Royal Styles and Titles

Royal Sign Manual and Signet

Sir William Slim 08 May 1953 to 02 February 1960

1953 was the last time the Crown Royal Styles and Titles Act was approved by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, Defender of the Faith.

The following exposes the fraudulent and treasonous behaviour the political party governments have committed in our name!

The Royal Styles and Titles Manual is a guide for all to follow issued by the Crown. In it, the Crown Seals, Crests, and other signs used to signify Crown authority are described accurately so that there can be no confusion.

However, ever since the Australia Act was signed in by Bob Hawke printing his name at the bottom of the Act, without Crown Authority by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, Defender of the Faith or her Governor General, the Act was Null and Void.

Maxims of Law, Black’s Law Dictionary 9th Edition, Page 1866 describes a thing that is void as:

“A thing void in the beginning does not become valid by lapse of time.” 

All Acts, Laws, convictions and other business conducted by the political parties masquerading as government are therefore, NULL AND VOID. They have no authority. In other words, the political parties who have governed us falsely all these years ever since the Australia Act have committed TREASON!

Compare the form of the last Authorised Royal Styles and Titles Act 1953, that bears the Crown Seal of Authority….An Act of the Commonwealth Nation to bring into conformity all members of the Commonwealth…No change may be made without the express agreement of all members of the Commonwealth. (Download the Acts at the end of this article)


Now compare the fake Act promulgated in 1973 after the Australia Act was unlawfully promulgated without any Authority. Note their fake crown seal of the Kangaroo and Emu, placed above the name of their fake Act and other information. This is the second page of their fake Act, and notice that HM Queen Elizabeth only sgned the second page, above their fake seal to show that she remains above their government, even if they will not accept her as the Queen of the Australian Government.

Proof right in front of our eyes that they acted unlawfully, in TREASON!

As well, note that the text in the red box states, “And whereas the Government of Australia considers it desirable…”

This is an unlawful and therefore invalid Act. Only all Commonwealth nations voting together can amend the Royal Styles and Titles Act.


Once the political parties brought in their own fraudulent Royal Styles and Titles Manual they removed the Royal Style and Titles Act 1953 on the 31 December 1973.

Even though their 1973 Royal Style and Titles Act purports to be signed by Her Gracious Majesty, Queen Elizabeth the Second, Defender of the Faith there is serious doubt the signature on page 2 of their Act is real. Why didn’t she sign on the first page of the Act under her Imperial seal, as she usually does?

Her signature on the Australia Act appears on the second page as well, over Bob Hawke’s printed name instead of his signature. It is obvious that these criminal politicians are prepared to do anything, and say anything to get their way…much like petulant disobedient little children.

Royal Styles Fraud Proved beyond a Doubt

The following information is copied from their own fraudulent Acts and Laws. Not one of them has any authority from the Crown.

Royal Sign Manual

NO SIGNET William Shepherd Dunrossil 02 February 1960 is Owned by the Political Parties = NO HEAD OF POWER FOR ANYTHING = TRAITOR

Vietnam War = TREASON

Dollar Australian Currency  = NO HEAD OF POWER

Her Most Excellent Majesty, the living flesh and blood Crown of the Commonwealth MUST Sign the Financial Agreement Act 1966. as the Commonwealth of Australian Pound was backed by Her Most Excellent Majesty the current holder of the Crown Defender of the Faith.

Australian Dollar = NO HEAD OF POWER

The political parties know they are committing TREASON. Why else have they used a picture of Queen Elizabeth without her crown? Why else do they not put a dollar sign on their money any more?

Political Parties NOT consolidating the Preamble and the first 6 Clauses removed WHEREAS the people, Her Most excellent Majesty from the Founding and Primary law, Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 as Proclaimed and Gazetted and only consolidated

Clause 9.

UNDER the Political Parties “The Constitution”

Chapter II – The Executive Government

61 Executive power

The executive power of the Commonwealth is vested in the Queen and is

exercisable by the Governor-General as the Queen’s representative, and

extends to the execution and maintenance of this Constitution, and of the

laws of the Commonwealth.

The Queen in the Political Parties “The Constitution” = Queen of Australia = TREASON   


39, 1966 inter alia Australia Act 1986 inter alia Royal Style and Titles Act 1973 Act No. 114 of 1973-

This Act was prepared on 29 April 2002 – Prepared by the Office of Legislative Drafting, Attorney-

General’s Department, Canberra – Note 2 Preamble and s. 2(1)—The Royal Style and Titles Act 1953

was repealed by the Statute Law Revision Act 1973 (No. 216, 1973) inter alia Partnership Act 1891 ©

State of Queensland 2017 – End Notes:- Decimal Currency Act 1965 No. 61 s 11 sch 2 date of assent

23 December 1965 -Business Names (Commonwealth Powers) Act 2011 No. 34 ss 1, 2(b), 31 sch 1

date of assent 28 October 2011 ss 1–2 commenced on date of assent remaining provisions commenced

28 May 2012 (2012 SL No. 58).I refer to FINANCIAL AGREEMENT (DECIMAL CURRENCY) ACT. Act No.39 Elizabeth 11 No.

39, 1966

An Act to approve an Agreement between the Commonwealth of Australia Elizabeth 11

of the First Part, and the States of New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland 39 of 1966

South Australia, Western Australia and Tasmania of the Second, Third, Fourth,

Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Parts respectively; to amend the Financial Agreement Act;

and for purposes connected therewith.

[Assented to, 29th September, 1966.]

BE it enacted by the Queen’s Most Excellent Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the

Legislative Council and Legislative Assembly of New South Wales in Parliament assembled, and by

the authority of the same, as follows: —

1. (1) This Act may be cited as the “Financial Agreement (Decimal Currency) Act, 1966”.

(2) This Act shall commence upon a day to be appointed by the Governor and notified by proclamation

published in the Gazette.


[reprinted as in force on 29 June, 2001]

“tabled text”:- Attorney General of New South Wales in the Legislative Assembly of New South Wales, at any time during the period between the giving of notice of motion for leave to introduce the Bill for the Corporations (Commonwealth Powers) Act 2001 of that State in that Legislative Assembly and the second reading of that Bill in that Legislative Assembly—

FINANCIAL AGREEMENT (DECIMAL CURRENCY) ACT Act No.39 consists of Members of Registered Political Parties inside their own Private Constitutions as Registered Members and inside the firm, inter alia Electoral Act No.60 of 2017 inter alia Statute Law Miscellaneous Provisions Act 2018 inter alia Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918

The Attorney General of New South Wales is a private person, a Member of a Registered Political Party inside the private Constitutions of a Registered Political Party as a Registered Member, holding the authority of an individual, an elected representative of Elizabeth II, in the Register of the firm, held by the Premier Gladys Berejiklian MP, in the “Unicameral Parliament” of (the “State”) New South Wales, outside of New South Wales Constitutions Act 1855 (UK), but seated on the land of the Crown as held to Crown Lands Act 1861 (NSW).

The FINANCIAL AGREEMENT (DECIMAL CURRENCY) ACT. Act No.39 of 1966 of Elizabeth 11 (the corporate queen named in a piece of paper), and the Metric Conversion Act No.16 of 19070, is a document with writing only, no seals and unsigned.

Decimal Currency is not the Currency used by the Member/s of the Registered Political Parties, for all Commercial Activities within the Commonwealth of Australia, and Papua New Guinea, being “Australian Currency” as held to the document FINANCIAL AGREEMENT (DECIMAL CURRENCY) ACT. Act No.39 of 1966 of Elizabeth 11, trading electronically by way of Financial Transactions Reports Act 1988 No. 64 of 1988 © Commonwealth of Australia inter alia Electronic Transactions (Queensland Act) 2001 Current as at 29 August 2013 © State of Queensland 2017.

94. The Defendant, is the holder of the Register of the firm in (the “State”) of QUEENSLAND BRISBAINE AUSTRALIA, to advise her counterpart the Premier of News South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian MP of (the “State” ) of New South Wales to immediately vacate the Parliament House of the people and the Queen in the Legislative Assembly, over the age of 21 years.

Download the Acts

The original and LAWFUL Act signed by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second

Royal Style And Titles Act 1953 (Clth) ElizabethR cth 1953
Royal Style And Titles Act 1953 (Clth) ElizabethR cth 1953

This is the Lawful Act signed by Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom, Australia and Her other Realms and Territories Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith

Size: 15KB

The FAKE Act signed by E.G. Whitlam the TRAITOR!

RoyalStyleAndTitlesAct1973 (Clth) ElizabethR cth14ii_doc_1973
RoyalStyleAndTitlesAct1973 (Clth) ElizabethR cth14ii_doc_1973

The FAKE Act, not signed by Her Majesty Queen Elizabtheth the Second… signed by E.G.Whitlam, a man with one share in the Commonwealth of Australia, without the authority of the Crown

Size: 11KB

The FAKE proclamation signed by E.G. Whitlam the TRAITOR!

RoyalStyleAndTitlesAct1973 (ProclamationEtc5pp)
RoyalStyleAndTitlesAct1973 (ProclamationEtc5pp)

The FAKE Proclamation, signed by E.G. Whitlam the TRAITOR!

Size: 851KB

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