Political Parties are not the Answer

Ask yourself this: If political parties were the answer to solving our problems, why do we have so many political problems today?

The fact is, political parties ARE THE PROBLEM. The two major parties have stolen our heritage, stolen our democracy, and imposed a 2-party system on us that does not give us any choice at all….we only get to choose from Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber….no prizes for guessing which is which!

Just a few of the Political Parties vying for our vote
Just a few of the Political Parties vying for our vote

And if we vote for a minor party, our vote is assigned to one of the major parties anyway through the preference system….unless the minor party gets enough votes to enter Parliament. Unless we change our voting habits we will never change things.

There are appeals going around the internet right now to get people to join up with some new minor parties.

But before you decide to join up, take a close look at their policies.

Will they put the power into your hands to decide how the government should serve the people through Citizens Initiated Referendums (CIR)?

Will their politicians be there to serve the people, or the dictates of the party?

The die is already cast for the next election. The ALP has been so discredited by their own policies and the revelations of rampant criminality that the party is unlikely to get enough votes to form an effective opposition.

The Greens have shown their socialist (Communist) affiliations and ambitions. No one in Australia in their right minds would want a socialist government…..the one we have now is socialist enough! So the Greens are likely to be voted out of the equation altogether…..thankfully!

Unfortunately for the ALP and Greens voters, they have been duped into believing in the goodness of the people in the parties they support. I asked one Greens member the other day if he had actually read the Greens political manifesto. He replied that he hadn’t and when I explained that their policies were actually designed to destroy our democracy and bring in a socialist state he couldn’t believe it….but it doesn’t take long to read their policies….they are truly frightening.

They are seeking to end live export…a mainstay of our farming industry today. The Greens have taken away the rights of farmers to clear their land as they see fit. Let’s face it, farmers know their own land and they have managed it successfully for generations. But the Greens think they know better. The fact is, when farmers clear land it actually benefits the ecology. They want to stop all coal mining, an industry thousands of Aussies depend on, because it is ‘ecologically unsustainable’. But they don’t offer anything else to replace it, except the catch phrase ‘natural energy’….whatever that means to them!

The Greens are dedicated to “global warming”, or whatever the climate change fanatics are calling it today. However, the so-called ‘science’ to support the call to stop global warming has been shown to be totally false. Yet the Greens continue to cling to the lie. How can anyone trust a party that is too myopic to see what is really happening around them…and that ignores the wishes of the majority. But that is par for the course with the Greens, given their Communist background.

As for the ALP, we only have to look at the rape allegations against Bill Shorten, and worse, his proven links to the thug elements in the unions over the last 3 decades. Bill has been in the midst of the criminality and thuggery up to his neck if we are to believe recent well documented reports. The ALP’s performance while in government was a total disaster for Australia. They racked up billions of dollars in debt. Their ill-conceived policies managed to kill workers, instead of protecting them. Tens of thousands of illegal invaders, many of them moslems, were allowed to circumvent our immigrations laws and flood into our nation. These criminals have sucked our social security system dry, leaving deserving Australians in the lurch. Our pensioners, more than 100,000 homeless, veterans and disabled have all been robbed to pay the criminal invaders instead.

The Australian people have seen the destruction wrought by these two parties and they will not give them their vote again. So, the ALP and Greens will lose most of their seats in Parliament and become a spent force. Meanwhile, the Liberal/National coalition will take even more power at the next election. They will continue their disastrous policies of cutting budgets, raising taxes, selling off our national assets, and ignoring the will of the people. As a result, our nation will be in even more trouble than it already is.

UNLESS we decide to change things!

Let’s face it, not one of the parties has displayed any understanding of how to run a country FOR THE PEOPLE.

We should be looking for ways to revitalize our industry, our farming sector, our productivity, and to give our PEOPLE the opportunities to build the kind of life our fathers and grandfathers enjoyed for decades.

Once upon a time, Australia was the richest country in the world. But now we are among the poorest so-called ‘developed’ nations. Our unemployed figures are a sad reflection on failed political policies. Our industry has almost disappeared, and is still declining. Whole families are starving in Australia….a nation that once prided itself on being one of the richest, most advanced and intelligent in the world!

So, do you really think yet another political party is going to pull a rabbit out of the hat and save us all?


If we really want to change things we have to change the whole political structure. But to do that we need to change the WAY WE THINK. Millions of Aussies need to start thinking about politics and wanting to change the system. We need to understand that we can change the political system; that We the People have the right and a duty to our nation and our future to take control of our government and make it work for us, not for the oligarchs or international interests. We need to become a truly independent nation with a strong Constitution, written by the people for the people.

But to do that YOU need to start thinking about what sort of nation we would like to leave for our children. Do we want to leave all the problems we have already created through supporting political parties for so long without any thought of the consequences?

Or do we want to leave them a proud strong nation, a well educated nation that can stand on our own two feet and deal with other nations on an equal footing?

Every single one of us should be ASKING THE HARD QUESTIONS. Start by finding out what sort of future we COULD have if We the People were to get the power to start referendums and govern ourselves according to our common law Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901, as our founding fathers intended.

Every journey starts with a single step. Your political journey can start by asking, Why? Why do we have to put up with this unending see-sawing between one failed political party and the other?


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