Is the Government Legal?



Our Constitution is very clear about who we can vote into government:

Section 7. The Senate shall be composed of senators for each State, directly chosen by the people of the State, voting, until the Parliament otherwise provides, as one electorate.

Section 24. The House of Representatives shall be composed of members Constitution of directly chosen by the people of the Commonwealth, and the number of House of Resuch members shall be, as nearly as practicable, twice the number of the senators.

The above sections are taken from the original 1901 Constitution. The July 2003 version states, “The Senate shall be composed of senators for each State, directly chosen by the people of the State, voting, until the Parliament otherwise provides, as one electorate.” and “The House of Representatives shall be composed of members directly chosen by the people of the Commonwealth, and the number of such members shall be, as nearly as practicable, twice the number of the senators. “

It doesn’t matter which version you refer to, the intent is exactly the same: Each section states that our representatives must be “DIRECTLY CHOSEN BY THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE AND THE COMMONWEALTH”.

Over time the political parties have usurped our role to choose our own representatives.

Instead, the political parties choose the representatives they want us to vote for. We have no say over who is chosen. We are just presented with a list of candidates and forced to vote for them.


Australia has been forced to vote since 1924, but we are not the only country with compulsory voting.

Full list of countries with compulsory voting

  1. Austria
  2. Argentina
  3. Australia
  4. Belgium
  5. Bolivia
  6. Brazil
  7. Chile
  8. Costa Rica
  9. Cyprus
  10. Dominican Republic
  11. Ecuador
  12. Egypt
  13. Fiji
  14. France (senate only)
  15. Gabon
  16. Greece
  17. Guatemala
  18. Honduras
  19. Italy
  20. Liechtenstein
  21. Luxembourg
  22. Mexico
  23. Nauru
  24. Paraguay
  25. Peru
  26. Philippines
  27. Singapore
  28. Switzerland (Schaffhausen)
  29. Thailand
  30. Turkey
  31. Uruguay

The unfortunate part of the political system we are saddled with now is that the Constitution does not say how we are to directly choose our representatives.

While representative democracy is often poetically described as government ‘of the people, by the people, for the people’, it is not only ‘the people’ who are represented under this system: political parties, ideologies, states, business, unions, the environmental movement—to name but a few—are also represented.

The present political system is based on political parties holding the power to choose our representatives and make decisions. They are not bound to consult us on any issues….and they frequently act without our consent, and even against our will.

As a result, the political parties have led us down a path that has resulted in Australia losing the majority of our manufacturing capability. Until the mid 70’s Australia had a thriving manufacturing sector. We manufactured almost everything we needed. We were so good at it we even had our own space program. But thanks to the destructive political policies, driven by the UN, we have lost it all.

At the same time, successive government, colluding with the banks, have destroyed our capacity to feed ourselves. Farmers are being overtaxed, forced to comply with stupid regulations that make it illegal for them to husband the land their forefathers farmed so successfully. As a result, we are forced to import massive amounts of overseas produce, often of inferior quality. In some cases, we have found that these imports are actually dangerous to our health.

Our armed services, once the pride of the nation, are no longer fit to defend our nation. Socialist government policies have forced our military to admit members of the enemy, islamists, into its ranks. Our troops even have to undergo brainwashing to make them accept policies that have weakened our ability to fight effectively.

In short, our nation is in a dire mess, and if we don’t lift our game we may well see the Australia we once lived destroyed completely within the next 30 to 50 years. We can already see signs of the coming disaster. We need to act now if we are going to fix it.


The intent of our Constitution has always been to provide a legal framework for Australians to govern themselves. In fact, our founding fathers envisaged that the current Constitution would only be in effect for about 20 years before We the People of Australia undertook major revisions after seeing how the Constitution was working in with current day realities.

Unfortunately, this goal was sidelined as we grappled with World War 1, and the subsequent political and monetary upheaval of the Great Depression.The most destructive of these was the takeover of our Common-Wealth Bank by the international banking cartel led by the likes of the Rockefeller and Rothschild families.

At the time, the Commonwealth bank  was owned and funded by the savings of millions of hard working Australians.

We can even pinpoint the date when our nation lost its sovereignty and became a slave of the international banking cartel.

On July 19, 1930, Sir Otto Niemeyer, the Chairman of the Bank of England, traveled to Australia and met with Sir Robert Gibson, Chairman of the Commonwealth Bank Board. (“Argus” 19/7/30, p. 22). As a result of that meeting, and of another one held in Sydney with the managers of the trading banks (“Argus” 22/7/30, p. 9), it appears that the Scullin (ALP) Administration was handled with velvet gloves, and hoodwinked into believing that Niemeyer and Sir Robert Gibson intended to help it through the depression.

Sir Robert Gibson was reappointed to the Commonwealth Bank Board for another seven years on August 4, 1930, although his existing appointment did not expire until the following October. (Hansard, Vol. 129, p. 1610-1612).

This done, Niemeyer attended a meeting of the Loan Council and the Premiers’ Conference in Melbourne (August, 1930), and laid his demands before them. There were five main provisions. (Parl. Papers, 1929-31, Vol. 2, No. 81, p. 45).

1. Budgets to be balanced at any cost in human suffering.
2 Cessation of overseas borrowing until the then short-term indebtedness had been dealt with.
3. No public works, which would not pay for interest and sinking funds on loans, to be put in hand.
4 All interest payments to be credited to a special account in the Commonwealth Bank, and to be used only in favour of the bondholders.
5 Monthly accounts to be published in Australia and overseas, showing summaries of revenue and expenditure. The short-term debt and loan account were also to be stated.

The Conference seems to have accepted these terms with a good many mental reservations, but outwardly, at any rate, their submission was complete, not to say abject.

“Today”, wrote Mr. H.N. Brailsford (quoted in Hansard, Vol. 127, p. 576), “you may behold a continent on its knees. It is bowed to his (Niemeyer’s) dictation. It will cut down its imports. It will lay the axe to all its expenditure on social services, including education. It will reduce the salaries of its civil servants. It will cut wages all round. It is prepared for an increase in unemployment from the present 18% to a possible 30%. It is kissing the rod that chastened it. On all hands, we read, ‘the help of Sir Otto Niemeyer is warmly appreciated’.”

In desperation, the Scullin Administration besought Sir Robert Gibson to increase the note issue by $40 million, so as to enable them to fight the depression which was now advancing like a landslide, but Sir Robert, secure in his recent appointment, no longer troubled to be polite, saying, “Mr. Prime Minister and Members of the Cabinet, you ask me to inflate the currency by issuing another $40 million in notes. My answer is that I bloody well won’t.’ (“Smith’s Weekly” 4/10/30).

From there it was all downhill. Millions of Australians lost their jobs while the politicians and bankers continued to live in luxury.

It was only World War 2 that rescued our nation from complete destruction that would have made every Australian a virtual slave to the bankers and the political parties.

By the end of WW2 the youth of our nation returned full of hope, ready to rebuild Australia. They opened factories, increased farm production, and created a vibrant, strong economy.


It was not to last. The Fabian socialists were still working behind the scenes to put their people into key political, business, and social positions. They worked slowly and methodically until all was ready.

Then they struck.

Gough Whitlam was elected after a massive campaign by the ALP, funded by the unions and led by the Fabian ideology.

Whitlam was the first of many more Fabian/Socialist Prime Ministers, all dedicated to destroying the very fabric of our nation.

The Fabians aims are:

  1. to destroy the strong family bonds that have held our nation together
  2. to impose socialist thinking and policies on every level of our society, starting with Marxist “feminism” and politically correct speech, and followed by multiculturalism to dilute our white heritage, and now we are facing a massive onslaught to accept homosexual marriage as the norm
  3. to force our manufacturing offshore by imposing high taxes and implementing government rules that restricted the ability of the manufacturers to make a profit, as well as imposing impossible demands on our farmers to render it almost impossible to farm as they should
  4. to reduce the capability of our armed forces so that our nation needs to make arrangements with foreign powers to protect us…leaving us dependent on those power who could easily turn on us in future
  5. and at the same time to disarm all Australians so that we are no longer capable of taking up arms against a government that has clearly become our enemy
  6. to dumb down our education system and deleting political and social studies from the curriculum so that our children grow up unaware of their legal and social responsibilities to our nation
  7. to impose “hidden” taxes through draconian fines and taxes on goods and services wherever possible, including allowing the islamic halal certification tax on so much of our food and production
  8. …and much more. We can all see what is going on, as it is affecting every facet of our lives today.


The good news is that the politicians and their parties have created such a mess that they have sown the seeds of their own destruction. As their disastrous policies continue to bite a growing number of Australians are beginning to see what has happened, and we are talking about what we can do to stop the rot.

But talking is not enough.

If we are to save our nation we need to act, and act soon. The growing islamic presence, the continuing destruction of our once prosperous lifestyle, is accelerating.

Not one of the registered political parties has a solution.

However, a new group is emerging offering hope of a new and exciting solution. The Advance Australia group has devised a 5-Point Plan that will restore our nation’s fortunes.

CIR - Your voice in Government

The first, and most important part of the plan is to change the Constitution to put the power into the hands of We the People to start referendums.

With that power, we could start changing the way our government operates so that we can choose our own independent representatives and ensure they are directly responsible to We the People. Not to a political party.

Coupled with a strong, secure electronic voting system we will be able to create a very different political structure to serve the needs of the people.

Advance Australia also advocates reforming the tax system by eliminating the hundreds of taxes we are currently force to pay and replacing them with a single bank transfer tax administered automatically by the banks.

We also advocate bringing in compulsory military or civil Service to the Nation, so that every able-bodied Australian is required to learn how to handle arms and take their weapon home with them to keep ready at all times if called to protect the nation. Coupled with this we would require that all equipment and services to our military and civil services must be manufactured in Australia by Australians within pre-set time periods. For example, a company already manufacturing boots here would be able to tender to supply boots immediately.

Entrepreneurs who decide they would like to manufacture more complex equipment, such as tanks, aircraft, ships, etc, would have a realistic target date to be ready to supply.

The money to fund these new start-ups would be supplied by the government, either in the form of tax-free loans, or even by grants.

The ADF would no longer be required to send troops overseas to fight in foreign wars without the permission of the people voting in a referendum.


Once Australians understand that only we have the power to elect the people we want to represent us, we will gain a new national confidence. If choosing a good candidate rests on our shoulders and not on a politician skulking in a party room, we will be encouraged to make better informed, intelligent decisions before voting.

By implementing the 5-Step Plan we would see an immediate increase in jobs for the new businesses we will generate. There would be no more unemployment. All citizens will serve the nation instead, which will build up pride in our nation, and ensure that we are all capable of defending our nation.

We would end up with smaller, more efficient government representatives who will be directly responsible to the people.

If you would like to learn more, please visit the Advance Australia page and follow the arrows at the bottom of each page:

Click here to visit the Advance Australia website

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