Treason at the Highest Level

Ever since 1960 when Sir WIlliam Slim resigned as the last Crown-appointed Governor General, Australia has been ruled by a cabal of self-serving, lying, thieving, criminal TRAITORS.

They have lied to the people, stolen our riches, and what is even worse, they have destroyed our Future!


Yet, these criminals have got away with their crimes because they control the media, the police, the army, the courts, and the bureaucracy. But remember this. There are less than one million people involved in all levels of government. There are 25 million Australians. We outnumber them, and as more people are waking up we are demanding Answers and a Solution to the mess these political bastards have got us into.

The following document explains exactly how EG Whitlam, a man with one share in the Commonwealth of Australia, started the destruction of our nation.

Download and learn the TRUTH!

Treason at the Highest Level
Treason at the Highest Level

Treason at the Highest Level

This file exposes the TREASON EG Whitlam, the Communist PM, committed when he amended the Royal Style and Titles Act. The Political Parties have created their own private Commonwealth of Australia, registered to a USA Corporation, with no preamble. Therefore, the liars, thieves, criminals and TRAITORS pretending to be the Australian government have destroyed our country, torn up our Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901, and stolen a whole continent, its people and its riches. How long are Australians going to allow this criminal cabal to exist without answering for their crimes to We, the People?

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