Councils are not Government


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While this information specifically discusses the situation in Victoria, the general information is correct for all states…But do your own research to discover what the laws of your state require of you. For background information, refer to the links below in the Preamble.


  • The Australia Act and how it affected our Constitution and Government: See image below here.
  • The Reprints Act – Wayne Goss and Kevin Rudd stole our Democracy: Criminals in Government
  • A Constitutional Crisis Explains why our Australian Constitution is not working and why Australia is still a British colony….or is it? A Constitutional Crisis


Birds of a feather?

Local Government v Municipal Authorities v Councils v Roads Boards.

Municipal Authorities, Councils and Roads Boards Existed in varying stages before and after Federation and all of them are Public Utilities ~ Nothing More Nothing Less.

Municipal Authorities, although fashioned on English Law, had No Authority except their submissions to the Parliament in relation to Local issues.

Those issues were in relation to the repair of roads, footpaths, and some of the parks in towns. Most of the people were volunteers and received no payment for services. Most or all of them had Shire clerks that paid for work done and the contractors that did the work all out of State taxes.

Local people used to donate time, money, machinery etc to be used in community projects.

Roads Boards had a clerk and did the same jobs as the Municipal Authorities and Councils.

The reason I know this is my father and several of his friends did the contract work until the formation of so-called Local Government.

Councils Acting Unlawfully

Councils, Municipal Authorities, and Roads Boards did not have authority over the Land either Crown Land or Our Private land as that was and is the authority vested in the Governors of the States by Imperial Law.

Decisions of Courts to the CONTRARY ARE NOTHING MORE THAN #FRAUD on The People and #Theft of Their Land.

The Parliament can not constitutionally put legislation together nor can it Empower others to make laws or collect tax (see our 1901 Constitution Section 51(xxxi) ).

The States only exist after Federation subject to the Commonwealth Constitution as does their constitution Reference 106, 107, 108 and 109 of the Commonwealth Constitution.

The High Court has determined these issues in HCA 48 of 1996 James Andrew McGinty v The State of Western Australia and HCA 58 of 1999 Fejo v Northern Territory Government.

Both cases explain Our Authority over Our Land and how it is owned and controlled by us. NO GOVERNMENT HAS ANY AUTHORITY IN RELATION TO YOUR LAND. NOR CAN THEY GET IT WITHOUT #FRAUD AND #STEALING.


A Governor appointed under the laws by the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act is the Highest Authority in State Governments and Must Be Obeyed.

The Parliament is there to debate and pass legislation put together by the Governor in Council … Not Political Parties.

The Courts are adjudicators between the people and the law in the case that is before them. They do not pronounce law except the High Court who’s decisions form part of the Common Law of this country.


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