John Grey: A Letter to Albo

By John Grey

Dear Prime Minister Albanese,

The Announcement that you are going to take the Oath of Allegiance from the Statute 1 Will and Mary (Coronation Oath) 1688 (C 6) at the Coronation of King Charles III is wonderful news for the people of Australia. I suggest you take the Chief Justice of the High Court the Hon Susan Kiefel and the Chief Justice of the Federal Court of Australia the Hon Debra Mortimer with you and have them do so also. It seems King Charles III is slightly apprehensive that He will not be welcome in this country. If He takes that Oath and keeps it, he will be a hero.

There are a small band of organised criminals who have brought the former Sovereign into disrepute. They probably number less than 20 Australia wide. They are the Judicial Registrars and Deputy Registrars of the Federal Court of Australia and High Court. These criminals have caused the Covid 19 deaths and countless maimings by their assumption of the right to decide who gets to bring a matter to the attention of a court constituted under S 79 Constitution. . Without the assumption of the right to arbitrarily decide issues concerning Australians, by a Judicial Registrar in Sydney, one Greg Segal, the issue of the toxicity of the Covid 19 vaccines would have been litigated in 2020 and the cure that Dr Thomas Barody of Five Dock in Sydney made public, in August 2020 on Sky News and Miranda Devine made public in the Daily Telegraph, would have deprived the Big Pharmaceutical companies of vast profits, and saved thousands of lives. One can only speculate how much they got paid to prevent litigation and what back pocket bribes were paid to influential people to deceive the public. . People definitely tried. One Linda Honey and a group of women from the Central Coast of New South Wales was one and there was another from Melbourne.

Here are the words of the Oath.


The Crown Seal for Australia

The Statute is 1 Will & Mary C 6 ( Coronation Oath ) (1688) and may be found in Halsburys Statutes of England Vol 4 Constitutional law. Section 3.

Will you solemnly promise and sweare to governe the people of this kingdome of England and the dominions thereto belonging according to the Statutes in Parlyament agreed on  and the laws and customs of the same?

The King or Queen shall say: I solemnly promise soe to doe.

Archbishop or bishop,

Will you to your power cause law and justice in mercy to be executed in all your judgments

King and Queene

I will

Will you to the utmost of your power maintaine the laws of God the true profession of the Gospell and the Protestant reformed religion established by law? and will you preserve to the bishops and clergy of this realme and to the churches committed to their charge all such rights  and privileges as by law doe  or shall appertaine unto them or any of them.

King and Queen

All this I promise to doe.

After this the King and Queen laying His and Her hand on the Holy Gospells shall say,

King and Queene

The things  which I have here promised I will performe and keep,

Soe Help me God.

Then the King and Queene shall kiss the booke.

Magna Carta 1297 Statute

Clause 14: [14] A Freeman shall not be amerced for a small fault, but after the manner of the fault; and for a great fault after the greatness thereof, saving to him his contenement; and a Merchant likewise, saving to him his Merchandise; and any other’s villain than ours shall be likewise amerced, saving his wainage, if he falls into our mercy. And none of the said amerciaments shall be assessed, but by the oath of honest and lawful men of the vicinage. Earls and Barons shall not be amerced but by their Peers, and after the manner of their offence. No man of the Church shall be amerced after the quantity of his spiritual Benefice, but after his Lay-tenement, and after the quantity of his offence.

Clause 29: [29] No Freeman shall be taken, or imprisoned, or be disseised of his Freehold, or Liberties, or free Customs, or be outlawed, or exiled, or any otherwise destroyed; nor will we pass upon him, nor condemn him, but by lawful Judgment of his Peers, or by the Law of the Land. We will sell to no man, we will not deny or defer to any man either Justice or Right.

By stealth we have adopted a Roman Catholic system of arbitrary Government. By your agreement to take the Oath to King Charles III you will reverse that retrograde step. You must then insist every Member of the Parliament of the Commonwealth, and all Federal Employees do too.

Represent the people of Australia proudly and bring justice to them with you when you return.

Kind regards,
John Grey

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