services Tax) Act 1999 Act No. 55 of 1999 as amended, to collect the GST of 17% in Australian Currency inter alia Currency Act 1965 No.95 1965, the so named purported Act – A new Tax System (Goods and Services Tax) Act 1999 No.55, has no standing at either Civil Law of the Parliaments of Australia or at Common Law as held to The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act.

GST of 17% never had the authority of the Members of the Registered Political Parties of Unicameral Parliaments of Australia to ever be collected or any burden as held to the definition person as held to Criminal Code Act 1995, at Chapter 2 and Chapter 7.

Summary: This Facts in Issue presents all the facts to prove that the entire Government System that exists today, both Federal and State, is built on a foundation of lies and deceit. It is completely illegal, unlawful, and unconstitutional.

Therefore, Australia is a lawless state without a government. 

Is it any wonder that we have lost all our manufacturing?

Is it any wonder that our farmers are being forced off their land?

Is it any wonder that foreign interests are buying up vast tracts of our land, without any benefit flowing back to We the People?

Australia, are we going to sit back and let these criminals continue to destroy our nation, our future, and that of the generations to come?

The choice is yours. If you would like to join the many Australians who have already realized what has happened and who are ready to stand up for our rights and freedoms, then sign up here to become a member of the Advance Australia Group. We are not a political party. We are coalition of Australians who want our country back. We have the laws. It’s up to us to unite and use our laws to drain the billabong.

Sign up here: http://advance-australia.com.au/member-registration/


Note: This article is to address certain acts done in good faith, not unlawful, to point out a mistake in law with a view to rectifying it.

See The Crimes Act 1914, S.24F & 15F


(If you want to do something to stop the criminal corporate political parties continuing to destroy our nation and our Democracy, sign up for free at Advance Australia Group. We are not a political party. We are a political group of Australians who want to bring back the rule of law under our Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901….Click here to Sign Up!)


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