Why Government is Immoral

Why do we get Bad Government?

Because we keep electing bad people to rule over us. How stupid are we?

We can predict the outcome of any election with 100% accuracy.

The very idea of political party government is immoral


Because it’s the idea that a certain group of mere human beings has the exclusive moral right to make commands that you must follow and they reserve for themselves the moral right to take your stuff without your permission. And I say “moral” because if you don’t obey them or see yourself as having the moral OBLIGATION to obey them, then they reserve for themselves the moral right to LEGALLY harm you, restrain you, fine you, cage you and even kill you….with no just remedy.




Political Party Government is not peace, it’s war. It’s not Kindness, it’s force. Political Party Government doesn’t come to you and ask you to do things or give them things. It Tells you to do things or not do things and Steals what you have.

Political Party Governments don’t create anything. They siphon the labouring energies of others so that they grow rich and powerful while other suffer.

So, to summarize: Political Party Government is the idea that a group of people possesses rights that you don’t have, who believe they have a higher claim over your life and property than you do.

If you did the same things to others that they do to you, you would be arrested and charged as a criminal. Never mind that it is impossible to confer a right onto others that you do not possess yourself. And that is what the voting process claims to do. Through voting you supposedly confer the right to rule onto another human being, even though you don’t personally have the right to rule. The whole process is utter fantasy.

If we don’t have the right to give someone else the right to rule then the entire process and system is a charade.

So, if government were a cake and you were to separate the ingredients of the cake you would have:

  • threats & intimidation
  • force
  • unjust violence
  • coercion
  • and theft

Without just one of these you would not have government. Everyone of these elements is in the poisonous cake called government….or the State….and those who believe in and support the existence of that state enslave themselves under a State.

Where you have government or agents of government in any land, at any level and in any era, you have the most vile immorality known to man. Those who act as government agents are the embodiment of injustice and criminality.


Because it’s all based on a lie, on force, unjust violence, threats & intimidation, coercion and theft.

So as a voter you willingly become a participant in the lie (that lie is that you, through your vote of support, are going to confer the right to rule and steal from other people in your name) a right you personally don’t have yourself.

Nevertheless, you believe you are conferring this right.

So what does this mean?

You, through your vote, grant another human (the politician) the right to make commands, threaten, harm, steal from, coerce and inflict unjust force on others, in your name and with your approval.

That is what your vote represents.

Do you think people think about that in those bare terms?

No. Not one in a hundred million would think about it in this way…but that’s exactly what’s happening because that’s exactly what government is.

When you see a line of people going to cast their vote…you don’t think…. “awwww look at all the pitiful sheeple.”

You think…you believe…most of those people have good intentions.

But as Daniel Webster said, “Good intentions will always be pleaded for every assumption of authority. It is hardly too strong to say that the Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions. There are men in all ages who mean to govern well, but they mean to govern. They promise to be good masters, but they mean to be your masters.”

Every politician, no matter the reason, wants to be your master.

It doesn’t matter how nice they seem or what a good guy you think they are….they want that position, they want you to vote for them because they want to rule over you and everybody else stupid enough to vote for them.

Another bad thing about voting is that when you vote you are actually saying, “I not only want my politician to rule over me…but I want him to rule over everybody else….even those who voted for someone else. Heck I want my politician to rule even over those people who don’t wanna be ruled.”

And you can bet the voter himself would never in a million years personally threaten, steal from, coerce, be forceful with or inflict unjust violence on another person himself…but he has no problem voting for someone else to commit those crimes in his name, in the name of government and under the colour of the rule of law.

So, the type of political party led government we have today is inherently a lie and is lived out as gross immorality. Voters participate in this systemically immoral and, therefore, criminal concept and Voters approve of the rulers to rule over people by threats, force, unjust violence, coercion and theft But here’s the coup de grace. And this is where my prediction comes in.

It is easy to predict that, no matter who takes public office through voting, back room selection, rigged voting machines or any number of dishonest practices…NOTHING significant will change.






Back to Mayer Amshael Rothschild’s quote. “Give me control over a nations money and I care not who makes its laws.”

Does anybody think it’s strange that we vote for politicians to protect us and make our lives better and they ALWAYS end up making things worse.

People believed in Obama. Then in 8 years the dude racked up over 9 TRILLION additional dollars to the national debt, not to mention stripping us of more of our freedoms, overseeing constant wars, drone striking the crap out of and killing god knows how many innocents, and people still think this guy hung the moon.

The same thing happens each time we elect a political party-led government here in Australia…no matter which party we elect.

That’s like inviting your Uncle Jim over to the house to stay for a while and in the course of 8 days he steals your credit cards, racks up $90,000 worth of debt, he threatens and beats your wife and kills a couple of your kids, and at the end of it you say, that Jim’s not a bad guy. Insanity!

The owners of the corporation called the United States is the private, unaccountable banking cartel known as the FEDERAL RESERVE. They own the paper, that we think is money every one of us has in our possession. If you doubt that just pull out a bill, any bill. You’ll see the worlds FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE.

In Australia we have the RESERVE BANK OF AUSTRALIA. Every note is signed by the Governor Reserve Bank of Australia…. but it is still owned by the international banking cartel led by the Rotschilds, JP Morgans, CITIBANK and the rest of the money-grubbing robbers.

Their “money” is nothing of value…it’s a note of debt.

This is your problem. It is not sound money like gold or silver…it is a counterfeit note, it’s dishonest money which signifies your indebtedness…and therefore your slavery to the money masters.

And yet we’re talking a about a frickin’ Migrant Caravan south of the US border because that’s what the media is going on about?

Being concerned about the migrant caravan, or some other smoke and mirrors ridiculous story the 24/7 brain-dead news media feeds you is like your kid yelling to you from inside the house “Help daddy, there are three men raping mommy in the bedroom,” and the guy answering “Not now kiddo, I’m trying to get the lawn mower started.”

There is no other problem, has been no other problem, and will be no other problem greater than a bunch of corrupt banksters having control of our money supply. If you think this is wrong you are welcome to post your reasoned objections below in the Comments section.

The Commonwealth of Australia Act 1901 Constitution actually states that only the Federal Parliament has the power to coin money:

S. 115. A State shall not coin money, nor make anything but gold and silver coin a legal tender in payment of debts.

S. 51. The Parliament shall, subject to this Constitution, have power to make laws for the peace, order, and good government of the Commonwealth with respect to:-
(xii.) Currency, coinage, and legal tender

Nowhere does it say anything about a Federal Reserve, or private banks creating debt money (also called Fiat Money) out of thin air. Nor does it say anything about paying debts and fines using worthless paper money. If you get a fine, try paying for it with gold and silver. They won’t even accept it! (Click here to learn how you can Stop paying their unlawful fines!)

So…here’s my prediction in a nutshell. NO MATTER WHO TAKES office, no matter who seems to control the house, no matter who seems to control the Senate, no matter who seems to control the judiciary this is EXACTLY what will happen after election day 100% guaranteed.

  • The FEDERAL RESERVE will continue operations unhindered
  • The World’s biggest domestic terrorist organization THE IRS/ATO will continue terrorizing
  • Your Property Taxes will remain in tact
  • Your Income tax will not be abolished
  • Israel will continue to exercise unbridled power over Washington’s District of Criminals
  • Politicians will continue enriching themselves with your tax money
  • The military industrial complex will continue to grow because the Petro-Dollar must be defended by force.
  • The Drug War will continue, as will the Prison Industrial Complex which has grown exponentially since the 1970s because of the drug war.
  • Wars will continue in the middle east
  • The U.S. Government will continue draining us dry with it’s over 800 military bases in 130 countries
  • The Australian Government will continue draining us dry with its wasteful spending, imposing unlawful fines, selling off our public assets, and giving away billions of fiat money dollars borrowed from the banksters
  • The national debt will continue to sky rocket

This is all guaranteed. Vote all you want…these are the real issues. These are the things mainstream media glosses over or refuses to talk about. These are the things that keep us enslaved. Until these things are picked off one by one…NOTHING will ever change and your vote is a colossal waste of time. Except for one thing. Your continued participation in such a corrupt system let’s the social engineers know that their plan to institute nation-wide immorality in the minds of the people is still working.

People always ask, “But what’s the answer?”

They NEVER offer a solution. Instead they whine, “Why doesn’t the government do something?”

They still don’t get it! The government is never going to do anything for you unless you control the government.

If you are not prepared to do something to change the system you are like the kid standing right next to the swimming pool screaming his head off because the people in the pool were splashing him and he didn’t wanna get wet.

He told his mom, “I don’t wanna be wet.”

She said, “if you don’t wanna be wet step away from the pool.”

If you don’t want evil in your land…stop participating in it. Your vote is a vote for the corrupt corporate political party government system. Your vote for government is a vote for the worst kind of evil this world has to offer.

What’s the solution? Wake up and stop participating in the evil.

While it may look like this article is advocating anarchy, nothing could be further from the truth. People need a government to manage the affairs of the nation. But how we set up a government that is fair, equitable, and dedicated to creating a better life for everyone is the solution we are all looking for.

Advance Australia offers a governing system based on the Will of the People who would have the only say in how they are governed and the laws they want enacted to govern them through Citizens Initiated Referendums. But to establish this kind of government system a majority of the people need to understand what is stated in this article, and then decide to act in unison to destroy the current political party system and create a government of the people, by the people, for the people.

Can you even imagine if just 1 million Australians did that? Imagine the type of society we would build if we refused to accept any kind of evil in our lives and stop dictating the lives of others?

Evil things happen today because we continue to vote in evil people.

Believing in a political-party type government, especially believing that government is there to do you good, is truly the height of ignorance. And if you know what type of government you are electing and you still participate in the process…then that is the height of sheer stupidity.

If you think this is wrong…you can launch ad-homonym attacks on us if you want to….but most people would prefer hearing a rational, logical, calm argument instead. Post your thoughts below.



NOTE: Most of this article is copied from an email an American sent to a colleague. We have added our own ideas to it to make it relevant to Australia as well.



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