Socialism the Destroyer

Australia once enjoyed a reputation as one of the richest nations in the world, not just in monetary terms, but also in the lifestyle we once enjoyed. We were happy, healthy, and wealthy. We enjoyed freedoms that  are slowly but surely being whittled away — today many of our freedoms are under immense threat. The most important one is our Freedom of Speech through the 18c law. Without this freedom we face annihilation.

Australia once rode on the sheep’s back.

Until the 1920’s Australia was “riding on the sheep’s back”. Our wool industry created wealth for many Australians. We had a comfortable middle class who worked hard and were amply rewarded. Much of this success was based on the Common-Wealth Bank — The Peoples Bank.

The Commonwealth Bank was owned by the people of Australia — funded by their savings. The money those savings generated allowed the Commonwealth Bank to create wealth for all. The Commonwealth Bank was so fabulously well funded that it was able to underwrite the cost of Australia’s contribution to World War One.

The Commonwealth Bank -- originally The Peoples' Bank
The Commonwealth Bank — originally The Peoples’ Bank

In 1921 Sir Denison Miller was reported in the Australian press as saying “The whole of the resources of Australia are at the back of this bank, and so strong is this Commonwealth Bank that whatever the Australian people can intelligently conceive in their minds and loyally support, that can be done.”

When asked if he, through the Commonwealth Bank, had financed Australia during the war for $700 million, he replied that such was the case; and that he could have financed the country for a further like sum had the war continued. Again, asked if that amount was available for productive purposes in times of peace, he answered in the affirmative.

In October, 1911, the Labor Government of Mr. Andrew Fisher introduced a Bill to provide for the establishment of a Common-wealth Bank with power to carry on all the business generally transacted by banks, including that of a savings bank. It was to be administered under the control of one man (called the Governor of the Bank), appointed for seven years. The Bank was to have power to raise a capital of $2 million by the sale of debentures. Debentures are a means of financing companies through fixed-interest loans secured against company assets. The security in this case would be the national credit, and the profits were to be equally divided into two funds – a reserve fund, to meet any liabilities incurred by the Bank, and a redemption fund, to redeem the debentures or other stock issued by the Bank in order to obtain its capital: afterwards, this half of the profits could be used to reduce the National Debt.

The intention of the Bill was to make the national credit available to anyone with appropriate security to offer. It would reduce the charges made on overdrafts, bills of exchange, and current accounts by the private banks; it would provide a safe investment for savings and would help in the reduction of the public indebtedness. As soon as the Bank was firmly established, it was proposed to entrust to it the note issue (as mandated in the Constitution,

Part V – Powers of the Parliament Section 51 (xii) which states that only the Federal Government has the right to create money), the profits on which would be paid into the general revenue of the Commonwealth.

From the start it was to be the Bank of the Commonwealth Government.

The Commonwealth  Bank saved the Australian primary producer from stark ruin by financing pools of wheat, wool, meat, butter, cheese, rabbits, and sugar to the total amount of $872 million. It found $4 million for the Commonwealth Fleet of Steamers, which again saved the primary producer from ruin through lack of transportation facilities to market overseas. It enabled Australia to transfer abroad, with the maximum efficiency and minimum expense $7,121,902 to pay her soldiers.

With money available to invest in industries there were jobs available for anyone who wished to work. The people were inspired to work and as a result their lives improved immeasurably. This work ethic carried over until the 1970’s.Before 1924, when the Bank was effectually strangled, the benefits conferred upon the people of Australia by their Bank flowed steadily on. It financed jam and fruit pools to the extent of $3 million. It found $8 million for Australian homes, while it lent $18.72 million to local government bodies for the construction of roads, railways, tramways, harbours, gasworks, electric power plants and the like.

It paid to the Commonwealth Government between December 1920 and June 1923 $6.194 million — the profits of its Notes Issue Department – while by 1924, it had made on its other businesses a profit of $9 million, available for the redemption of debt. [excerpted from The History of the Commonwealth Bank]

Then Sir Otto Niemier, the Bank of England Governor arrived in Melbourne on July 19, 1930, where he was met by Sir Robert Gibson, Chairman of the Commonwealth Bank Board. (“Argus” 19/7/30, p. 22).

As a result of that meeting, and of another one held in Sydney with the managers of the trading banks (“Argus” 22/7/30, p. 9), it appears that the Scullin Administration was handled with velvet gloves, and hoodwinked into believing that Niemeyer and Sir Robert Gibson intended to help it through the depression.

In fact, Niemier’s intent was to rob the bank and put it into the hands of the international banking cartel and create a Central Bank owned and controlled by the cartel. He succeeded in this. As a result, the savings of millions of Australians were stolen and placed instead in the new Reserve Bank of Australia, which continues to exist today to control our money supply.

At the same time, Niemier forced the government to allow private banks to create money through loans. This system of creating money out of thin air is called the ‘fiat money system’. It continues to exist today. For example, when you go to the bank to get a home loan the bank does not have that money in its vaults. Instead, the bank creates a debt for you by a few keystrokes on a computer and charges you interest on that debt.

Since Niemier’s destruction of the Commonwealth Bank, the People’s Bank, Australia has slowly but steadily lost its productivity and industry. But even worse, the Australian people have been conditioned to expect the government to bail them out of any trouble. Of course, the government has never bailed us out of trouble. It has only ever worked to benefit the international banking cartel and the political parties that are in thrall to the cartel, and its tool the United Nations.

Over the years socialist policies have been implemented which have undermined and eroded our national sovereignty and created the appalling conditions we face today — Australia has lost our manufacturing capabilities, our farmers face ruin as the banks have put them into debt from which many cannot escape. Successive governments have signed trade and defense agreements that have put us at a terrible disadvantage and given us nothing worthwhile in return.

Do you remember all the goods our nation used to produce?

  • Holden and Ford cars (owned by overseas corporations, but manufactured here, employing thousand of Aussies)
  • Hills Hoists
  • Vegemite
  • Aeroplane Jelly
  • AussieBum clothing
  • Rosella sauces, jams and food
  • WD-40
  • Edgel Peas

And so many more….all gone or sold to overseas companies now because of the trade agreements Australian governments have signed without a referendum of We the People.In short, Socialism is destroying our nation.National Insanity

saviour or the devil?

In 1972, in what was apparently a fit of madness, we voted in a Labor Prime Minister, Gough Whitlam.

What we didn’t know when he was elected was that he was a Fabian dedicated to destroying the way of life our forefathers had worked so hard to create. Fabianism is just a “softer” form of Communism.

The Fabian motto is ‘educate, agitate and organise’ — this must be our goal too to counter the pernicious effects of Socialism

Even though Whitlam was soon toppled the Fabians had got their foot in our government door and they kept getting more Fabian Prime Ministers elected.

The Fabians didn’t stop with Whitlam. Getting him elected was just the first step in a long-term strategy to take over our government system and install a Socialist system instead. They have suffered a few setbacks along they way but they have simply continued on, slowly installing their people into key positions. They have infiltrated their members into many influential positions in our body politic and media, including, but not limited to:

Other members include Chris Bowen, Jenny McAllister, Tim Watts, Stephen Jones, Wayne Swan, Andrew Leigh, Julie Collins, Claire Moore Luke Foley and many more.

The Fabians have been spectacularly successful because they have worked behind the scenes to install their members in almost every public sector where they have instituted their socialist/communist agenda. As a result, they have implemented many socialist policies that have enslaved our people and conditioned so many to rely on government handouts, instead of working hard to create wealth. Socialism is destroying our work ethic and drive to be self-sufficient. They have been so successful because We the People became complacent, and because we lack the power to influence government decisions. We can only gain that power if we introduce Citizens Initiated Referendums (CIR).

Howard the Fabian

John Howard, former PM and leader of the Liberal-National Coalition government
John Howard, former PM and leader of the Liberal-National Coalition government, and Fabian

Sir Robert Menzies was and is John Howard’s hero. Yet John Howard is not a clone of Sir Robert. In fact, their political styles are completely  different. John Howard is more like a Labor politician than any other leader of Australia’s political conservatives, all the way back to 1901, as stated in a speech to the Fabian Society by Gerard Henderson, Executive Director of the Sydney Institute

Is it any wonder then that the supposed Liberal Prime Minister John Howard from 11.3.1996 to 3.12.2007 is actually a Socialist Fabian? This is why he was responsible for disarming the Australian people, and why he continued many of the policies first installed by the Fabian socialists. People may ask how is it possible for an apparently conservative man to be a socialist, but this is how subtle the Fabians have been.

When Howard became PM the Left and the Right finally became virtually inseparable; a trend that continues today. There is almost no difference these days between the ALP and LIBS: Their policies are so similar.

Neither party can manage the budget any more, because their policies are based on the same flawed socialist model. As a result, we are in tremendous debt, with very little hope of getting out of that debt for the foreseeable future.

PM Malcolm Turnbull is more of a Labor man than a Liberal. This is reflected in the policies he is implementing as PM…as long as they don’t apply to his grand fortune or course! He  ‘defected’ to the Liberals because he saw more opportunities to achieve his overweening ambition to become PM. As we have seen, he was quite willing to engineer a coup to achieve his goal. His performance since stealing the top job has been so abysmal, yet We the People had no say in his appointment.

The only saving grace in this sad and sorry state of affairs is that the ALP, led by Bill Shorten, is in the same boat as the Libs. Both parties have lost the confidence of a large number of Australians. This has resulted in Pauline Hansons One Nation Party getting elected to the Senate, taking votes away from the two majors.

Socialism the Destroyer

As a result of the wholesale destruction of our ability to manufacture the goods we used to make, and undermining our farmers, the Australian people have slowly had our freedoms whittled away as well. The spectre of that draconian and awful 18c law overshadows our right to speak out. Political Correctness has replaced common sense.

Reliance on the government means that many Australians today have lost their work ethic. It’s much easier to stand in line at Centrelink for a government handout than it is to get a job and actually work for your money.

This malaise is compounded by the increasing number of “refugees” who have been allowed into our nation who have no skills they can contribute to our nation. Nor are they willing to get a job. Instead, they are paid by the government not to work. As many of them have more than one wife, and each wife bears an average of eight children, the problem is compounding at a rapid rate.

The big question is….who pays for all this?

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics our population today exceeds 24 million people. We are seeing:

  • one birth every 1 minute and 46 seconds,
  • one death every 3 minutes and 27 seconds,
  • a net gain of one international migration every 2 minutes and 39 seconds, leading to
  • an overall total population increase of one person every 1 minute and 32 seconds.

This would be all well and good if the net gain we are experiencing was producing enough workers to sustain this population growth. But it’s not.

In 2011 10,057,142 people living in Australia were employed, of which 63% worked full-time (6,335,999.46 people) and 35% part-time (3,519,999.7 people). According to the government a part-time worker may be someone who works as little as one hour a week, hardly enough to sustain life. So, many of those part time workers will also be subsidised by the government at Centrelink.

If we are generous, this means that perhaps only seven million people actually pay taxes to the government. On average that means the government is getting about 32% in taxes. If you do the sums, that is not enough revenue to support the government’s extravagant lifestyle. We are billions of dollars in debt and that amount is not decreasing. Our children’s children will be paying off that debt if we don’t do something about it…and soon!

How to Overcome Socialism

Socialism has entrenched itself into our system for almost 50 years. Weeding it out and changing our government system is not going to be easy, or comfortable, for a lot of people. But we believe it must be done.

If we allow the current system to continue we will only dig ourselves an ever deeper hole until we lose not only our ability to pay our way, but we will lose our national sovereignty and the promise of the great nation we could have been.

It is obvious that the current government system is not working. It’s time for a change.


A Constitution must be a dynamic document, able to guide a nation. Yet our Constitution has changed very little since it was promulgated in 1901. Of 44 referendums, only 8 have been approved by the people, most of them very minor amendments that have not helped our nation move forward. That is an abysmal record.

CIRNow proposes that we implement the following changes first:

  1. Amend Section 128 of our Constitution to put the power into the hands of We the People to start referendums. Citizens Initiated Referendums (CIR) as it is popularly known, would give We the People the right to start a referendum. At the moment, only the politicians have this right and they have not been doing their job. With this right we could start implementing more changes to benefit our nation.
  2. Electoral Reform: Our first referendum could ask the people if we approve of a change to the electoral system. Our number 1 policy explains a way to implement this change to bring in a whole new system of government that would put We the People in charge of our government instead of the political parties. Changing the electoral system would allow us to select direct representatives, instead of professional party hacks. Read Policy #1 here – Government Structure
  3. Bring in Electronic Voting: It is unbelievable that we have not yet brought in electronic voting (click on the link to learn how). It is so cheap and easy to implement. Yet the current government system will not allow it because it would undermine the political parties’ ability to dictate to us.

Once we implement these changes any others will then be up to the people to decide on. The Advance Australia Party, our political arm of CIRNOW is ready to work with the Australian people to start a series of carefully considered referendums to start amending our Constitution to bring it into line with modern day realities.  All major political decisions must rest with the Australian people, not with a few political party apparatchiks skulking in back rooms doing deals for profit.

Visit the Advance Australia Party website, read our 5-Point Plan and then become a member. The future of our nation is in your hands, and the Advance Australia party is the only party with a plan to restore Australia to health, wealth, and the pursuit of happiness.

Let’s all join hands and bring about the changes needed to get our nation back on track. We can become a rich, powerful, productive and happy nation again. All it takes is for you to take the first step and decide that this is the future you want.

The decision is yours. Will you take it?

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