Pay Government and Corporate Bills with Cestui Que Trust.

Make it public knowledge in the workplace.

We are actively proving it everyday using Bills of Exchange.

What Is Cestui Que Vie? (set-ah-kay-vee)

Cestui que vie is French for “he who lives”. It is a legal term for an individual who is the beneficiary of a trust or an insurance policy, with rights to property and the income and profits that the property provides. A cestui que trust is the person entitled to an equitable, rather than legal, trust in the estate assets.

The concept is also used in modern life and health insurance policies, where cestui que vie is an individual whose life measures the duration of the insurance contract. In these contracts, cestui que vie is known as the policyholder, insured, or policy owner. Thus, while the term refers to the beneficiary of a trust or estate, it often refers to the insured and not the beneficiary of an insurance policy.


  • In French, Cestui que vie means “he who lives.”
  • The legal term describes the person who is the beneficiary and has rights to property in an estate.
  • Cestui que vie is often used today in life and health insurance policies, where instead of the beneficiary it refers to the insured.

Equitable Beneficial Named Estate Trust Title Holder


Learn more:

* Without Prejudice, Under Duress, Sui Juris, DO NOT consent to contract, Joinder, Act as Surety, implied or stated, by all Corporate Government Entities Whatsoever and waive all benefits on offer.

  • To unincorporate yourself and family, go to:
  • For more info regarding Government Corruption: (this website)
  • Federal, State and Local Government are not who they want you to believe, they are Corporations registered as such in the USA, UN WEF etc: 
  • Learn your God given, Natural, Common Law (, Inalienable Rights, Crimes Act 1914 (Cth) & Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900UK & 1901

Using the CQV Trust as its Beneficiary to pay your bills. Make sure you watch the video

Author Michael-rolf

Mike and Schulzey explain how to deal with any fine or financial demand by getting the sender to access your Cestui que (pronounced SET-AH-KAY) trust to pay for you.

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Below is what you write on to the Penalty Notice, Utilities Bill, Rate Notice, Fines, Mortgage Statements, Loan Statements etc.

Use blue ink and follow exactly how it is written below the top header of the bill / statement that looks similar to a cheque in design.

FOR THE DOLLAR AMOUNT SHOWN HERE  ————Arrow——> $ to Amount Due

Yours Honourably

First Middle Surname

Equitable Beneficial
Named Estate Trust Title Holder
<signature>                 (not the trustee)


Without Prejudice

Watch the video for an explanation:

Now you know the method, we have simplified it for you. Just click on the button, select the letter you want to send, fill in the form and you will immediately receive a PDF letter you can sign and send to pay your bills. You must print out the letter and autograph it with a blue pen.

Steps to Create and Send a Promissory Note

All forms and templates are available from LIPFORMS.COM, where you can enter your details and the website will generate the document and email it to you automatically.

Step 1. Produce the Promissory Note from and mail the original to Biller, use your Autograph in red ink. 

You can also Return to Sender the Bill with the Promissory Note and write in red ink on the Bill, the following… By :first-middle:
By order of the Benefactor of this Trust Account Named, refer to Bills of Exchange Act 1909 Cth s22, UCC1-103 & UCC1-308. 

You can place a 5c stamp top right corner on it, to prove its an original Bill in case they try to send you a counterfeit copy back claiming it’s the same Bill being unaccepted.

Step 2. On Settlement date… produce the Notice of Tendered Settlement and make sure you use your STRAW SIGNATURE in Blue ink.

If they reply with a stupid letter before No. 2 is actioned or after No. 2 is actioned, that is the crime of Trespass. Make the BIG Z Rebuttal over every, the whole page in red ink and write the following on the first page … Refusal For Cause, Void Ab Initio, Do not accept nor consent to contract, Refer to BoE Act 1909 s68 & 93, UCC!-103 & UCC1-308.

Every other page write with the BIG Z… Refusal for cause.

Step 3. Send an email to, and put LITIGATION REQUEST in the Subject field with your name and phone number, write a short summary of events, and attach the following documents:

  • Their charge sheet
  • Fine with your BoE on it
  • Promissory Note Copy
  • their Stupid reply letters
  • and the Notice of Tendered Settlement.

Step 4. LITIGATION TIME by the Royal Registry Dejure litigation department. Email to and they will work with you to take your case to court. We can hold these GovCorp people accountable for their crimes against us.

These are Sample: Download the letter for a Utility Provider’s demand for payment (including phone, electricity, gas, etc:

Express Trust Contract Follow up Letter Utilities Providers
Express Trust Contract Follow up Letter Utilities Providers

Send this letter for any Utility Provider’s bills

Size: 20.3KB

Download the letter for an ATO demand for payment (for all GovCorp departments):


Download the Express Trust Contract letter to the ATO

Size: 16.6KB

Michael Tellinger explains how the banks are criminal organizations stealing people’s money…. because they can.

Visit his website here. It’s fascinating.

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