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We are hearing alarming reports from around the world that the injection governments and doctors are pushing on unsuspecting people are having unexpectedly high levels of adverse reactions, and even deaths.

Why would any sane person accept the word of these people, who are not scientists or doctors? They clearly don’t know what they are doing.

Why would any sane person blindly accept the assurances of the Pharmaceutical companies, who cannot be sued for any damage from their chemical concoctions, that their products are ‘safe’, when there have been no long-term scientific studies and testing? Surely, the people deserve to know exactly what the government wants to inject into us?

Remember when the Wuhan virus first struck in that city? We saw videos of people suddenly dropping dead on the streets for no apparent reason, except that they had either contracted a virulent Flu, and that is all the Wuhan/Covid variant is, or they had been injected with an unknown concoction of chemicals that were supposed to protect them from the flu.

If the Covid flu is the same one as the Wuhan version that governments appear to be so afraid of, where are all the dead bodies?

Why have they changed the name from the Wuhan Flue to the Covid 19 Virus? Is it to appease their Chinese masters?

Surely our Leaders should all be protected by the Jab first?

Our political and judicial leaders keep on telling us we must be vaccinated, but as they are so important, why don’t we let them get it first? We see staged vaccinations, but we want to see them all lined up getting their Jab in a public place, with watchful oversight by the People.

After all, if the Jab is so safe surely they shouldn’t object to going first? It’s for their own protection, so that they can continue to lead us, right?

Ask your Insurance Company

Then, there is the question about Insurance. Surely we need answers to some very important questions. So, to help everyone get the answers we need, we provide the following links to insurance companies so that you find out the truth.

Are we in danger of being left high and dry by our insurance companies if we are affected by the Covid flu or by the Jab?

Don’t we deserve answers so that we can take action to protect ourselves and our families?

Contact your Insurance Company using these links:

List Of Insurance Companies In Australia

Another List Of Insurance Companies In Australia
A contact of mine brought to my attention the subject of organ harvesting as well.

Top 10 Life Insurance Companies in Australia

If people are going out and getting this Experimental Irreversible Genetic Modification Injection that is not approved, and is supposedly “voluntary”, and is supposedly “safe”, what happens when that recipient dies within a few days to a few months, as is presently happening…or even a few years of a premature death caused by this Injection?

Will the recipients of those waiting for an organ be given the opportunity of being “Fully Informed” that the deceased was given this Injection that transmits, or will they just give the waiting recipient the organ from the “vaccinated” donor?

There are so many questions we need answers to, and I’m sure there will be more questions that come to mind as we start to learn more about this Covid menace.

  • Will surgeons and nurses want to perform surgery on these Injected  deceased?
  • Will the recipient want to receive this transplanted organ into his/her body?
  • Will the insurance companies have this in their policy?
  • Does the insurance company have this Injection in their policy or not, and why not?
  • Will those services that transport these cadavers want to have anything to do with ‘infected’ bodies?

US doctors, and I’m sure other countries, are already banning any vaccinated patients for a minimum of 30 days into their clinics for fear of transmission to their staff and other clients particularly females

I’m sure we can ask the insurance companies about this, and what do you think their reaction will be, and do they have any policy or not, and what are their policies?

This is a pro-active response to try and strengthen the national sovereignty and the national security of Australia which has been severely breached and weakened.

We need all  hands on deck to get in touch personally, or to ring or email to create these questions and others towards the insurance industry who are part of all of this consolidation.

A Suggestion:

From now on, it might be a good idea to find out if any vaccinated people will be attending events where you are likely to come into contact with each other. We are hearing that ‘spiking’ can occur, but it only affects the unvaccinated for a short time before becoming inactive. There have been reports from people that after shaking hands and hugging people who have been vaccinated that they felt queasy and off-colour for a few hours. We need to get more information about this phenomenon, so that we can protect ourselves and our families. Perhaps social distancing is actually a good idea after all.

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