Proxy Voting is Unlawful

Proxy Voting was unlawfully included in the The Parliament Queensland Act 2001

There is a problem with their Act, however. First, the Queensland Government is not a valid State Government as defined in the Commonwealth of Australia Act 1901. Second, the Commonwealth of Australia Act 1901 Constitution does not allow Proxy Voting.

So who and what is the Queensland Government, and why are they not a valid government?

The following is from The Parliament Queensland Act 2001


Let’s look closely at the Title Page to the Parliament Queensland Act 2001 shown in the image above….

The Seal is not the Crown Seal as mandated by the Royal Title and Styles Act 1953, which was enacted lawfully under the Crown after to amend the 1931 British Parliament Act:

WHEREAS it was recited in the preamble to the Statute of Westminster, 1931 that it would be in accord with the established constitutional position of all the members of the British Commonwealth of Nations in relation to one another that any alteration in the law touching the Royal Style and Titles should, after the enactment of that Act, “require the assent as well of the Parliaments of all the Dominions as of the Parliament of the United Kingdom”

In 1973 the Queensland Government, a corporate entity registered in the USA, amended the Royal Style and Titles Act without approval of the Crown to create their fake corporate logo and called it the Queensland Government Seal.

The Queensland Parliament Act 2001 is a fake: The Queensland corporate government reprinted the original Commonwealth of Australia Queensland Parliament Act and put an ALPHABET LETTER after the reprint number. That letter invalidated the Act. It is merely words on a piece of paper, and as the title page says, it is “not an authorised copy”….Therefore, it is NOT LAW!

In this fake Queensland Parliament Act 2001 it refers to Proxy Voting…..



19 Member who may give proxy

(1) This section applies if, as evidenced by the certificates of at least 2 doctors, a member (the “absent member”) stated in the certificates is in a state of ill health that prevents the member, during a period stated in the certificates, from attending any sittings of the Assembly.
(2) The absent member may notify the Speaker in writing that the member desires to vote as a member at every sittings of the Assembly and of every Committee of the Whole House—

(a) by way of a named proxy who is also a member (the “first proxy”); or
(b) if the first proxy is not present, by another named proxy, who is also a member (the “second proxy”).
(3) The absent member or, if the member is unable to do so through ill health, another member on the member’s behalf, must present the certificates and notification to the Speaker.
(4) The Speaker must read the certificates and notification to the Assembly—

We, the people of Queensland, cannot vote for any Person inside the Constitution Act 1867 Qld to sit in the Legislative Assembly, as the Legislative Assembly Act 1867 is COPYRIGHT © to the State of Queensland 1997. Only members of the State of Queensland Corporation can vote.

Furthermore, we do not vote by proxy. Our Commonwealth of Australia Act 1901 does not allow Proxy Voting.

Therefore, it is clear that members of the corporation calling themselves the Queensland Government are all committing TREASON.

Remember this next time you are tempted to vote for any of them. By voting them into their fake corporate government you are aiding and abetting TREASON.

This is why we say you should go to the electoral booth and register so that you are not fined for not voting. But their law says that YOU MUST REGISTER TO VOTE. It does not say you must actually vote.

If you want to withhold your vote from the political parties take their ballot papers into the voting booth, fold them up, put them in your pocket or purse, and then place a couple of How to Vote cards in the ballot box. Go home and stay safe….if you can. The government is not there to protect us. It’s there to perpetuate it’s dictatorial rule over us.



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