Corporate Government? No

Corporate Government sounds like a Fairy Tale, doesn’t it?

We keep hearing people say that we are governed by a Corporation. Others say that it is impossible for us to be governed by a private corporation registered in the USA.

Actually the reality is even worse than we all thought. The fact is, we have been betrayed by the ALP’s Whitlam….he signed the Unidroit Treaty, effectively giving control of our courts to ITALY!

Read the following to understand what has happened to our nation. And if you would like to read the actual law, this is where to find the Queensland version of it…the other states all have a similar law that effectively takes away your power to expect any justice in our courts.

This is the actual Unidroit legislation: Unidroit Treaty Legislation



Corporate Government Signed us up to Unidroit Treaty and the UCPR

Have you ever wondered why a private citizen cannot win a trick in an Australian court?

by Peter Gargan, WA correspondent

Silencing the people

In 1973 without a referendum, the Attorney General of the day with the approval of Executive Council ( Whitlam) ratified what is known as the Unidroit Treaty, virtually ceding to some Intergovernment Foreign Power to make Rules to Govern a whole raft of legitimate Private concerns, as if they are State Concerns.

Under these Rules which are classified as Uniform Civil Procedure Rules, governing Private Law in respect of a whole Raft of civil matters thereby purporting non Legislative Repeal of Ch III Constitution and the Judicature. Clause 20 of the Unidroit Treaty committed Australia to it and it is automatically renewed every six years unless Notice of Withdrawal is submitted. Article 20 clearly States: Any Government wishing to accede to this Statute shall give Notice of its accession in writing to the Italian Government.

Participation shall be for six years and will be impliedly renewed for further periods of six years unless denunciation is declared in writing at least a year before the end of any period. Accessions and denunciations shall be communicated to the participating governments by the Italian Government. At the same time the Parliament of Australia was established, and became no longer the Parliament of the Commonwealth. S 1 Constitution states: Legislative Power shall be vested in the Queen, a Senate and a House of Representatives which is hereafter called “The Parliament” or the “Parliament of the Commonwealth”.

There has been no Parliament of the Commonwealth since 1973 and the Liberal Labor Accord stopped its restoration in 1975. In 1977 “Political Parties” as two words was inserted into S 15 of the Constitution.

Jowitt Dictionary of English Law, states Private or civil law deals with those relations between individuals with which the State is not directly concerned as in the relations between husband and wife, parent and chilod, and the various kinds of property contracts, torts, trusts, legacies, and rights recognised by the Rules of Admiralty Law.

What the Unidroit treaty has done is introduce the Continental concept of Inquisitive Law into many aspects of Australian Life, without the safeguards of a court of Judicature. It has been in force 43 years and is an abject failure. The Inquisition is an essentially Roman Catholic concept adopted by the Italian and French Governments but alien to the concept of The Judicature incorporated into the Ch III Constitution. The areas of law the Unidroit Treaty intrudes into Private Law now include:…/other/dfat/treaties/1973/10.html

ALP opened our borders
The ALP opened our borders

This treaty divested self-government from the Commonwealth and vested it in the institutions of a sixty member International Committee, with huge potential to exploit the resources and commercial opportunities, in member countries, using International Tax Avoidance Schemes, estimated by a KPMG Accountant at $50 billion dollars annually. Essentially it gave the powers of the Judicature to a Foreign Power, a power in which ordinary Australians have no electoral input, except to change Governments locally.

To give effect to this divestment of Sovereign Power the Parliament of Australia was created at the same time. S 1 Australian Constitution states, as above. The Parliament of the Commonwealth must be restored and regain its Sovereign power. Australia must have an Austrexit, from International Government imposed from outside Australia and manifested after the Parliament of Australia, an illegitimate body since 1973, enacted the Australia Act 1986. This revested Sovereignty in the States ceded to the Commonwealth in 1900, and the States and Commonwealth have used this illegal Sovereignty to borrow vast amounts of currency from the world, to be paid for by enslaving the people of Australia. Strict Liability as a concept as well as Mandatory Sentencing are manifestations of Unidroit, as is the administration of the Bankruptcy Act 1966 and Company Liquidations as Strict Liability offences, which should follow indictment, and jury trial but do not. The conspiracy to destroy the Australian Constitution started in 1952.

To sit in the Parliament of the Commonwealth every individual must accept a Royal Commission and take the Oath in the Schedule to the Australian Constitution. By taking that Oath, they must accept the same Conditions of Royal Commission as Her Majesty Elizabeth the Second took on succession to the Royal Commission of Queen Victoria. To sit in the Parliament of Australia requires the individual to repudiate that Oath.

In a concerted move by the International Legal Fraternity the Unidroit Treaty restores the Star Chamber that the Judicature Act 1873 ( Imp) which included Rules of Court and is included in the Australian Constitution by Ch III thereof, courts of Judicature have been universally abolished. “Courts” and Rules of Court made under Unidroit, have made the Parliament of Australia impotent and virtually useless to ordinary Australians as a protective Legislature. We are ruled by unelected representatives of a Foreign power, appointed to Courts of Judiciary in the Continental model, by eight State and Territory governments without any safeguards, and 155,000 paid mercenaries serve these Foreign Power Representatives as an occupying military force, wearing sidearms, with an arsenal they can call upon. They are easily recognisable by their Blue Uniforms and weapons belts. The Commonwealth Government calling itself the Australian Government has emasculated itself by allowing the High Court to remain in contempt of its Authority since 1952.

All legislation made after 1973 by the Parliament of Australia must be revisited, and either legitimately reenacted by the Parliament of the Commonwealth or disallowed. Anyone denied a fair trial since 1973, and conscripted without consent to submit to foreign government should in equity be granted a retrial, and the Fines Registry no matter what it is called in every State abolished forthwith. Compensation for those afflicted should be paid. Sailing under a False Flag must stop. We have safeguards built into the Australian Constitution. That these have been subverted by the Liberal Labor Accord must be corrected, and the Laws of Australia renewed in integrity and honesty.

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