Another Letter to Albo

John Grey has written to Albo before and got no response. But things are moving forward anyway, as this new letter to Albo attests.

Michael Thomas Holt, also known and The Bloody Aussie Battler, has filed a case in the High Court against various judges, in a case that will reform the way ‘justice’ is administered in our courts. When he is successful, and he will not give up until he is, his case will have massive repercussions on the way Parliament and the courts behave. You lot will finally be pulled into line as SERVANTS OF THE PEOPLE, not our masters!

Here is the latest letter to Albo. Do you agree with it?

Dear Prime Minister Albanese and the Hon Peter Dutton, and the Senate.

The Senate sits today and all week. You have in your inbox a submission by Michael Thomas Holt to the High Court that really needs to be considered by the High Court of Parliament sitting in the Senate.

In the Australia Act 1986 our faith was placed in the High Court to replace the House of Lords. Unfortunately, it has proved to have feet of clay and has not lived up to its High Office. I assume the National Anti-Corruption Commission Act 2022 was enacted with bi-partisan support as it should have been, and that the Oversight Committee of it can sit at any time. The entire Australian Judiciary is compromised and has formed an alternative Government combined with State Police Services, and the Australian Federal Police

When our right to approach the judicial committee of the Privy Council was abolished in 1986 nothing was created to replace it. It vested absolute power in un-elected Commonwealth and State Public Officials to govern us by Rules of Court, made by un-elected Commonwealth and State Public Officials in total contempt of the Parliament of the Commonwealth.

By and large the Parliament of the Commonwealth has confirmed we love our Commonwealth and done the right thing by us, the Australian People. We the Australian People in the recent referendum, confirmed we love our Constitution. It is up to you, our elected Commonwealth Public Officials to supervise the unelected ones that currently are riding roughshod over us, without any accountability.

The United States of America has the same problem.

You have created an Oversight Committee of the National Anti-Corruption Commission. On it are five lawyers. One just passed away. What are you doing to make this Committee actually work for us, the People of the Commonwealth?

In 1903, in a bloodless coup, the Lawyers of Australia created the United States of Australia to frustrate the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 almost entirely. By sabotaging Ch III Constitution, through deceitfully changing the constitution without a valid referendum, the Parliament changed the law that had prohibited lawyers sitting in Parliament by the Act of 1372. I am sure your Parliamentary library can confirm that. As such, it was a “condition precedent” on Our Constitution that was passed without the authority or even knowledge of the People; disgraceful behaviour!


46 Edward III AD 1372

80. Lawyers and Sheriffs excluded from Parliament

WHEREAS men of the law who follow divers businesses in the king’s courts on behalf of private persons, with whom they are, do procure and cause to be brought into parliament many petitions in the name of the commons, which in no wise relate to them, but only the private persons with whom they are engaged; also sheriffs who are common officers for the people, and ought to be abiding in their office, for the doing right to every one, are named, and have heretofore been and returned to parliament knights of the shires, by the same sheriffs; it is accorded and assented in this parliament, that hereafter no man of the law following business in the king’s court, nor any sheriff for the time that he is sheriff, be returned nor accepted knights of the shires; nor that they who are men of the law and sheriffs now returned to parliament have any wages; but the king willeth that knights and sergeants of the most worthy of the county be hereafter returned knights in parliament; and that they be elected in full county.

The Colonies Lost Out

This was repealed for England in 1870 but not in the Colonies. This may be verified in the English Hansard. The bloodless coup executed in 1903 in the Judiciary Act 1903 and High Court Procedure Act 1903 vesting the Judicial Power of the Commonwealth in a single Justice, is the root cause of the high cost of living. We have far too much Government and too little justice. 

Michael Thomas Holt from Queensland has filed a Form 12 for the High Court that exposes flaws in the National Anti-Corruption Commission Act 2022 and National Anti-Corruption Commission. As a result, the courts of this nation are running amok, denying the People of the Commonwealth of Australia, their right to justice and a fair trial by jury.

I am advised by the Committee secretariat that the National Anti-Corruption Commission Act 2022 was passed with bipartisan support. It is proving to be a fizzer: Of no bloody use to anyone. The same tyrants are still ruling and in total contempt of our elected representatives. Our Constitution states in Sections 7 and 24 that only We the People of the Commonwealth have the power and authority to choose our representatives. It does not mention allowing political parties to choose them for us. Nor does it allow political parties to demand that we all vote for you bunch of dodgy criminals!

I suspect that we need a Double Dissolution and an Act to fully implement the Referendum of 1899, which will disqualify Lawyers from sitting for the House of Representatives. That will abolish State Sovereignty will lower the cost of living dramatically. The experience of living in Australia will be greatly enhanced.

We almost all love Our Constitution. Fix it and we will all be so much better off. Otherwise, you may find that the People will wake up one day and realize we have been massively scammed and take matters into our own hands. History should tell you that will not be good for anyone, but most especially for the tyrants!

It’s up to you. Are you up to the job?

Kind regards,
John Grey

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