ADF in Disgrace

We must question their judgement . . . 

There is no doubt in the minds of many that leadership in the ADF has been replaced with social engineering lunacy as one supposed leader after another abandoned common sense in favour of PC nonsense.  The latest to dazzle us with his questionable judgement is the newly appointed chief of the ADF General Angus Campbell.


General David Hurley got the ball rolling when as chief of the ADF he sacked Major Bernard Gaynor, a veteran of three deployments to Iraq, because he was openly opposed to the politically correct erosion of our military standards that resulted in uniformed participation in the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras and the associated attacks on the Christian religion. After installing this craziness into the ADF, Hurley toddled off to become the Governor of NSW.

Then along came General David Morrison. You remember him, he was the one who became Australian of the Year and ponced around on women’s high heels while calling for equality for women in the ADF.  As a result of such nonsense our ADF now boasts downgraded fitness requirements for women in the front line and the recruitment of women in place of those terrible blokey white Anglo/Australian males.

Following on was Vice Admiral Ray Griggs. His claim to fame was to not only have an affair with a sailor’s wife but to have her promoted to the rank of Commander.  Unlike ol’ Barnaby, who eventually stepped down, Griggs doesn’t even show that much class as he hides behind the protection of an investigating panel that refuses to release the details of his illicit affair because they are private matters.

Griggs is another of our fine military leaders who has never heard a shot fired in anger but wears an unbelievable shirt full of hardware.  Of the fifteen medals he wears only one is for active service while six are foreign awards handed out by Indonesia, United States, France, Singapore, Philippines and Spain. In addition and not surprisingly, he is a supporter of the LGBTI brigade.

That brings us to the latest display of exceedingly bad judgement on the part of an ADF so-called leader. General Angus Campbell is about to become the top dog of the ADF despite a list of questionable decisions that would see the records of a junior officer marked not fit for promotion.

First cab off the rank is the appointmenty of an Army Reserve officer, one Brigadier Kathryn Campbell.  Brigadier Campbell took three months leave from the public service to become deputy commander of Joint Task Force 633 Middle East and Afghanistan.  Many would question the wisdom of appointing a reserve officer with no battle experience to a command position in a war zone.

As Chief of the Army General Angus Campbell ordered an inquiry into the SAS based upon rumour, hearsay and conversations. The Inspector-General posted an advertisement calling for people to come forward if they had heard rumours or heard others talking about the actions of soldiers on the front line in Afghanistan. Victoria Cross recipient Ben Roberts-Smith ripped into the Inspector-General and Angus Campbell when he said, “When have you heard of a judicial process initiated off the back of rumour? It’s a joke. We should be looking after our soldiers not persecuting them.”   At the time of a parliamentary committee hearing on the 25 October 2017 this witch hunt had been running for 17 months based upon unsubstantiated gossip.

Next came Angus Campbell’s latest brain-snap when he decided that it was terribly wrong for our service personnel to be wearing “symbology” portraying death. Seemingly ignoring the fact that a soldier’s job is to engage and kill the enemy, Campbell says, “This is not where we need to be as a national institution.  As soldiers our purpose is to serve the state, employing violence with humility always and compassion wherever possible. The symbology to which I refer erodes this ethos of service.” The Sydney Daily Telegraph got it right when it said, “There’s your new army slogan: “Employing Violence with Humility”. It’ll probably sound less stupid in Latin.

It appears to have escaped General Campbell’s notice that he himself wears the Infantry Combat Badge that displays a bayonet.  The bayonet has one purpose and that is to kill and maim.  Is this befuddled General going to ban that badge too.

General Angus Campbell seems to favour focusing on gender issues instead of concentrating on our reduced military capabilities within our own region.  Last year Campbell addressed a Defence Force conference on recruitment at which time he said, “The number one priority I have with respect to recruitment is increasing our diversity, with a focus on women and indigenous Australians.”  In summing this up Cori Bernardi also took into account the issuing of Halals ration to our troops when he said, “This demonstrates just how our military has been captured by minority interests and appears to have suspended the application of common sense.”

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