A Letter to Senator Simon Birmingham

If you are awake to the massive crimes and TREASON being committed against us, We the People of the Commonwealth of Australia, please share this letter and ask everyone you know to sign and send it to Senator Birmingham.


Department of Finance 
Senator the Honourable Simon Birmingham  

Australian Government APPLICATION FORM 

Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 S 51 Placitum (xxxi) Just terms.    

Determining the level of compensation 

  1. There is no financial limit on the amount of compensation payable under the CDDA Scheme. 
  2. If an entity’s defective administration is found to have resulted in a claimant suffering detriment, the overarching principle to be used in determining an appropriate level of compensation for a claimant is to restore the claimant to the position they would have been in had defective administration not occurred. 
  3. Offers of compensation to claimants are calculated on the basis of what the decision maker considers is fair and reasonable in the circumstances. The Commonwealth is required not to take advantage of its relative position of strength to minimise payment. 


Dear Senator the Hon Simon Birmingham,  

The Commonwealth is in the hands of defective administrators and it is time someone realised that the business model that was tried and trusted until 1948 was restored.  Lawyers are essentially bloodsuckers, and in 1948 pushed for and got the Nationality and Citizenship Act 1948.  

This enabled the communist business model to become the norm, where the people are monetised and traded as a commodity, and free enterprise is frowned upon. An unholy alliance between big business that was a feature of NAZI Germany and Communist Russia where the people are virtually slaves of the government. Slaves are not really productive and free people work a lot harder. The claim I am asking you to pay, should open your eyes to the huge potential as a business that is open to the Commonwealth but not the States under the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900. That business is a private public partnership, that is documented in the Crimes Act 1914 (Cth) and presently suppressed by lawyers in the Parliament of the Commonwealth.  

Sir Joh Bjellke-Petersen was a successful Queensland Premier because he was primarily a businessman. His business plan was to make the State of Queensland a property developer, by building dams and selling irrigation farms which he then sold off as freehold. You can and should revitalise the Commonwealth finances by applying the provisions of the Crimes Act 1914 (Cth) and conditions precedent upon the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 in force in 1900, to the renegade States of Australia.  

These States are all corporate criminals, and liable under S 64 Judiciary Act 1903 to the Commonwealth. By tolerating these corporate criminals, you are nobbling the creative genius of the people of the Commonwealth, and by joining them in their corporate scam, since 1948, the Commonwealth is a corporate criminal too, but can reform and should, and avoid the kind of political hiding the Australian Labor Party gave you in Western Australia.  

You have an MBA. The claim I have lodged with your office is likely to be followed by many other people who are victims of the defective administration of the Commonwealth since 1948. Privatising both Telstra and the Commonwealth Bank of Australia was a bi-partisan move, in an attempt to sell the family jewels to keep bread on the table. However, the management of these privatised companies has been based upon a criminal business model, and the greatest beneficiaries of criminal activity are lawyers who have been feathering their own nest since time began. As a declared atheist, (so says Wikipedia) you are not a member of the religion that worships THE LAW. Two thousand years ago Jesus Christ in the Gospel of Luke said these wise words. Chapter 11 verse 46:  Woe unto you ye lawyers, for ye lade men with burdens grievous and ye yourselves touch not the burdens with one of your fingers.

At Verse 52 of the same chapter, Jesus Christ said: Woe unto you lawyers, ye have taken away the key of knowledge, ye entered not in yourselves and them that were entering in ye hindered.  

Prime Minister Morrison has trapped the States of Australia into a National Cabinet that is entirely based upon citizens being owned by the various States as practical slaves. They have blundered, as has most of the rest of the world, into draconian measures to try and stop the Covid19. There are many woke Doctors, but since August the 1st, 2020,  a public announcement of a cure has been available. Prime Minister Morrison himself is trapped in a woke situation. More than an insignificant number of Australians are refusing to attempt suicide by taking the vaccine. Rumblings of assassination of Premiers are circulating. Some people are very angry.  

Daniel Andrews was not just injured, he was severely bashed, and his injuries are consistent with a good kicking with steel toecap boots. Both he and Prime Minister Morrison have been named by a source in the United States of America as involved in pedophilia.  President Donald Trump has alleged that the Australian Government is not clean. He invested 500,000,000 dollars into a pedophilia taskforce of the United States Army to attack this trafficking network. The Australian Army was involved here according to this United States source.  

Trump laid waste a large part of the world with his intelligence disclosures and many governments simply resigned. What I am saying to you is that as an MBA (Master of Business Administration) it makes good sense for the Commonwealth to accept claims under the CDDA Scheme. Pay a few cents on the dollar up front, acquire the chose in action a claim is, and use the provisions of the Federal Court (Criminal Proceedings) Rules 2016 to collect the rest and keep half. Crime was said not to pay, but it should pay its way.  Until 1948 that was the system. It also complied with the “just terms” both the Commonwealth and States must provide to every subject of the Queen of the Constitution.

Go woke go broke, must apply to the States and their use of citizens as collateral for loans and their acquisition of all private property to use as collateral to borrow petrodollars, means that the lenders should have listened to William Shakespeare. Neither borrower nor lender be, for loan oft loses both itself and friend.  

As Shylock found, it is a risky business. I suspect the lenders and money launderers may have done their dough, as we used to say and we may have no debt at all.  

Yours sincerely 

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