A Call for Common Law Sheriffs

As the world realizes the massive fraud that the so-called “elites” (who are nothing more than greedy megalomaniacs) have perpetrated against us, a movement is growing to return government to We the People under Common Law.

Mandy and her team at the Sovereign People’s Assembly have been working hard to elect and induct Common Law Sheriffs. This is their website:
Sheriffs – Western Australia Common Law (wacommonlaw.au)

In a time when ‘We the People’ need to stand together en masse to restore Rule Of Law: All Are Equal Before The Law and Lawful Due Process, both missing in our current landscape, we need as many sheriffs as we can get!

If you would like to become one of our sheriffs and help and protect our rights and freedoms, please use the contact form on their website or email them at perth@commonlaw.earth. You will be required to become a member of the assembly first, and then the assembly will vote to decide whether to appoint you as a Sheriff. If you are not connected to an assembly we can help.

For more information visit the Sheriff Checklist for all info  

They already have been called out to help resolve situations between the GovCorp employees and ordinary men and women of the Commonwealth of Australia. They stand ready to maintain the peace as we transition to a new style of government of the People, by the People, for the People.

Mike and Mandy discuss their work and plans for the future in this video:

Will we see our Common Law Sheriffs deputizing police soon?

Many police are clinging to their jobs, even though they can see the corruption and poor policing practices dictated by their senior officers.

But what is even worse is that the People of the Commonwealth of Australia have lost any respect for the police after their disastrous performance during the Covid scamdemic. A few ethical men and women refused to obey the communist decrees coming down from above and resigned from the police. We need these people to help establish a nationwide Common Law Sheriff organization.

We are also encouraging serving police to learn about Common Law Sheriffs and their responsibilities.

We need the police who serve to uphold the law to help us when faced with serious crimes. They must be ready to be deputized by our Sheriffs, as they are bound to by our Constitutional Laws.

We the People can no longer stand by and watch as the politicians, lawyers, judges, and police continue to impose their draconian “legislation” on us that is destroying our nation. We, the People, have an absolute duty to depose a government that no longer serves the people and replace it with a newly elected government of the people.

It is the responsibility of every Australian to defend our Rights, and to protect our nation and people under our Common Law.

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