Dealing with Fines (1): Anonymous envelopes

This is the first in a series of interviews with Michael Schulze on how to stop fines.

Michael has had phenomenal success helping people around Australia stop paying fines. This series explains how to deal with the government agencies, using their own laws against them.

Its worked already – but this method is still being tested and measured for dealing with CCards, Mortgage Payments, council rates. Some have failed only because people have answered the phone as the trustee  and not the beneficiary. There needs to be training to educate so they understand how and what to say to stand by the remittance. Schulzy and the Battler will conduct free online training in a series of videos to follow the one on this page.

Sui Juris, Beneficiary, Secured, Principal and the Acts to understand how a Promissory Note is an invitation to pay but the real reason is its a contract offer and if you keep it or fight it like we have been doing we are infants in their eyes and they can remain as custodians / administrator for your NAME trust.

It requires understanding of Trust Law converting to Equity Law when you confidently take charge as a grown up. Instructing them to perform their Trustee duties, otherwise they commit crimes against anti-trust laws and perjury.

Get the judge in this position and he has to perform under your instructions. This has been tried in court already and WON. It was ridiculously simple but shows without doubt the corruption, lies and level of fraud the judiciary are at. This will help in your case as well. 

 you can still sue the govcorp mutts for their own unlawful actions in Supreme court.

The Magistrates and District Courts (Clown School) are on to us rejecting small claims. We only have the Supreme and High Courts to find justice under common law civil claim.

If you want to put a stop to the disgusting behaviour of these government sponsored financial parasites, learn how to do it here:


Mail Certification Letter

Download Mail Certification Letter
Download Mail Certification Letter

Download and edit the Mail Certification Letter that accompanies any anonymous window envelope you send back.

Size: 17.7KB

Envelope Example

Sample Envelope Mail Certification Letter
Sample Envelope Mail Certification Letter

Download the sample envelope

Size: 186KB

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