A Letter from Phil Galea

A Letter arrived at our offices again this week from Phil Galea, the first non-islamic Australian ever arrested on terrorism charges. It is so heartfelt that we reproduce part of it here for everyone to see what the unlawful political party government has done to an innocent Australian citizen. 


Phil getting arrested

Background by Mike Holt: In August 2016 Victoria Police and Federal Police conducted pre-drawn raids (just as the Nazis did) on several homes of ordinary Australian people. These people had not committed any crimes. Nor were they terrorists, as the police claimed.

They were simple Aussies who love our nation, laws, and way of life, who had been standing up to the fake political party corporate government in an effort to hold them accountable for the many crimes the politicians have committed against the Australian people.

Phil Galea was the only one arrested in those raids conducted under the new anti-terrorism laws that were supposed to be aimed at islamic terrorists. Phil was put into jail without a trial where he has been held in solitary confinement ever since.That Phil was arrested at all is testament to the lies the political party politicians have been telling us.


Since Phil was arrested I have stayed in contact with him as much as possible, writing letters and keeping him informed of developments in the outside world. Phil has occasionally been allowed to phone me. I recorded the calls at first and broadcast an interview with him on an internet radio show. The police stopped Phil making any further calls until I agreed not to broadcast any more calls.

Before I present his latest letter perhaps I should explain why Phil was really arrested.

Phil has a scientific background and an inquiring mind. He was conducting scientific tests based on Tesla’s work, among other early scientists, to see if he could replicate and even improve on their work. One of Tesla’s experiments required fulminate of mercury for the machine to run. I won’t say much about the machine right now, as Phil has written a detailed paper on his experiments he will publish when he is finally released.

anti antifa

Just before he was arrested Phil was incensed by the antics of ANTIFA, the Communist thugs that have been terrorizing any Aussies standing up for our nation. He started following ANTIFA members to a Melbourne coffee shop where they regularly gathered to plot more terror and violence. He was filming them and generally getting in their (masked – the cowards) faces to let them know that ordinary Aussies would not tolerate their attacks.

His possession of the fulminate of mercury and stalking ANTIFA were the justification the police used to arrest Phil. Even though no charges have ever been brought against Phil the police have held him in solitary confinement now for two years. At first they tried to have him declared insane so that he would not be able to have his day in court, but because of his own efforts, and the support of thousands of you who have signed the petition to allow him his day in court, Phil has finally been granted a Committal Hearing on September 3rd, 2018. This is a first step towards either having him released immediately, or setting a trial date. Either way, Phil will be happy.

It’s amazing how Phil has stayed so strong during his ordeal, but as you will read in his letter below he has every reason to stay strong and focused.

Here is an extract from what Phil has written to me this week. It starts at the second paragraph as the first bit is a personal message to me:

A Letter from Phil

…In 99% of cases a committal is a simple formality, but in this one it is far from certain to go either way. It is, however, the first step to revealing the truth of a conspiracy that will only truly come out at a Royal Commission. (NOTE: perhaps we won’t need to go that far if enough Aussies support Phil as we supported Tommy Robinson)
This will be big, nasty, and it’s all booked to begin on 3/9/18. It’s all going to be public and all going to be so far outside of the norm that it will be likely to go viral. From there the effects will be likely to make all this time in prison worthwhile.
If I had of pleaded insanity I would already be out (of jail) but I would have zero credibility. Instead, on 6/8/18 I get to celebrate my second year in custody without the committal I should have had within 6 months. But if my incarceration leads to the truth coming out and shows people what’s really going on then I’m cool with it.
Sometimes in life you have to look at the bigger picture and see beyond the present.
The media are ignoring reports of islamists burning down at least 18 churches in the last three years.
If I let them do this to me they can do this to anyone. A line must be drawn in the sand somewhere. Anti-terror laws were designed to protect us from islamic terrorists, not to protect corrupt police from exposure, and not to hide the mass burning of our nation’s churches, and definitely not to protect the government officials responsible for everything from one-sided policing to national coverups.
Sometimes you have to stand up and say NO MORE!.
Honestly, the hardest part of all this is not knowing what’s really going on in the outside world. The fake news on TV is so obviously fake it’s barely worth watching. 
Here and there you see something about the UPF or a news report on an altercation at a mosque involving a New Zealand priest. They promise more at 6. Then by 6 the story has disappeared, so it’s obvious the story has gone viral. So to shut us up they’re trying to keep us quiet.
My experiences in prison have only strengthened my convictions on islam, mulims and islamification. I am now more certain than ever that it’s not a matter of IF islam leads to violence. It’s a matter of when. 
The only way we are going to beat this is with lawful political activities, education and mass awareness. Then we can finally have this evil banned for the good of all humanity. 
If there was one thing I would ask of you (all of you) now it would be to send me whatever you can about what’s really going on. I love everything you send me and I take nothing but pride and strength from word of what you and the other patriots of Australia and the world are doing.
So yeah, I would love anything you care to send me, but honestly you have done so much already that I wil be in your debt and grateful to you forever. 

…there is more, but it is just about getting a computer at long last and other personal matters.

If you would like to write and/or send Phil books and magazines you can send them to:

(The number after his name is his prison number. Please make sure you include it in the address…)

Phil Galea 169438
PO Box 376
Victoria 3028


(If you want to do something to stop the criminal corporate political parties continuing to destroy our nation and our Democracy, sign up for free at Advance Australia Group. We are not a political party. We are a political group of Australians who want to bring back the rule of law under our Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901….Click here to Sign Up!)


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