Fabians – The Destroyers

Fabians are “Soft Communists”

The Fabian Society has in view the advance of Socialism
~ Fabian Tract No. 3, 1885


Who and what is behind the Fabian Socialist agenda that is doing its best to destroy our nation?

If you have never heard of the Fabians before it’s hardly surprising. They are a shadowy group that has been working behind the scenes, manipulating governments around the world since the late 19th Century.

The Fabian Society is a British socialist organisation whose purpose is to advance the principles of democratic socialism via gradualist and reformist effort in democracies, rather than by revolutionary overthrow.

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Fabians Explained:

This entry in Wikileaks explains what the Fabians are:


As founders of the Labour Party in 1900, the Fabian Society has influenced British policy to the present day, from the postwar creation of the modern welfare state to the election of Tony Blair. Later members of the Fabian Society included Jawaharlal Nehru and other leaders of new nations created out of the former British Empire, who used Fabian principles to create socialist democracies in India, Pakistan, Nigeria and elsewhere as Britain decolonised after World War II.

The Fabian Society founded the London School of Economics and Political Science in 1895 “for the betterment of society,” now one of the leading institutions in the world, an incubator of influential politicians, economists, journalists, prime ministers and liberal billionaires.

Today, the society functions primarily as a think tank and is one of 15 socialist societies affiliated with the Labour Party. Similar societies exist in Australia (the Australian Fabian Society), in Canada (the Douglas-Coldwell Foundation and the now disbanded League for Social Reconstruction), in Sicily (Sicilian Fabian Society) and in New Zealand (The NZ Fabian Society).

To describe the Fabians in a nutshell, they are “soft” Communists. They describe themselves as having a passionate commitment to social justice and a belief in the progressive improvement of society. It has always maintained a diversity of opinion, motivated by the desire to stimulate debate rather than to promote a particular political “line”.

The reality is much more sinister than that. They have been behind the current Political Correctness (PC) campaign which demonises those who oppose their socialist world view through intimidation, name-calling, and threats.

The Fabians are dedicated socialists seeking to undermine and overthrow western Democracy. They have initiated many programs to achieve this goal, including infiltrating the UN to create social engineering policies that affect us all. They support attempts to break up the traditional family structure through imposing acceptance of homosexuality, trans-genders, and even paedophilia.

It is a well known fact today that many of the top western Leaders are Fabians; see the list below.

What is less well known is that many of these leaders belong to secret groups that indulge in barbaric rites involving black magic, paedophilia and other perversions. Even when exposed, we rarely see them prosecuted because the judges and lawyers are Fabians as well. The stench of corruption in our society from the Fabians is deep and strong.

The Fabians have been working for over a Century to infiltrate our democracies and undermine them enough so that these “soft commies” can take over. They have almost succeeded in the UK.

With so many Fabian PM’s in Australia we have seen our once cherished freedoms undermined and stripped away. Although we cannot confirm it, many suspect that John Howard is a closet Fabian. If not, he certainly played into their hands when he went so far as to take away our freedom to own arms. That is resulting in a terrible danger to our nation. With the general populace armed the government can do whatever it likes unopposed, knowing full well that we cannot resist.

Origins of the Fabians

The Fabian Society, established in London in 1884, aimed to promote a moral reconstruction of British society according to socialist principles, and level the gulf between the rich and the poor. Fabians, unlike Marxists, advocated a gradual, non-revolutionary transition to socialism based on humanist foundations.

On January 4, 1884 at 17 Osnaburgh Street, the Fabian Society was formed. The founding members included Edward Pease, Edith Nesbith, Hubert Bland, and Frank Podmore.

Fabian Turtle Logo
Fabian Turtle Logo

Nine months later George Bernard Shaw became one of its most active members, and in May 1885, he invited two young Colonial Office clerks, Sidney Webb and Sydney Olivier to join the Society.

Some other early notable members included Beatrice Potter (later Webb), Edward Carpenter, Eleanor Marx (Karl Marx’s eldest daughter), Annie Besant, Graham Wallas, and briefly, Herbert George Wells (from 1903 to 1908).

From 1890, the Society had a paid secretary, Pease, who managed daily business until 1913. In 1891, the Society began to publish a monthly journal, Fabian News, with Bland and Pease as editors.

Early Fabian economic theory was developed in great measure under the influence of John Stuart Mill‘s Principles of Political Economy (1848), and his famous essay On Liberty (1859) helped shape the basic tenets of Fabian socialism. Another significant influence was the American economist Henry George (1839-1897).

Emulating George, the Fabians stated that both land and capital were unearned increments for landlords and capitalists. The doctrines of Frederic Harrison’s (1831-1923) positivism also contributed to the Fabian theory of socialism. Besides, the early Fabians derived inspiration from diverse writers, poets, thinkers, scientists and politicians including William Langland, William Blake, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Robert Owen, Auguste Comte, Charles Darwin, Benjamin Disraeli, William Gladstone, William Morris, as well as Christian Socialists.

On September 5, 1884, Shaw contributed the second important Fabian Tract, titled A Manifesto, which presented opinions, later known as ‘Principles of Fabianism‘. The most important ‘principles’ are be summarized below:

  • Land and capital have created the division of society into hostile classes, with large appetites and no dinners at one extreme and large dinners and no appetites at the other.
  • Nationalisation of land is a public duty.
  • Capitalism has ceased to encourage invention and to distribute its benefits in the fairest way attainable. Under the existing system of the national industry, competition has the effect of rendering adulteration, dishonest dealing, and inhumanity compulsory.
  • The Public Revenue should be levied by a direct Tax.
  • The State should compete with private individuals — especially with parents — in providing happy homes for children, so that every child may have a refuge from the tyranny or neglect of its natural custodians.
  • The sexes should enjoy equal political rights.
  • The State should secure a free, liberal education for everybody.
  • The established Government has no more right to call itself the State than the smoke of London has to call itself the weather.

Australian Fabians (from their own website)

The Australian Fabians was established in 1947 and is Australia’s oldest, continuous political think tank. The Australian Fabians Inc. is a Not-for-profit, membership organisation, incorporated in Victoria, Australia.

For over 65 years the Australian Fabians have promoted debate and research into political ideas and public policy reform. Fabian publications have played an important part in determining both state and national political agendas.

Gough Whitlam adopted the Fabian approach from the day he entered parliament, and the seminal 1972 Whitlam policy speech – the most comprehensive program ever submitted to the Australian people – was a drawing together of twenty years of systematic Fabian planning and research.

Arthur Calwell before him was proud to call himself a Fabian.

Ever since Gough Whitlam was elected the Australian political and social landscape has been extensively changed according to Fabian doctrine. We have seen this in the way capitalism has been systematically attacked, forcing most of our major industries offshore.
Farming has declined, as farmers have been unable to comply with the Fabian-inspired laws imposed on them.

We have seen our most precious assets, including public assets that belong to the people, sold off or taken over by private organizations that promptly put up prices, squeezing ordinary Australians through ever increasing price hikes.

High taxes have created hardship for many Australians. In some cases homes have been taken over by the banks when they were unable to pay the usurious fees and taxes.

Our school system has been dumbed down, leaving many young adults leaving school unable to read or write. Children no longer pledge their allegiance to our nation. Instead of the Australian flag flying proudly, many schools fly other flags such as the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags.

Some schools have even bowed down to a foreign ideology, islam, and taken pork off the school lunch menu because it may “offend” moslems — a small minority that is encouraged to impose sharia law on Australians without our consent.

Despite this, very few people are aware that the Fabians even exist, let alone know who and what they are. It is instructive to learn how deeply the Fabians have burrowed into the very fabric of our society. This list of leaders will shock many. But this is just the tip of the iceberg…they have infested our society at every level.

Meet the Fabians:

  1. Gough Whitlam (ALP Prime Minister 1972–75)
  2. Bob Hawke (ALP Prime Minister 1983–1991)
  3. Paul Keating (ALP Prime Minister 1991–1996)
  4. John Cain (ALP Premier of Victoria)
  5. Jim Cairns (ALP Deputy Prime Minister)
  6. Don Dunstan (ALP Premier of South Australia)
  7. Geoff Gallop (ALP Premier of Western Australia)
  8. Neville Wran (ALP Premier of NSW 1976–86)
  9. Frank Crean (ALP Deputy Prime Minister)
  10. Arthur Calwell (ALP Former Leader)
  11. Race Mathews (ALP MHR and Victorian MLA)
  12. John Faulkner (ALP Senator and National President)
  13. Julia Gillard (ALP Australia’s first female Prime Minister 2010-2013)
  14. John Lenders (ALP Treasurer of Victoria)
  15. Clarrie Martin (ALP Attorney General of New South Wales)
  16. Tanya Plibersek (Federal member for Sydney (ALP) 1998– )

…and many more….Meet the Fabians


Many people have asked if Bill shorten is a Fabian. We don’t have direct evidence, but if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, then it is very likely a duck, and in this case Bill Shorten says everything that the Fabians say. In fact, he is mentioned in this speech;


If Australia is to become a proud, sovereign nation again We the People need to take back control of our government. The Fabian tools, the LIB/LAB/GREENS axis of evil, has controlled our Parliament for too long. Yet, we continue to vote in their representatives because we have been kept ignorant of the truth. It is hoped that this article will open the eyes of Australians to the terrible crime that has been committed against us by the Fabians and their puppets.

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