Another Letter from Phil Galea

The following is another letter received from Phil Galea who, three years after his arrest, is still being kept in a solitary confinement cell, and still has not been given his legal right under the law to a trial before a jury of his peers.

Despite this, Phil has maintained his good spirits, as Mike Holt has found during his conversations on the phone…whenever Phil is allowed to make a phone call.

While Phil was held in a central Melbourne lockup he was able to call Mike at least two or three times a month. However, since being moved to Laverton he has only been able to call Mike twice. So much for his human rights.

The text in blue is the text of the letter Phil sent to Mike. The Reality are Mike’s comments about the charges leveled at Phil by the corrupt Victorian and Federal police.

15 June 2019

Dear Mike

Sorry it’s taken so long (to write but opportunities to get word out in this prison are somewhat limited. However, there is a development in my case I thought you would find interesting.

Count 1 – Collect or make documents likely to facilitate terrorist act.

The accused was researching and writing a future book called the Patriot’s Cookbook. The book was to contain thoughts and information on (for example) patriotism (to include information on/exposing extreme political, religious or ideological causes in Australia), counter terrorism and defence of conservative democratic society, preparation for future societal breakdown and science, such as that relating to free energy. The creation of the book was a selective process. The book was intended to be published in stages after legal advice on the content.

The Reality: It is true Phil was writing a book, but it has never been published and the police have never seen it. In fact, only two people have ever seen it. Phil and his lawyer. So, as the basis for a charge under the Anti-terrorism Act (an unlawful piece of legislation under Constitutional and Common Law), the charge is baseless and pure speculation. As we have seen from the video published on this website, Phil did enter the bookshop operated by the well-known Socialist Sue Bolton who has a bad reputation for her violent demonstrations and support of the ANTIFA terrorist group. The video shows clearly that Phil merely wandered around the bookshop and asked some innocuous questions. There is no evidence that he was preparing a terrorist attack.

Count 2 – other acts done in preparation for, or planning, terrorist acts.

The Accused admits that he spoke about an attack through non-existent tunnels. The plan was deliberately fake and unachievable. He did his in order to expose police informants, police corruption and police failure to deal with extremists.

The Reality: The police admit in this second baseless charge that Phil said something that could not be achieved, and in fact that he had no intention of activating. They even admit that he did it to expose the police corruption and failures so evident to anyone with half a brain who has watched the anti-terrorism farce.

Basic legal jargon his book is a lawful publication and he was conducting a number of sting operations aimed at exposing crooked cops and their informants.

I am sure you can imagine with some amusement how well the crooked cops who laid these fake charges to keep me quiet expecting me to take the insanity defence are looking forward to trial now.

I am also still trying to get those grand jury forms to circulate, but it is not an easy process in prison when he prison doesn’t want them to.

Anyway, my next court date is in a little over 2 weeks away on the 18th of June (Mike received Phil’s letter on the 19th June), which is my main focus for now and probably around the time that this will be likely to get to you. Given that our letters tend to go the long way around.

All of my best wishes to you and your family,

Yours sincerely

Phil Galea

At the time of publishing this letter Mike has not heard anything from Phil, either by letter or phone. Nor have we heard if he will finally get his day in court. But given the way the corrupt Victorian and Federal police have behaved in the past it seems Phil has nothing left to look forward to at this time. He is still rotting in a solitary confinement cell, surrounded by criminals and Islamic terrorists. Phil has told Mike in the past that the islamists are well treated and busy converting white and black criminals to islam. So when they are released they are an even bigger threat to our society. The police and the government are clearly failing in their duty of care of We, the People of the Commonwealth of Australia…all so that they can protect their “reputation”.

Phil would welcome hearing a few encouraging words from anyone who would like to write or even visit him in his prison. Phil is a very strong and courageous man, but even the strongest person can only endure so much before despair sets in. Some kind words would raise his spirits and help him stay strong until he finally gets his day in court.

Will you support him?

You can write to him at:

Phillip Galea – 169438
PO Box 376
Victoria 3028

Note: The socialist/anarchist ratbags at Slackbastard are jumping up and down in glee that Phil has been denied his fundamental right to a trial. This is, of course, what socialism always does; denies human rights. But deny them their human rights and they scream like stuck pigs….which is exactly what they are.

However, the so-called “patriots”, especially those in the True Blue Crew, are no better. They have not only deserted Phil, they have also reviled him in public. What a pathetic country we live in!

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