An Open Letter to ANZAC Day Organizers

Recently, an email went out to Veterans Groups around Australia to advise them about adhering to the unlawful and unconstitutional covid restrictions on ANZAC day, the most sacred day we observe to honour our living and fallen soldiers who fought for our freedoms.

It was a disgusting display of grovelling to the lying, thieving, criminal traitors infesting our Parliaments unlawfully issuing their edicts to obey the covid restrictions. These edicts have destroyed business, lives, and our rights.

I, Michael Thomas: of the House Holt, was so disgusted by their urging to our veterans to forsake our rights and freedoms to move freely that every man and woman is born with, that I was moved to write the following letter to these so-called “leaders” urging them to man up and stop acting like cowards — and to OBEY THE LAW.

My Email to the ANZAC day Organizers:

I am a Vietnam veteran RAAF (A111874) and I am writing to inform all those organizing ANZAC day events that telling anyone to obey the illegal and unconstitutional Covid restrictions on our most sacred day, ANZAC day, is a Federal CRIME.

Mike Holt – Vietnam Veteran

You may not be aware, but in 1946 the Australian people voted in a Constitutional Referendum to amend the Constitution, Section 51 (xxiiiA) to allow the government to provide medical services, but not so as to force people.

You can read more about it here:

You can also Google the amendment that means any medical procedure. Therefore, forcing anyone to wear a mask, social distance, or any other prophylactic procedure, is unconstitutional and against the highest law of the land.

In addition, the Privacy Act 1988 Section 94H specifically forbids anyone requiring us to install or scan our personal information using a Covid app. Forcing anyone to do so carries a 5 year jail term. And refusing anyone access to a place where they are normally able to freely enter or move carries a further 5 year penalty. Information and a copy of the legislation is available for download here:

Furthermore, the Disability Act 1992 forbids enforcing any Covid restrictions on someone with a disability, which includes PTSD, people who require a CPAP machine, or anyone with a mental or physical disability that would be affected by the restrictions. You can read the act here:

We fought for the rights and freedoms we are all born with… so why are Veterans groups allowing politicians to take away those rights on a false pretext? There has never been any proof that the covid virus exists. Nor do the PCR tests work. This can easily be proved by doing some research instead of blindly accepting the edicts put out by these corrupt political party liars.

I urge you to give some serious thought to what I have just told you. I’m sure you do not want to run the risk of incurring serious legal penalties. As a member of the Sunshine Coast Common Law Assembly, and an elected Sheriff of that assembly, I have the power to arrest and summon to a common law court anyone I see committing a crime. While I do not want to do this, I must obey the law, and I must act on the wishes of the Assembly. That is why I joined our Armed Forces, and why I volunteered to go to war for my country. 

I hope you feel the same and will obey the LAW.

Warm regards,
Michael Thomas: Holt

Note to the reader: You are welcome to copy, paste and share this letter to anyone.

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