Common Law Court Convicts 3 Judges

On the 7th of April 2024, the Sovereign People’s Assembly of Western Australia summoned a Victorian Supreme Court Judge, 2 Melbourne County Court Judges, and the chiefs of the AFP and CDPP to attend a Common Law jury court to face charges levelled against them by Mike Holt, a resident of Queensland. They were ordered to appear before the court, either in person or by Zoom call, on 12th May.

This is a landmark case, because it exposed the absolute corruption currently infesting the courts throughout our nation. It also proved beyond doubt that people in high positions who are supposed to be servants of the People are ignoring our Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 and the Law.

For more background on this case, read, and

As expected, the accused did not bother to acknowledge the summons. Nor did they appear before the court.

If someone is summoned before a Common Law Court and they fail to appear, they can be automatically convicted if the jury finds beyond doubt that they are guilty of the charges against them.

The court proceedings were arranged by The Sovereign Peoples Assembly, with a jury gathered in a room in Perth, and Mike attended the court by Zoom.

After the Adjudicator opened the court proceedings Mike was asked to read out his Statement of Claim. This is the statement provided to the jury detailing the charges against the accused, and the remedy being sought.

The jury considered the evidence for three hours before returning their verdict.

Statement of Claim:

The Invoice

The document below is the Invoice Affidavit served on the defendants, signed and sealed by a Notary Public, which creates a lawful financial instrument. It lays out the crimes against me, and the penalties accruing to each one. The invoice was sent to the defendants even before the Common Law trial, because Mike has clear proof of the crimes committed against him. He has taken his case for trial before a Common Law Court because it has higher jurisdiction than any other court in Australia.

The Common Law Court Verdict

The Court verdict presents the charges and laws that the defendants have broken and sets the penalty after conviction. The verdict stands for all time. There is no statute of limitations in a common law court, because harm has been done and remedy must be supplied. A trial is the first step in this process.

What’s Next?

The verdict against the accused has been served on them, and they know they have been convicted.

The court has ordered them all to stand down and voluntarily go into house arrest until further notice. Their property will be frozen, and all pay stopped.

However, We the People must find ways to make them take their punishment. We can do this through public shaming, such as Wanted posters… see below.

WANTED Judge Elizabeth Hollingworth
WANTED Judge Elizabeth Hollingworth

Elizabeth Hollingworth Wanted Poster. Download and print this PDF print-ready Poster and plaster it in public places all over Australia.

Size: 6.37MB
WANTED Judge Meryl Sexton
WANTED Judge Meryl Sexton

Meryl Sexton Wanted Poster. Download and print this PDF print-ready Poster and plaster it in public places all over Australia.

Size: 6.49MB
WANTED Judge Michael Bourke
WANTED Judge Michael Bourke

Michael Bourke Wanted Poster. Download and print this PDF print-ready Poster and plaster it in public places all over Australia.

Size: 6.58MB

Eventually, it is hoped that the corrupt, unconstitutional system will collapse and the punishments they deserve can be carried out.

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