Are You Ready to be a Slave?

Now that Parliament has purportedly passed the Digital ID Bill, what does this mean for us? Will it make life easier? Will we be able to track what the government does, or will it give GovCorp unlimited powers over us?

We have already seen how the Chinese people have been totally subjected under their tyrannical social score system. No matter where they go, what they do, who they see, the government knows everything. If anyone disobeys the government, the pervasive surveillance system ensures big brother knows. Transgressors can lose money immediately in fines, or for more serious acts government can take away access to travel, shopping, even access to drinking water, and anything else it deems punishment. They are at the mercy of their government, with no way out. It’s bad.

Iceland has followed China into slavery. The following images were posted on social media, and we reproduce them here so that all Australians can learn what is coming if we don’t stop the communist government running our country into the ground… SOON!

It’s up to each one of us to protect our Commonwealth of Australia from invaders and traitors…. or we will face this:

NOTE: We post this for your information. We encourage you to do your own research.

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Australian Digital ID

Leon Hill & (Follow on Social Media: @iamLeonHill)

The Australian government has just passed its Digital Identity Bill into law.

 I’m Australian but live in Iceland: a country that already has an all-encompassing digital ID system. If you’re wondering how Australia’s new system will play out, I’ll tell you here. And also, how Australians who don’t want a digital ID can attempt to protect themselves… at least for a short while.

 In Iceland, the digital ID system is linked to each person’s kennitala, or social security number. I sign into everything with my electronic ID (rafraen skilriki) via my phone. Any time I access my bank account, phone services, accounting, tax, insurance, credit score, manage my assets (car/house), power bill, medical record, when I vote, or even want to pull up a store receipt of something I’ve bought, it’s all linked to my digital ID.

 Everything in one place. Everything.

 You cannot NOT have a digital ID to live in Iceland. It’s impossible.

 You can’t get power turned on, get a phone number, buy or register a car, rent or buy a house, or even buy certain items without having a kennitala or digital ID. You need one.

This has its benefits (it makes life more streamlined when you’re trying to do something in daily life), but it also means there is no privacy at all in Iceland. Anyone can look up where I live. The license plate of my car. How much tax I paid last year. My phone number. You name it. It’s public and available— and all you need is my kennitala to find it all out.

But the government has access to more….

The Icelandic government and tax office has access to my bank accounts and knows every transaction I make, what I spend, and what I earn. They don’t need a warrant, or anything else to access it—it’s theirs. They just need probable cause to look at it.

 Australians, this is what’s coming for you.

 Over the coming years, the government will make it impossible to opt out of the digital ID system. You’ll need one for everything.

 And most importantly, they’ll coerce Australians into adopting it by creating laws that link it to the most important thing you need to survive in today’s modern world: your bank account.  They’ll do it on the grounds of anti-money- laundering and financial safety. The gov’t will enforce laws onto banks (among the many ID and verification laws already mandated on banks) that if you don’t have the digital ID, you won’t be able to open, keep, or use a bank account.

 If your refuse, you’ll effectively be locked out of society. Because in today’s modern world, you need access to banking services to survive.

 Banking will be first. Then everything else in society will be linked to your digital ID.

 Nothing will ever again be private. Just like in Iceland today, the government will know everything. Always. Forever.

So, are there ways to opt-out or protect yourself?

Yes, and also no.

It all comes down to having other options.

If you have a second passport however, you will have a second nation to fall back on to use its banking, economic, and social system if you don’t want to be forced into adopting Australia’s. You can still live in Australia, but potentially hold bank accounts in your other nation.

 If you don’t have a second passport, but know you’re eligible for one via a parent, grandparent, or other means, | would seriously suggest taking action to claim it as soon as possible.

 But what if you are stuck? Sure, you could leave Australia. But that’s not for everyone.

One backup plan that may help you for a while, is becoming an eResident of another country.  

eResidency (or digital residency) allows you to access the services of another nation (like banking, etc) without living there. The two major eResidency programs offered today exist in the Baltic EU nation of Estonia, and the island nation of Palau. (NOTE: Do your due diligence before jumping into any scheme like this.)

 You never have to go to either country to claim eResidency. It’s a background check, and a small payment, and you can be then sent a nationally- recognised ID card from that nation, that will allow you to among many other things, set up a bank account.

 Simply search for “Palau digital residency” or “Estonia eResidency” online if you’re interested in.

 It’s not a perfect solution. It won’t completely protect you if your decision will be to stay in Australia long-term. On a long enough timeline— like in Iceland—you will eventually have to get Australia’s digital ID.

 The government will make it impossible for you to live otherwise.

 But having a backup plan—like a bank account, or money/assets in a location that is harder for the Australian government to access or block you from—might be something you are interested in.

 And I’m all for having backup plans. But again, the best backup plan will always be a citizenship/passport of at least one more nation, or at the very least, you having a permanent residency permit elsewhere. Somewhere that believed in citizens having freedom and privacy.

I hope this helps.

 from LEON HILL AN Australian, living in Iceland

Do Not Panic – There is a serious flaw in their plans:

While the suggestions from Leon Hill are certainly helpful, don’t forget that their plans are totally reliant on the 5G technology they have been rolling out ever since the start of the covid scam. While we were locked in our homes quivering in fear of a non-existent virus, the GovCorp criminals were busy installing their 5G network all over the country. If you haven’t noticed it already, look up. There are cameras everywhere, tracking you, watching you.

Did we give these criminals permission to spy on us? Did we give them any rights to tell us how to live our lives?

You only have to read our Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 and it immediately becomes clear that those liars and thieves sitting in their Parliaments and Courts are completely ignoring the highest law in the land.

This must stop!

These cunning criminals have slimmed down the technology, making it even harder to see. But if you know what to look for the 5G technlogy is spreading fast.

The technology is also their weakness. They cannot impose their will on us if they cannot control us through our phones.

Before we look further into this weakness, it will help if we understand what 5G technology is and how they can use it to control our lives. This video explains:

The Biggest Flaw in Agenda 21/30

(Find out about Agenda 21/30 here:

5G Technology is 10 times faster and more powerful than 4G. It has been proved to kill any living thing within a close proximity.

5G Technology also generates tremendous heat. And all that heat tends to melt the plastic used in their construction. Eventually, the heat flashes into flames, and another tower bursts into flame.

5G Towers overheating and bursting into flame all around Europe

The Mother-WEFers have seriously miscalculated by putting their faith in technology. If they lose the technology, they lose control over us.

There are numerous reports of people showing how trees near 5G towers have lost all their foliage on the side facing the tower, while the rest of the tree facing away from the tower struggles to survive.

These reports come from all around the world, and they all report the same thing; any living thing standing stationery near a 5G tower for any length of time will be bombarded with lethal radiation.

Can we afford to allow GovCorp to continue attacking our health like this? Haven’t they killed enough people with the jab? Are we going to let them finish the job with the Digital ID and all the restrictions that will impose to enslave us?

If you do not want to live as a slave under the yoke of these murderous criminals, then it’s time for you to take a stand and refuse to comply with their demands.

Lawful Rebellion

What is Lawful Rebellion and why should we use it? This article explains: Click here

Lawful Rebellion is anything we can do to undermine a system with the aim of collapsing it.

The political party corporate government system is no longer working around the world.

Therefore, we have a duty to our family, our community, and our nation to rid ourselves of those doing the harm. We can do this by doing the following:

  • Peacefully refuse to comply with any rules made up by GovCorp. We all know they are not true laws.
  • We can clog up their court system by refusing to pay fines. Instead, challenge their authority to issue the fines, and if they refuse to accept that they have no authority, elect to go to court. When you walk into court, challenge the authority of the criminal purporting to be a magistrate or judge. None of them have a Crown Charter, which is what they should have if they were obeying our Commonwealth of Australia Constitution and the commands of the Crown.
  • Refuse to sign up to their Digital ID, and refuse to comply when a business or official demands you sign in anywhere. Insist on entering the business premises and demand that they serve you. They have no right to force you to comply with government demands.
  • Download and read our Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 Section 51. This is a list of the only things the Federal Government is responsible for. Read S.51(xxiiiA). Notice that it says, “but not so as to conscript us”. This does not only apply to providing medical and dental services. Government has absolutely NO AUTHORITY to tell free men and women how to live their lives.
  • Think up ways to delay or stop government working. Be creative.

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