How to Win in Court

Win any court case brought against you for not paying a fine

All grants and promises of fines and forfeitures of particular persons before conviction are illegal and void
~ United Kingdom Bill of Rights 1688

Our Bill of Rights

The United Kingdom Bill of Rights [1688] CHAPTER 2 1 William and Mary Sess 2 is an Act declaring the Rights and Liberties of the Subject and Settling the Succession of the Crown, is a “Preserved Imperial Enactment” in Queensland (and all other States), which says:

“Grants of Fines, &c. before Conviction, &c. And severall Grants and Promises made of Fines and Forfeitures before any Conviction or Judgement against the Persons upon whome the same were to be levyed. All which are utterly directly contrary to the knowne Lawes and Statutes and Freedome of this Realme”

No State Government may legislate against the Bill of Rights to authorize any commercial organization, including local councils (they are NOT local government!), toll companies, SPER, and not even the ATO to levy a fee or fine without a conviction before a judge and jury of our peers.


NOTE: Should you decide to challenge a fine using the information supplied in this website we take no responsibility for the actions you take. Each case is different and we cannot guarantee success.

The current legal system is based on assumed authority; that is, you assume they have authority over you because that is how they have conditioned you to think. So, the question you must ask in any court is to find out if the person presiding over a court, or levying a fine or other punitive fee against you has the authority and the jurisdiction to do so. 

For example, when contesting any fine, you must ask the Magistrate or Judge this one simple question:

“Can the court/magistrate/judge prove that the officer who issued the parking/speeding/toll infringement notice and/or the Court attendance notice was a lawfully appointed Royal Crown Public Officer (CPO)?”

Caution: If you have committed a serious crime then you cannot use these techniques. You are personally responsible for any serious crimes you commit, and you should face a Jury to be judged.

A simple jurisdictional challenge before any judge or magistrate can quickly stop any legal matter if he/she cannot provide evidence (scroll further down to include the Parramatta Court Verdict):

Memorise this powerful sentence, or keep a note of it. You should also include this statement in an Affidavit to the court before you turn up.

“As the Director and Beneficiary of my legal person/corporation/trust, I give you 21 days to respond in writing providing proof of claim with evidence as to your legal or lawful jurisdiction over me, failing which you will become liable for any damages I may suffer.”


Since all Mayors, Councilors, Police, Toll Operators, Magistrates, and Judges are Corporate Officers employed by the corporation registered in the USA (read this to learn how: and not Commonwealth Public Officers of the Crown they have no authority over us unless we give them permission. By challenging their authority before the proceedings begin and insisting on an immediate answer you can short-circuit the procedure before it even gets started.

If they cannot produce the proof in the form of a Royal Warrant issued by the Royally appointed Governor General, then you can declare that the court has no authority and therefore you, as a Commonwealth of Australia representative declare the case dismissed, all charges dropped, and the court must close down immediately.

It is worth reminding the court, if needed, that Commonwealth law stipulates under section 92 that Trade within the Commonwealth to be free.

Section 92. On the imposition of uniform duties of customs, trade, commerce and intercourse among the States, whether by means of internal carriage or ocean navigation, shall be absolutely free.

This means that if you travel on any road within the Commonwealth you do not need a licence to drive as a private citizen. Only vehicles conducting trade, commerce and intercourse among states need a licence to conduct business. Always make sure you use the correct word. If you are traveling as a private citizen then you must say you are travel or traveling. When driving a commercial vehicle you must use the word driving.

The other problem we face is that since the political party governments introduced decimal currency we cannot pay any debts using gold and silver, as mandated in:

Section 115. A State shall not coin money, nor make anything but gold and silver coin a legal tender in payment of debts.

Therefore, the only way we can pay any debt to the government is by using silver coins.

A Precedent has already been set

A recent judgement was handed down by a NSW Judge, not just a Magistrate, stating that a challenge to the court asking if a city council officer who issued a parking ticket could prove that he was a lawfully appointed Crown Public Officer. As he could not, the case was dismissed.

Even though the court judgement was sent to the plaintiff it is copyright to the Crown. The court, not acting under Common Law, is trying to suppress this judgement and therefore we cannot publish it. But we can publish the Case Number and the court:

District Court Parramatta
Case Number: 2013/00041691

If you want to view the judgement you will be forced to pay a fee and justify why you want to see it. That’s the way the system works these days.

However, this case has created a legal precedent that anyone can use in any court to have their case dismissed! This is why it is so important. No longer can the fake government get away with stealing our money for bogus reasons.

Parramatta Court Precedent
Parramatta Court Precedent

This is an example of the court transcript that proved local council officers have no authority to issue parking fines if they cannot prove they have been appointed by the council. It is interesting reading, as it explains how the judge arrived at his decision.

Size: 188KB

We urge everyone to make the effort to contest any unlawful fine or fee. If they courts are hit with a deluge of people refusing to pay they will be forced to take notice.

Join the many Australians who are refusing to pay the unlawful fines levied by the criminal political party minions.

Click on Stop Paying Fines! to learn more and to sign up. We will send you documents and follow up information to guide you how to fight back:

Stop Paying Fines!


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