Create your own Common Law Passport & ID

As more people see that GovCorp is determined to destroy our rights and freedoms, we are seeking new ways to get out of the GovCorp system to live as free, independent men and women living in common law.

The two values all people living in common law all live by are:

  1. Do no harm
  2. Take responsibility for your own actions.

We are handing back the GovCorp issued drivers licence, de-registering our vehicles and recording them on our Common Law website here: (scroll down to the yellow button on this page:

Once you record your vehicle, make a number plate and use the Record number from the Certificate you will receive after you finish recording the details.

Identity is Important!

In today’s modern world we need a way to identify who we are when dealing with corporations. Until now, we’ve been told we must register with GovCorp to get an approved Identity, usually in the form of a driver’s licence or a passport. But there is no law that stipulates the type of ID that may be produced. Therefore, we all have the right to create our own. Get creative.

The Common Law Live Birth Record certificate has already been accepted by GovCorp’s Centrelink, giving applicants access to government benefits.

All government agencies must accept any identification that has your picture, name, address, and birthdate on it. The ID may have other information you may wish to reveal as well. There are no rules. Create your own, get it signed and sealed by a Notary Public (Not a Justice of the Peace), as an NP is a representative of the Crown, or ask two people to witness it with their signature.

Although this video is about making a common law Passport/ID in the USA, the same principles apply here in Australia.

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