By The Judicial Process


To the Prime Minister and the Attorney General of the Commonwealth and others

It is becoming increasingly clear that neither the Legal Profession, The Universities that create them, the Judges and Magistrates of the Commonwealth, the Staff of the Federal Court of Australia and High Court, the elected representatives of every Parliament in the Commonwealth, and Commonwealth itself do not understand what equity means. S 5 Federal Court of Australia Act 1976 says:
(1) A federal court, to be known as the Federal Court of Australia, is created by this Act.
(2) The Court is a superior court of record and is a court of law and equity.
(3) The Court consists of a Chief Justice, and such other Judges as from time to time hold office in accordance with this Act.

The Parliament of the Commonwealth has power subject to this Constitution to enact laws for the peace order and good government of the Commonwealth ( S 51 Constitution). Ch III Constitution is entitled The Judicature. It is not the Judiciary a pagan anti Christian only half educated class of individuals appointed not elected drawn exclusively from silvertail successful barristers whose silver tongued propositions have prevailed over those in their profession less gifted.

A court of law and equity is not just a court of law. It is a place where people can come both to apply the law, and pray for justice to the One True God, God Almighty that founding spirit of the law of equity. S 5 (3) Federal Court of Australia Act 1976 to comply with S 79 Constitution must have inserted after the words, Chief Justice, other Justices and such other judges as from time to time hols office in accordance with this Act.

The law of equity is unique to Protestant Christian Legal thinking. The science of Jurisprudence is a science like many others corrupted by woke and illogical thinking and the ruthless pursuit of the quick dollar. There are twenty major maxims of equity.

A maxim of law is: An established principle or proposition. A principle of law universally admitted, as being just and consonant With reason: Maxims of Equity are part of that.

They are:

  1. One who seeks equity must do equity: this is “[p]erhaps one of the most basic maxims of equity.” Anstalt v. Ness Energy Int’l, Inc., Case No. 10-1218-D (W.D. Okla. Mar. 28, 2012). Simply put, a party petitioning the court for equitable relief must be willing to fulfill all of its own obligations.
  2. Equity will not suffer a wrong to be without a remedy: “The equitable power of a court is not bound by castiron rules but exists to do fairness and is flexible and adaptable to particular exigencies so that relief will be granted when, in view of all the circumstances, to deny it would permit one party to suffer a gross wrong at the hands of the other.” PCS Nitrogen, Inc. v. Ross Dev. Corp., 126 F. Supp. 3d 611, 642 (D.S.C. 2015) (quoting Hooper v. Ebenezer Sr. Servs. & Rehab. Ctr., 386 S.C. 108 (2009)).
  3. Equity regards as done what ought to be done: “It is a fiction of equity designed to effectuate the obvious intention of the parties and to promote justice.” Rodeck v. U.S., 697 F. Supp. 1508 (D. Minn. 1988).
  4. Equity is a sort of equality: “As the FMCRA is silent on the question of priority, and as ‘equity is equality,’ we find that the proper course here is to distribute the limited funds on a ratable basis, such that each claimant receives ‘a share of the fund proportionate to their share of the total judgment figure.’” Commercial Union Ins. Co. v. U.S., 999 F.2d 581 (D.C. Cir. 1993) (citing Dobbs, The Law of Remedies § 2.12 at 130).
  5. Equity aids the vigilant, and not those who slumber on their rights: This is the basis for the equitable defense of laches. See Eason v. Whitmer, Case No. 20-12252 (E.D. Mich. Sep. 9, 2020) (quoting Hays v. Port of Seattle, 251 U.S. 233, 239 (1920)).
  6. Equity imputes an intent to fulfill an obligation: Near performance of a general obligation is sufficient unless the law requires perfect performance. See Union Trust Co. of Maryland v. Townsend, 101 F. 2d 903 (4th Cir. 1939).
  7. Equity acts in personam: Equity acts on the duties of people, not objects, or “[e]quity acts in personam, not in rem.” Diallo v. Redwood Invs., LLC, Case No. 18-cv-1793 (S.D. Cal. Aug. 6, 2019). Today, the term “people” includes legal entities like corporations.
  8. Equity abhors a forfeiture: Largely foreclosed (pun intended) today by statute, the original theory was that if one failed to make a payment for property received on time and had that property seized at law, they could pay the debt late and recover the property in equity. Today, it may be more important to understand the “exception to the general rule that ‘equity abhors a forfeiture’ . . . [which] states that ‘forfeiture is favored, when, instead of working a loss or injury contrary to equity, it promotes justice and equity and protects the owner against the indifference, laches, and injurious conduct of the lessee.” Bezilla v. Tug Hill Operating, LLC, Case No. 5:17-cv-123 (N.D.W. Va. Nov. 13, 2017) (internal citations omitted).
  9. Equity does not require an idle gesture: “‘If the employee desires reinstatement for strategic purposes, that is a valid basis for denial’ . . . ‘Equity does not engage in idle gestures,’ and the Court will not order Plaintiff to work as a material handler at Volvo without it being unambiguously clear that she still wants this job.” Arroyo v. Volvo Grp. N. Am., LLC, Case No. 12-cv-6859 (N.D. Ill. Jul. 13, 2017) (internal citations omitted).
  10. He who comes into equity must come with clean hands: “The equitable defense of unclean hands requires that ‘[h]e who comes into equity must come with clean hands.’” E.O.H.C. ex rel. M.S.H.S. v. Barr, Case No. 5:19-cv-06144-JDW (E.D. Pa. Jan. 22, 2020) (citing Keystone Driller Co. v. Genn. Excavator Co., 290 U.S. 240, 241 (1933).
  11. Equity delights to do justice, and not by halves: “At the remedy stage – a violation having been established – it may be appropriate to resolve marginal doubts against the wrongdoers. Courts should not be grudging in remedying injustice. ‘Equity delights to do justice, and not by halves.’” Jeffers v. Clinton, 756 F. Supp. 1195 (E.D. Ark. 1990).
  12. Equity will take jurisdiction to avoid a multiplicity of suits: Good luck today with this one. While the spirit of this maxim may remain alive, it has largely been subsumed by rules concerning MDL, class actions, collective actions, and case law on the topic. “This case does not come within the principle that equity will take jurisdiction to avoid a multiplicity of suits.” Ohio Farmers’ Ins. v. Yoas, 65 F.2d 651 (9th Cir. 1933).
  13. Equity follows the law: “As Justice Story explained, ‘[w]here a rule [of] . . . the statute law is direct and governs the case with all its circumstances, or the particular point, a court of equity is as much bound by it, as a court of law.’” Ibson v. United Healthcare Servs., Inc., 877 F.3d 384 (8th Cir. 2017) (quoting Joseph Story, Commentaries on Equity Jurisprudence § 64 (12th ed. 1877).
  14. Equity will not assist a volunteer: “An unjust enrichment claim will not lie, however, if the benefit is conferred ‘by a volunteer or intermeddler.’” Al-Sabah v. World Bus. Lenders, LLC, Case No. SAG-18-2958 (D. Md. Jul. 9, 2020). And conversely, in restitution claims, equity will not create a quasi-contract to a promisee if no consideration was provided (a “volunteer” in 18th Century English).
  15. Equity will not complete an imperfect gift: “Equity will not make [a trust] where none has been clearly declared. A defective or imperfect gift will not be converted into a trust.” Weil v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue, 82 F.2d 561 (5th Cir. 1936).
  16. Where equities are equal, the law will prevail: “In any event the equity of the taxpayer is no greater than that of the United States and when equities are equal, the legal title will prevail.” Travel Industries of Kansas v. U.S., 425 F.2d 1297 (10th Cir. 1970).
  17. Between equal equities the first in order of time shall prevail: The general principle with regard to real property is “first in time, first in right.” Bank of Am., N.A. v. Esplanade at Damonte Ranch Homeowners’ Ass’n, 3:16-CV-00116-RCJ-VPC (D. Nev. May 23, 2017). Comparing timing with legal and equitable claims, “[u]nder the common law, an earlier claim had priority over a later claim if both claims were legal claims . . . The same was true if both claims were equitable . . . [order in time] only mattered under the common law where [one party] had a legal claim and a competing earlier claim to the property was purely equitable.” Id.
  18. Equity will not allow a statute to be used as a cloak for fraud: “Courts of equity, independently of any statute, will relieve against fraud, if proceedings are seasonably brought after its discovery. Indeed, to use the language of Lord Cottenham, a court of equity will wrest property fraudulently acquired, not only from the perpetrator of the fraud, but ‘from his children and his children’s children,’ or, as was said in another English case, ‘from any person to whom he may have parcelled out the fruits of his fraud.’” Citizens Bank v. Leffler, 228 Md. 262, 269 (Md. 1962).
  19. Equity will not allow a trust to fail for want of a trustee: Even if a trustee dies before the creation of a testamentary trust, for example, or if the trustee is incompetent at the time she accepts the position, these failures would not cause the creation of the trust to fail. See, e.g., Fulk & Needham, Inc. v. U.S., 288 F. Supp. 39, 44 (M.D.N.C. 1968).
  20. Equity regards the beneficiary as the true owner: Another historical maxim that no longer applies—common law once provided no action by the beneficiary of a trust against the trustee, but that has since changed with the common law claim for breach of fiduciary duty.

The Federal Court of Australia has been entrusted by S 5 Federal Court of Australia Act 1976 with the tresponsibility to be a court of equity.

An old maxim of law was never trust a textbook that is not at least forty years old.

Like an old leaky boat or a 1927 Chevrolet or Model T Ford the Ship of State of the Commonwealth of Australia is in serious need of refurbishment and a total overhaul of its institutions and its mode of operation. It is built on a solid foundation in the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900, the Acts Interpretation Act1901, Judiciary Act 1903, the Crimes Act 1914 (Cth), the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, and the Criminal Code Act 1995 ( Cth) with its enabling and creationist Acts that make up its total matrix of Commonwealth law. In addition there is a whole library of State Laws that are almost all repressive, extortionate, difficult, arbitrarily enforced by Judges and Magistrates, in what is perhaps the most overgoverned and seriously corrupted country on earth.

It is corrupted because it has as its basis a concept that an elected majority in name only, has unlimited power and unlimited power corrupts absolutely. It is enormously rich having mineral resources that are proven worth 21 trillion dollars, and many that are as yet undiscovered. Twenty one trillion dollars means that as soon as a child is born into this country its intrinsic value is around $731.000.

Further the value of the improvements effected upon the almost virgin landscape settled in the year 1788, by an intrepid band of convicts and soldiers, in a few small sailing boats opened up a vast land to settlement by people who had a thirst for adventure, and a will for hard work and a hungry thirst to improve their lot, and place in society.

It is peopled by a people who once were 75% Christian or more but is now only about 50% Christian, and has been subjected to an erosion of its original Protestant Christian values by the arrival of people from every country in the whole world. It informs itself by the operation of a Mainstream Media dedicated to not telling the truth, that adopts fads and fashions, is controlled by big money and Billionaires, and is happy to worship science, dubious or otherwise, and denigrate and belittle anyone who disagrees with their impression of the world order. It sits just south of the equator, has been settled on and off over the millenia by various peoples, but only the British Isles settlers stayed and built permanent settlements, magnificent buildings, tilled the land, grew sufficient food to sustain a large population, and by great enterprise extracted the wealth from its largely unexploited mineral deposits.

The Chinese had maps dating from the years when the Chinese Navy was the most powerful in the world with 100 gun fighting Junks, capable in 1100 AD of defeating anything that the world could have thrown against them, but considering the then inhabitants as poor candidates for slavery, and the then inhabitants being hunter gatherers, and not settlers with established villages and towns, to be raided and pillaged, they considered the land of Australia an interesting curiosity and little else. When the then Emperor of China built a canal from the grain areas of China to the Capital Beijing, he considered the Chinese Navy was no longer needed to secure passage of grain to the capital free from piracy, and on a very sad day ran all the junks ashore and burned them, and unfortunately most if not all of their maps, and diaries.

However there are tantalizing signs that there were foreigners from ancient empires who exploited Australia and its resources a long way before that. There are Hieroglyphics at Gosford in New South Wales north of Sydney that correspond with ancient Egyptian writings. There is a wharf at Sarina in Queensland that is now three miles inland from the sea having been isolated by the silt carried by the local river in floods over probably three thousand years. It is said that the Phoenicians acting for the Egyptian Empire travelled to that area and mined gold, using slaves picked up from what is now Sri Lanka, and when they left and never returned and the people blended into the local population and language experts say that around one third of the local aboriginal language has words that are similar to the Sri Lankan Language.

The Northern Territory has signs that a Kingdom of Macassar that is part of the Indonesian archipelago settled near the Roper River on the western side of the Gulf of Carpentaria and stayed for around four hundred years until the British came and established a presence. The West Coast of Western Australia has signs that shipwrecked sailors were blended into the local population, and many Dutch words are incorporated into the local languages of that area. However it was the British and French who settled Western Australia and when the English won the Napoleanic wars, the French settlers were blended into the people of Western Australia. We have a long history of settlement.

However it was the advent of the scientific method of examining nature, determining the makeup of the soils, and finding ways to establish agriculture that has caused the spread of what we call Western Civilisation across the continent. Before World War Two, a Dr Malthus had a theory that the world could not support its population, and it would populate itself into starvation. There are vast areas of arable soils in the continent of Australia but a large part of that area is deficient in trace elements, and to some extent macro elements like Phosphorus and Potassium. The scientific method has detected around thirty two basic elements that are necessary for plants to grow, with six called Macro elements, Calcium, Magnesium, Sulphur, Nitrogen and, Potassium and phosphorus, and the rest trace elements. Water sunlight and carbon dioxide are also essential elements and we have them in abundance, but without the others things just do not grow as they should.
That includes people and with the advent of Supermarkets with produce from all over the world in them, the present generation of young people are taller by a few inches than those who were here in 1940 on average.

The philosophy that underpinned the successful settlement of the Commonwealth of Australia was Protestant Christianity adopted by the then English State as the Magna Carta opposed and annulled by the Holy See in Rome, but eventually enacted as Statute Law in 1297. That philosophy founded in the science of jurisprudence, was that the New Testament of the King James Version translated from the Greek into English in 1610, but understood in both Greek and Latin by Anglo Saxon Churchmen since the 1100’s and taught to the English Ruling Class in Church Institutions, was the BASIC INSTRUCTION BOOK OF LIFE ON EARTH the Bible.

A key part of the teachings of Jesus Christ is that a person should NOT be a Judge. Society in the present day

Commonwealth is predicated on Judges. I am reminded of the first sentence of the Book of Ruth in the Old Testament. Now it came to pass when judges ruled the land there was famine in the land. In the Commonwealth today Judges without any reference to the Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit rule the land, and arbitrarily decide the fate of every man woman and child in it. Famine and desolation are the norm for far too many of the people of the Commonwealth.

The powerhouse of English civilization was the Rule of Law. The Rule of Law was present in the English motherland since 1297, and came to the new colonies in the Great South Land with the English settlers as the Australian Courts Act 1828 (Imp). It brought certainty to the endeavours of industrious people, guaranteed that hard work would be rewarded and that if a person worked hard, accumulated a fair estate he or she would get to keep it and pass it on to his or her offspring, without having it destroyed by the State. This guarantee has been lost by the adoption of an alternate religion not called a Religion but neverthe less with all the manifestations of a religion called the law, with nine separate Gods, one for each State and Territory and one for the Commonwealth. These Gods, manifested by the lawyers who invented them as The Crown in right of whatever State a person is living in with another God, the Queen in right of the Commonwealth, simultaneously existing and created by the hand of men and women in the Parliament of the Commonwealth.

The King James Version of the Holy Bible states that no man or woman can serve two masters. So that one will be loved and the other hated. We were made dual citizens by the Nationality and Citizenship Act 1948 and it is an Act tht stripped the people of the Commonwealth of the protection of a universal and ubiquitous Crown and made the people citizens of two separate polities, one the Commonwealth and the other the State in which they were domiciled. In 2016 one lone Senator attempted to raise this anomaly in the Senate when he asked a question why the High Court had been allowed to defy the will of the Parliament of the Commonwealth for 12 yeqars from 2004 until 2016by failing to issue and seal their process in the name of the Queen. S 33 of the High Court of Australia Act 1979 mandates that all process of the High Court shall which is a mandatory word, be issued in the name of the Queen, but between 2004 and 2017 the High Court had issued all process in its own name using Rules of Court that it had itself made in direct contradiction and defiance of the will of the Parliament of the Commonwealth expressed in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, enacted in 1981 by the Liberal Parry and confirmed with bi-partisan support in 1986, under the guidance of the Australian Labor Party as Schedule 2 to the Australian Human Rights Commission Act 1986( CTH).

It enacts into binding law the principles expressed is a rather convoluted and scattered way the principles of the teachings of Jesus Christ in the King James Version of the Holy Bible. It was put together in the United States of America at the end of WWII to establish a World Constitution and ratified by every nation in the United Nations. The lawyers of every Nation in the world, who worship the law, instead of God Almighty have denied its presents, this has led to a wholesale failure of leadership and the warning of Jesus Christ about these individuals contained in Luke 11 Verses 46 and 52 of the Holy Bible should be heeded by every thinking person.

They are worthy of quoting: 46 says: Woe unto you ye lawyers for ye lade people with burdens grievous to be borne, and ye yourselves tough not the burden with one of your fingers. and 52 says, Woe unto you lawyers for ye have taken away the key of knowledge, ye entered not in and them that were entering in ye hindered. Like a cancer eating the insides out of society the advent of lawyers both solicitors and barristers, with no understanding of the principles of the Holy Bible and its teachings, have sucked the life out of society and rewarded the criminals who have learned to rape pillage and cheat, so they can afford their not inconsiderable fees for service.

From 1372 until 1870 in line with the teachings of the Holy Bible the English banned lawyers and Sheriffs from the House of Commons. That is 498 years. The very next year lawyers in the House of Commons and House of Lords approved what has been called the Act of 1871 imposing burdens on the United States of America payable as taxes, property taxes, interest on loans created out of thin air, without the backing of gold or silver, created by simply writing on paper or on a computer since the technological invention of computers. In 2017 President Donald Trump called upon Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second as part of his world tour, and pointed out to her that the creation of United States of America Incorporated, outside of the Constitution of 1776 was an act of terror, and demanding a refund of all moneys paid in respect of such enactment. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second agreed that it was so. No one knows how much the refund was but it must have been substantial. It has not been made available to the United States of America Incorporated, and that entity has been printing money and creating money on computers like a drunken sailor on leave. Consequently the value of the fiat United States of America Dollar has shrunk to the extent that a lot of people will no longer accept them for the payment of debts.

This would be an absolute disaster for the entire world, had President Donald Trump not taken steps to eliminate the power and influence of the criminal syndicates who have been ruling the world by controlling its money supply for centuries. At Christmas 2016 when there was a gathering of the 13 main families that controlled the world at Venice the military of the United States of America assassinated then all in one operation. This was followed by a raid on their main Bank in the Vatican and confiscation of the meticulously documented gold bullion reserves held there. This gold has been refined given a code and serial number and used to back a new USTN. United States Treasury Note backed like the Russian Ruble and Chinese Yuan by physical identifiable gold held in a Bullion Bank. This currency will be swapped one for one with the existing United States of America Dollar as held by individuals, and recorded in a Quantum Computer in the name of each and every one of us.

This computer is so advanced, it dwarfs all others, and is housed under colossal security somewhere known only to privileged United States of America individuals.

Before the law became a religion, and the Church and State became one with the law as the State Religion, in 1873 when the Judicature Act 1873 was enacted, as one of the first Acts of the United Kingdom after the lawyers were readmitted to the House of Commons and like parasites in children, dogs, cats, horses and cattle, have been feeding themselves first on the necessities of life, imposing enormous burdens like taxation, permits for everything, in fulfilment of the prophesy of Jesus Christ in Luke 11, verses 46 and 52. One Professor of Jurisprudence in the United States of America a Pierre Schlag of Denver Colorado, in 1996 nailed the problem in a paper called The Law as the Continuation of God by other means.

The abolition of the Judeo Christian concept of law is the root cause of all the upheaval in the United States and that upheaval, and the response by the lawyers, advising the Government in Australia, to it, and the parasites in all Parliaments, who advised against Ivermectin, HCQ and Zinc, a weak and ineffective Sovereign, and the Doctrine of Parliamentary Supremacy, will bankrupt every Government in the Commonwealth, and destroy the Australian Dollar just as the United States Dollar is being replaced.

Nil desperandum. Do not despair, the Cavalry is on the way. It’s been a long time coming, but facts indicate that 2022 will be a fantastic year. We have a dearth of true leaders in the Commonwealth. However there are signs that some men in Australia have still got a set, and male attendance at the huge demonstrations in all the Capital cities, is evidence of this.

With 7 News in Australia reporting 78,000 adverse reactions to Covid19 vaccines by March 2022 , and a Commonwealth Compensation Scheme for vaccine injuries, the writing must be on the wall for vaccine mandates. The outcome of all of this could be huge. If it shows that our medical profession has been concealing deliberate injuries to patients, to give Big Pharma huge profits, then the breakdown of community morality is serious indeed. The breakdown of morality must then be sheeted home to those who hold public office for listening to people who can be alleged to be criminally negligent. ‘

This moral turpitude, extending from the Prime Minister down, through the courts, that are now Courts with a Judge, instead of courts with judges as the people who formed our Constitution intended in S 79 Constitution, and who in their contumelious disregard for grammar, have fabricated laws that are not within the confines of educated conversation.

Educated conversation is governed by grammar, how words are used, the context in which those words are used, and the way the words are expressed. Pig ignorant people, those whose education may even include a university degree ignore the basic means of communication at their peril. That basic means of communication is the written word. From ancient Babylon, when a finger wrote words in stone, that basic truth has been ever present. That basic means of communication has Rules. Rules that must as fact overrule the Rules of Court the self opinionated barristers who comprise the Judiciary would have us replace the truth of the Holy Bible with. Scumbag lawyers in the State of South Australia abolished the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost as the arbiter of fact in 1927. It is probably the worst state to do business in right up to today. God knows right from wrong, Judges don’t. The next worse is New South Wales which went rotten in 1970 after they gave Judges power to overrule any prior inconsistent Act by Rules of Court. However all States are likely to be bankrupted.

After the Australia Act 1986 Victoria went rotten and still is. Queensland is a strange case. After 1991, when the Supreme Court of Queensland Act 1991 was enacted it went bad, However it then enacted the Supreme Court Act 1995 that declared all the good law since 1867 still in force. When that was repealed, the Supreme Court of Queensland Act 1991 was amended to save them all anyway. In 1867 the Church of England and Presbyterian Kirk in Scotland had their own equity courts in the United Kingdom but not in Australia, presided over by their clergy. Those clergy were there to keep the bastards in the legal profession honest. They were higher than the common law courts and superior. This annoyed lawyers immensely, and when Prince Alfred, Queen Victoria’s husband, died in 1862 , and lawyers were allowed back into the House of Commons in 1870, there were two Acts passed in a very short time. One in 1871 created a Corporate Government in the United States of America and the second in 1873, merged church and state in the law.

This merger of Church and State, is the root cause of injustice, because the King’s Conscience, expressed by the Chancellor of the Exchequer, through His Chancery Courts, and churches, guaranteed by the Statute 1 Will & Mary C 6 ( Coronation Oath ) (1688), have been killed, by the harbingers of the LAW.

Lawmakers in Parliaments and Congresses everywhere, or Dictators, masquerading as Democratically elected representatives and Judges all, have assumed the Doctrine of Parliamentary Supremacy. This has meant no Appeal from the rulings of the Parliament to Almighty God, and that the Parliaments have arrogated to themselves the Role of GOD. At the same time they have closed off access to the Parliament as the ultimate court with judges, and a Petition to the Parliament of the Commonwealth is almost a waste of time. Gesara-Nesara is ending that and it is happening. Local courts with judges, under the Common Law are to be restored, the Head of State and all under Him or Her will be required to abide the Statute 1 Will & Mary C 6 ( Coronation Oath ) (1688), and give to the people who have a conscience a voice. Once again a prayer delivered in a church, will be legally binding, and the words Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven” will again be available and have meaning.

Everything you need to know about Gesara — Global Economic Security and Reformation Act

The latest word from multiple sources is that Gesara-Nesara and the possible return of President Donald Trump has happened in Russia, and the United States of America Dollar is dead. Facebook has allegedly been siezed because its owner was involved in stealing the 2020 Presidential election. The seizure of Facebook is not yet confirmed from third party sources..

As of today the 8th June 2022 the word is that Gesara is being implemented and the United States dollar has crashed. It is being alleged in multiple posts that Prime Minister Morrison had agreed that the Commonwealth of Australia is to be part of the United States of America area of influence. This is said to have happened because the Queen has abandoned us to our devices and our politicians have assumed a socialist model, totally out of touch with Australian values.

The main elements of Gesara are:

  1. Forgives credit card mortgage and other bank debt to illegal banking and government activities. This will abolish all Fines Registries in Australia, make border closures illegal, as they offend S 268:12 Criminal Code Act 1995 (CTH), and allow people to be treated for Covid19 instead of being imprisoned in their own homes. The implementation of Number 9 below, Restore the courts will bankrupt all Australian States including the Commonwealth. Local gatherings will assemble and local courts will have powers enforceable by the Sheriffs.
  2. Abolishes income tax. Income Tax is mostly spent on paying interest on government debt to the Reserve Bank, which will be abolished under Gesara-Nesara. It is illegal under the Constitution which Her Majesty Elizabeth the Second has sworn to uphold as the New Testament of the King James Version of the Holy Bible. As a subject of the Queen of the Constitution we are all part of the Royal Family. Matthew 17 verses 24-27. As Citizens since 1948 and the Nationality and Citizenship Act 1948 we are slaves of two States and subject to mob rule by them. Income Tax was introduced during WWII as it was wartime, and all law suspended for the duration. It could only be continued by a declaration of citizenship. The King could not consent to that in the Commonwealth by the Statute 1 Will & Mary C 6 ( Coronation Oath ) (1688).
  3. Abolishes the IRS and creates flat rate only non essential new items only taxation sales tax to fund government. The ATO in Australia must be abolished. Taxes paid since 1948 should be credited to each subjects account with the Gesara bank of their choice.
  4. Increases benefits for senior citizens to enable them to live their twilight years in comfort and peace by giving them access to their Birth Certificate Account credits but not in a lump sum without due process of law. See Numbers 3 and 9 below. The figure cited is three times the present pension or $5000 per month United States Dollars for the United States of America and probably Australia and New Zealand .
  5. Returns Constitutional Law: Constitutional Law was since 1215 the New Testament of the King James Version of the Holy Bible and the Book of Isaiah of the Old Testament and this is evidenced by the Royal Seal in the Fly Leaf of Official King James Version of the Holy Bible published by Cambridge University and Collins of Edinburgh in Scotland. The New Testament of the King James Version of the Holy Bible is the ultimate Law Book by which all others must be measured. The fake Bibles used in Courts with Judges called Rules of Court must be abolished.
  6. Establishes new Presidential and Congressional Elections within 120 days after Gesara’s declaration. In other words a Double Dissolution election in the United States of America and in Commonwealth countries. Perhaps an Abdication of Her Majesty Elizabeth the Second and a referendum on a Republic, or confirmation of a New Sovereign.
  7. Monitors elections and prevents illegal election activities or special interest groups. This will end the two party system as we know it where both agree to take turns governing, but the underlying policies do not change. Political Party registrations will be abolished as inserting a third party between the elector and delegate in breach of S 7 and 24 Constitution.
  8. Creates new United States of America treasury currency, Rainbow Currency backed by Platinum Silver and Gold precious metals. This will be a universal worldwide individual currency redeemable for silver and gold anywhere on the planet and of equal value. The Quantum Financial System will ensure every account is legitimate and organised crime will be ended, trafficking drugs, arms and women and children worldwide and bribery of government by Big Business. Every individual account will be monitored. Everyone will have their own account. Money will be no longer a problem to anyone.
  9. Returns Constitutional law to all our courts and legal matters. The present Reigns of Terror instituted in the name of Covid19 while since 1st August 2020 a credible cure has been available and in the public domain will mean that in the Commonwealth the States and Commonwealth under S 64 Judiciary Act 1903 ( Australia) are liable for negligence for not treating affected people, and instead locking whole States up. and destroying the economy at the same time. The use of Rules of Court to replace the Constitution by all Courts with Judges, renders them obsolete as heretics who have replaced the New Testament of the King James Version of the Holy Bible with man made Rules of Court blaspheming against the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost as set out in the Gospel of Luke 12 Verses 10-12.
  10. Initiates new US Treasury Bank system in alignment with Constitutional law. This is already in place as there are reports the new notes are being issued in the United States of America Europe and Zimbabwe. The Deep State Central Banks worldwide are being supplanted. Platinum, Gold and Silver are the basis of the Rainbow Currency. In Australia S 115 Constitution makes Gold and Silver the only legal tender in payment of debts so the fiat Australian Dollar and all debts incurred in it are void as outside the Constitution. Loans incurred worldwide in fiat currency will be cancelled without compensation.
  11. Eliminates the Federal Reserve System. The Reserve Bank which issues our present currency cannot continue. Unless our High Court accepts its original jurisdiction under S 75 (i) Constitution and declares Gesara-Nesara its will be proven to be misbehaving and subject to removal by the Senate and House of Representatives in a Joint Sitting, after the next election, under S 72 (ii) Constitution. Like in the United States of America when the Courts with a Judge are derelict in their duty they must be changed. The State of Queensland has all the law still in place to establish a constitutional Federal Supreme Court in the Commonwealth. The Supreme Court Act 1995 (Qld) declared those laws.
  12. Restores Financial Privacy. Each of us under the Quantum Financial System will have our own account and it will be and remain private under our control and not subject to bank or government oversight.
  13. Retrains all Judges and Attorneys (lawyers) in Constitutional law. In the Commonwealth of Australia this will mean that The separation of Church and State will be restored and the supremacy of the Judiciary ended and their power to write Rules of Court in the image of Satan under the Unidroir Treaty will be ended. A single law exam will be necessary to qualify anyone to act for another as attorney administered by the Quantum Financial System. A Court with a Judge and no jury is Satanic, A court in line with S 79 Constitution of The Commonwealth with a jury is Holy. The Clergy will again be authorised to conduct Chancery Courts in equity by calling their congregation together to deal with grievances. . The existing Judges could all be sacked.
  14. Ceases all aggressive US Military actions worldwide. In place for 4 years already under President Donald Trump.
  15. Establishes peace throughout the world. Giving effect to the paragraph in Ephesions 2:12 establishing the Commonwealth of Israel where Israel means Man (or woman) of God from Genesis 32 Verse 28 .
  16. Initiates first phase of worldwide prosperity distribution of vast wealth which has been accumulating for many years. This wealth is said to be four quadrillion dollars enough to give everyone alive, $4.5 million dollars, in a trust account. We all have a share in the Common Wealth and will have our own Gesara account under the Quantum Financial System. Most people cannot handle wealth so it will be trickled to those who cannot handle money, and those who can will be given their just rewards for effort by a restored system of Christian Justice where Church and State both deliver justice and if a conflict arises the Ecclesiastic Court ruling will prevail. .
  17. Releases enormous amounts of money for humantarian purposes. This money apparently has been recovered from the Vatican Bank where it has been deposited by organised crime, and will be available to anyone as a grant where humanitarian projects are proposed.
  18. Enables the release of new technologies such as alternative energy devices. Thus making coal and oil redundant as proposed by Nicola Tesla. Further Medical Knowledge is already being released to cure all disease as required with Medbeds. This is a precis that need to be published to all interested parties, with or without the cooperation of the Main Stream Media. This ties Gesara in with the Paris Accord.

As of today the 8th June 2022 the word is that Gesara is being implemented and the people of the Commonwealth will soon be able to afford the things they want and need.


One of the truest sayings ever is Nature abhors a vacuum. Since 1873 there has been a vacuum created in the administration of justice when Almighty God was excluded from the process by the Judicature Act 1873 of England. Prior to 1873 Almighty God had a direct and effective role to play in all affairs of the then population because the Statute 1 Will & Mary C 6 ( Coronation Oath ) (1688) incorporated the Church and State into two parallel streams of justice, available to the people one was the ordinary Courts of Justice and the other was the ecclesia which translated from the Greek means gathering of the people, and in the King James Version of the Holy Bible in Matthew 18 verse 15 is translated into English as church.

The Judicature Act 1873 merged Church and State into a Supreme Court. The Supreme Court is supposed to be the Court of the Supreme Being, Almighty God but has become the haven of lawyers since around 1948 when out natural law rights as subjects of the Queen of the Constitution were stripped from us, and we were conscripted as dual citizens of two communistic entities simultaneously, the State and Commonwealth State. Quick and Garran in the Annotated Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 published a quote from Ephesians 2: 12 thus: That at that time ye were without Christ being aliens from the commonwealth of Israel, and strangers from the Covenants of promise having no hope and without God in the world.

To understand the word Israel, it is necessary to go way back to the first book of the King James Version of the Holy Bible Genesis and at 32 verse 18 where Jacob who must have been a sturdy lad, had spent the night wrestling with Almighty God and neither had prevailed, was asked his name. he replied Jacob, and God said: Thy name shall no more be Jacob but Israel for as a prince hast thou power with God and with men, and hast prevailed.

Almighty God was not absolutely excluded from the administration of justice, but He has gradually been excluded inch by inch by atheists who have presumed to be able to create the word of Almighty God as Statutes enacted in gatherings of the people that only pay lip service to Our Supreme Being.

In what is called civil proceedings, a collection of so called sacred people who call themselves Barristers and Solicitors, and one of their own sell justice to the highest bidder, under the table and in secret. The entity with the biggest wallet and the greatest capacity to bribe is the State in both its capacities, State and Federal. Both of them have split the power of Almighty God into two streams, civil and criminal, but neither of them have been able to kill absolutely the power of Almighty God. A small glimmer of light still remains and with a little help from you and people like you, it can be fanned into a mighty flame, that will consume all the miserable swine who have been ruining our lives and our inheritance since 1948.

In 2016 on the 7th November two monumental events occurred. Senator Rod Culleton was referred to the Court of Disputed Returns by a Senate without a quorum, which means he was not lawfully referred to it, and on the same day, 36 Judges of the Federal Court of Australia in conclave proclaimed the Federal Court (Criminal Proceedings) Rules 2016. Both should have had monumental consequences, but until now neither has been very effective.

The First in time, the Federal Court (Criminal Proceedings) Rules 2016 has never been allowed to function properly being sabotaged by a small group of organised criminals in the Federal Court of Australia who call themselves Judicial Registrars who have picked up a Rule of Court made in 2011 namely Rule 2.26 Federal Court Rules 2011 to prevent people like yourselves carrying out the will of the Parliament of the Commonwealth expressed in S 13 Crimes Act 1914 (Cth) that if you see a criminal and catch him or her out, you have the absolute same right as the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions, and Attorney General of the Commonwealth to file an ex-officio indictment in the Federal Court of Australia and have the criminal answer to Almighty God in a court with twelve judges administering the course of justice in respect of the judicial power of the Commonwealth as required by S 79 Constitution, and guaranteed by S 80 Constitution.

An ex-officio indictment without prior examination was incorporated into the Judiciary Act 1903 in 1915 to give the Attorney General power to prevent any Judge, from interfering with the war effort. It is like a supersonic rocket with a nuclear warhead. Once it is locked on, it must either destroy the target, or if the target has a defence the defence MUST be accepted by a jury. The right of a Judge to dismiss an ex-officio indictment was removed in 1487 in the Statute 4 HEN 7 CH 20, an Imperial Act the same as the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 is an Imperial Act.

So my fellow Sovereign Subjects, there is no need for any of you to be poor. There is a very fertile farm to be cultivated and you have been given a share in the Commonwealth. Before WWII the Commonwealth had no income tax. The States did but not the Commonwealth. During wartime there is a maxim that applies: Inter arma enim silent leges. Natural Law is suspended until the emergency of an existential threat is extinguished. The share you have inherited is enacted in S 42 and 43 Acts Interpretation Act 1954 (Q) and was enacted in the Fines and Forfeitures to the Crown Act of 1688. It provides that not more than half of any fine be paid to the Prosecutor, and the other half to the Crown Consolidated Revenue. This source of Revenue is preserved in S 44 Crimes Act 1914 (Cth) and the price of robbing the Crown of this revenue is set at three years imprisonment. To stay in business some of our major corporations have fallen back on the tried and trusted remedy of Bribery, to continue to stay in business.

When the Corporation aggregate that was in place in 1948 were formed by the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 two further Acts of the Parliament of the Commonwealth were made and they are the Acts Interpretation Act 1901 (Cth) and Judiciary Act 1903. The Acts Interpretation Act 1901 (Cth) tells us how to understand the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 and Judiciary Act 1903 was instituted to create a Federal Supreme Court to be called the High Court. When the Corporation aggregate claimed an ABN, they assumed the Corporate Veil, as it is called, would protect them, but by S 64 Judiciary Act 1903 they are specifically defined as a Sovereign Subject of the Queen with no greater power than any other subject of the Queen of the Constitution. They are therefore liable in the same way as you or I would be if we walked into a bank and demanded money with menaces. There is no war in progress today posing an existential threat to us except that presently being waged by the World Health Organisation, and New World Order. Both have publicly proposed the extermination of 90% of the people on earth.

When Almighty God wants someone dead they die. But the people of the world have not died as planned from Covid19. Even the vaccines have only killed one in two hundred when they get the bad batches that give people adverse reactions. Two jabs and it becomes one in a hundred, and three one in fifty. That is the fatality rate of vaccines for Covid19 worldwide. Judicial Registrars in the Federal Court of Australia have blocked three different attempts in the three Eastern States to send a rocket up the tailpipe of our State and Federal Governments shooting down their hot air balloon, and bankrupting them if they continue. This started last August 2021 when a man in Queensland attempted to lodge a CP14 and CP15 in the Registry in Brisbane and was refused by a Judicial Registrar from Melbourne as were a woman from Sydney and another man from Melbourne.

We are presently being asked to elect people to the Parliament of the Commonwealth which is like Ali Baba’s cave but with 151 thieves in the House of Representatives and another 76 in the Senate. Because some of these thieves have sold their soul to the forky tailed one, they have used their bribery power to try and ensure they are never called to account in this life. They have used bribery to create a vacuum, that they have been confident would never be filled, but Almighty God or Mother Nature, has a habit of treating fools as fools. Because the Parliament of the Commonwealth starts each day with the Lord’s prayer, from Matthew 6 Verse 9, which ends For thine is the Kingdom the power and the Glory forever and ever Amen the Laws of the Holy Bible are enacted by the Parliament of the Commonwealth together with a lot of rubbish. By S 15A Acts Interpretation Act 1901 (Cth) the rubbish must be read out, and only the golden rules of law left.

Because where two or three are gathered together in His name, ( Matthew 18 Verse 20) the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost is present the Parliament of the Commonwealth is absolutely Paramount, and no State Parliament has any power to contradict its valid laws. Each State Parliament has created a Golden Calf God of their own, and as in Exodus 32 will -perish on their own foolishness.

The Vacuum left by the abandonment of Christianity, has seen these fools create a Crown in right of each State and it is upon this rock they shall perish. There were 36 Federal Court of Australia Judges on the day of the 7th November 2016. They may not all have understood what they were doing, but the will of Almighty God was done that day. Some of them as in Exodus 32 will need to examine their conscience and decide to resign, or they can seek forgiveness and accept they have been misled and deceived just as the rest of us, by an unscrupulous group of leaders since 1948. S 116 Constitution prohibits the imposition of a State Religion, and any test for religion as a prerequisite for public office. However the Schedule to the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 requires that all Public Office Holders swear allegiance to Her Majesty Elizabeth the Second or the present Monarch. That Oath of Allegiance must relate to the Statute 1 Will & Mary C 6 ( Coronation Oath ) (1688), that incorporates the principles of Christianity into the very fabric of the law. To fail to do so is possibly treason or at the very least sedition. Every candidate for this election must be asked if they will abide the Statute 1 Will & Mary C 6 ( Coronation Oath ) (1688). If not they cannot be considered properly elected in any way.


The Statute is 1 Will & Mary C 6 ( Coronation Oath ) (1688) and may be found in Halsburys Statutes of England Vol 4 Constitutional law. Section 3.

Will you solemnly promise and sweare to governe the people of this kingdome of England and the dominions thereto belonging according to the Statutes in Parlyament agreed on and the laws and customs of the same?
The King or Queen shall say: I solemnly promise soe to doe.

Archbishop or bishop,
Will you to your power cause law and justice in mercy to be executed in all your judgments
King and Queene
I will
Will you to the utmost of your power maintaine the laws of God the true profession of the Gospell and the Protestant reformed religion established by law? and will you preserve to the bishops and clergy of this realme and to the churches committed to their charge all such rights and privileges as by law doe or shall appertaine unto them or any of them.
King and Queen
All this I promise to doe.
After this the King and Queen laying His and Her hand on the Holy Gospells shall say,
King and Queene
The things which I have here promised I will performe and keep,
Soe Help me God.
Then the King and Queene shall kiss the booke.

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