Why Phil Galea was Arrested

Phil Galea has been incarcerated in Solitary Confinement in a Victorian prison since August 2016. Until recently, he was denied his right under the Common Law and the Commonwealth of Australia Act 1901 to be tried by a jury of his peers in a court of law. 


Instead, the police have done everything possible to deny him any rights. At first they had him declared insane using one of their lapdog psychiatrists. As an insane man cannot be tried, he is deemed incapable of understanding the crimes he has allegedly committed, and the charges against him. But that backfired when Phil got an independent psychiatrist to assess him and declare him sane.

After that, Phil spent months working hard to get his day in court. Advance Australia members shared a Change.org petition to gather signatures demanding that Phil be given his day in court.

In August 2018, Phil finally managed to start the legal process to get his day in court. But the first appearance was just to set a date for a hearing so that the judge can set a trial date. But the wheels of justice grind, as they say, exceedingly slow. Phil still has a long way to go to get the charges against him thrown out so that he can finally be freed from the corrupt political party legal and political system.

In September 2018 Phill appeared in court again in an attempt to start his trial. But once more the corrupt Victorian and Federal police thwarted his attempt to get justice by refusing to release the evidence they claimed they had that justified his arrest more than two years earlier.

Phil’s lawyer has issued a subpoena to ask for the evidence, as required by law, so that he can formulate Phil’s defence.

At the time of publishing this article, the police still continue to refuse to supply their evidence. But Phil is not to be deterred. He and his lawyer are putting immense pressure on the police to comply with the law.

It’s telling that these so-called “servants of the law, and the State” so blithely ignore and disobey the law themselves. Are they unaware that so many Australians have woken up to the totally unlawful political party corporate government that now dictates to the people instead of serving the nation as they are supposed to? Karma has a way of always working in the end. Even if it takes a long time to boomerang on the perpetrators, in the end karma will catch up with them. The traitors and criminals will face justice and be held accountable for their many crimes.

What was Phil doing to get him arrested?

Phil Galea is a scientist and an information gatherer. He had been trying to find out what was behind a series of church burnings over a two year period before his arrest. These church fires occurred mostly in Victoria, but also in other states.

Because Phil is a scientist, he was working to an investigative formula he had devised. Rather than being a “radical terrorist” as the police tried to paint him, he was a rational and dedicated patriot investigating Islamic terrorism in the Australian community.

On the surface it looks like these islamic crimes are being hidden just to protect moslems, but there is more to it than that…much more.

There are key factors and community associations at various points in history that determine the way a society thinks and how it evolves. The mass burning of Christian churches in Australia is one of them.

The realisation of these facts will cause the community to protect itself. This will involve a major change in the direction of Australian society and a huge political swing from left to right, away from the Communist agenda foisted on an unsuspecting people by the ALP, the Fabians, and the United Nations. That swing has already started as more Australians are realizing how corrupt the political party governments are, and how badly the people of Australia have been betrayed and sold out.

This is what the politicians don’t want to have to deal with. because all they care about is the next election cycle. Naturally it’s in their best interests to keep the truth hidden, because as the public realizes that the politicians have deliberately lied to us, the same people that brought the terrorists here in the first place, there will be a huge backlash.

Yet, when politicians are told that their coverups and deliberate inaction today will result in the problem getting worse as time goes by, leading to loss of life as things get worse they don’t care, as they figure they will be out of power or dead by the time it gets that bad.

When a new government system is brought in that finally destroys the political party system, as seems very likely these days, then there will be the expectation for the new, reformed government to introduce rules and policies that will deal with the islamic problem and to finally bring these active Islamic terrorists under control.

As the danger to the country increases the AFP, which is meant to be independent of government interference, has become the pawn of the political elite. This will continue until enough people realize how corrupt the AFP, the political parties, and the police have become. Until they are stopped these groups will continue to endanger innocent members of the public in order to keep their careers.


One of Phil’s aims was to expose these corrupt people and groups. As part of his work he followed ANTIFA members and filmed their meetings at coffee shops and other places around Melbourne.


He also recorded every encounter between the Andrew’s Socialist Government and ANTIFA…the same people who constantly turn up at any patriot rally to bash them up as the police look on without arresting them. Phil is trying to send a video to CIRNow through his lawyer showing evidence of these meetings. When we get it we will publish it for all to see.


One of his video reports shows his investigation into the loony-toons lefty, Sue Bolton (at left).  He tried to interview this crazy, seditious traitor, who is also a member of the Yarra Council, and so anti-Australian that she has managed to persuade that Council to ban Australia Day.  Phil’s radio interview with Bolton clearly shows that he was looking for material peddled by Bolton that supported and left-wing violence and left-wing terrorist groups like the IRA.  He says there was plenty of evidence to prove what the Left were and still are up to.

The police have failed to find anyone willing to testify against Phil, and in his first court appearance they fell over themselves contradicting their own statements.

As a result, the police are now doing everything they can to stop the trial, which is why they are still withholding evidence and doing everything in their power to keep Phil in jail.

Phil’s investigations into the more than 18 church burnings over a 24 month period, which we have documented before on the Islam4Infidels.com website, showed that there was a clear correlation between the fires and Islamic extremists.

He found that the media is complicit in trying to hide the truth.

The police have accused Phil of being of unsound mind, yet he can show conclusive evidence that he arrived at these conclusions through the same painstaking cross-referencing, research, and study into the cause and effect that he has previously applied to all of his scientific research into free energy and other various forms of classified technology.

To ensure his investigation was thorough and would stand up in a court of law Phil has personally stood in these burnt out churches and taken photos.

Phil’s First Step – Check Media Reports

His first step in investigating these fires was to meticulously examine the local press to cross-reference everything to find out what had been covered up in the national press. He soon found that a Christmas tree had also been burned at the same time as two Geelong churches (see Exhibit 1 below), but no mention of the Christmas tree burning could be found outside of the Geelong local paper.

It was clear that because the local people already knew about the two church burnings and the burned down Christmas tree  it had to be reported in the Geelong Press. But any reports in the national media never mentioned one word about this “coincidence”.  Instead, they lied about it completely — saying that the tree fire was simple vandalism.  They either wouldn’t or couldn’t connect the tree burning to the church fires that had occurred simultaneously.

In fact, when Phil attended the scene he spoke to locals and confirmed that the Christmas tree fire had indeed occurred at the same time and on the same night as the two church fires. It was obvious that the police and the media were trying to cover it up.

Step Two – Find the Cause

It wasn’t until Phil attended the scenes of the burnings that he realized that all the cases of church arson occurred in predominantly Islamic neighborhoods.


So it was natural that he would start investigating local Islamic schools to see if there was any evidence of extreme radical islam there.

He quickly realized that the de-radicalization programs instituted at Geelong Islamic schools showed that Geelong had, and still has, a problem with radical Islam.  In fact, Deakin University was forced to abandon their deradicalization program, that was based on the United States model, when one anti-terrorism expert described it as being “no different from the propaganda issued by radical Islamist organizations.”

Step Three – Look for a Catalyst

After Phil confirmed that his investigation had turned up the truth behind the arson related to Christianity his next step was to find the catalyst that the islamic terrorists used to justify their attacks on Christianity.

He needed to find out what had upset the islamists so badly that they felt they had to burn down Christian churches and other symbols of Christianity like Christmas trees.

He soon learned that Islamists traditionally attack Christians and burn down churches around the world during the most important Christian festivals, such as Easter and Christmas.

As he was investigating the two church fires and the burning Christmas tree in Geelong he started asking locals about the Christmas tree first. He found that they all smiled with pride as the pointed out that theirs was the world’s largest floating Christmas tree. Each year they float their beautifully decorated tree in Corio Bay,


The esplanade facing Corio Bay is a peaceful, beautiful area, with a Yacht marina, a park, The Carousel entertainment centre, and a long Pier that stretches out into the bay, an ideal spot to enjoy the sight of the huge floating Christmas tree.

Phil reasoned that the islamic terrorists must have had the resources and the manpower to enable them to attack the two churches and the Christmas tree at the same time. The question is, where did they get the money and other resources from? The obvious answer was from a local mosque, or perhaps more than one. After all, it is well known that Islam is a total immersion, totalitarian legal, political, economic, social, and military system of government, that includes a thin veneer of religion to justify it all. As Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Turkish President said, quoting a famous islamic poem, “The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets, and the faithful our soldiers”

Next, Phil learned that Geelong’s islamic community had asked the Mayor and Council earlier in the year not to put up any Christmas decorations, or allow any nativity scenes, or allow Santa Clause anywhere, and even to ban saying Merry Christmas in schools.

Naturally, the Mayor was having none of that and he and the Council went ahead with their traditional Christmas decorations and celebrations. In fact, Mayor David Hickey spent more than $1 million on the floating Christmas tree. Obviously, this was seen as a huge insult to the islamic community, and it was obvious to Phil that this was the catalyst that inspired the church and Christmas tree arson attacks.

Phil also learned that these arson attacks all occurred at roughly the same time in the early hours of the morning, on the same day. Witnesses stated that just before the fires they heard what sounded like explosions. These reports are common at every scene where a church has been mysteriously burned down.

Phel went to the Geelong Council with his findings and asked them to verify his findings in writing.

Naturally, the council refused. However, Phil is a tenacious investigator. He went onto their website and quickly found out why the fires occurred on December 4. That was the night the Christmas tree in the bay started playing Christmas Carols, yet another affront to the always and easily offended moslems.

Phil had found his catalyst.

The arson attacks were clearly intended to scare people into abandoning their Christmas celebrations.


Once the churches were burned to the ground the moslems bought them and rebuilt them as mosques. This is what they have done in numerous countries around the world.

The Police take Notice –of Phil

Phil’s activities drew the attention of the police. They started following him to build up a fictitious case against him. They were clearly ordered by the political masters to stop Phil, as he was getting too close to the truth.


But the genie was already out of the bottle. By then, hundreds of thousands of Australians had woken up to the fact that islam was responsible for the many islamic attacks that started occurring around Australia after the Gillard and Rudd governments opened our borders and allowed the islamic invaders to enter our nation…undocumented and unknown, it was easy for islam to slip in islamic soldiers among the so-called “refugees”.

In fact, the “refugees” were nothing more than opportunistic country hunters who left their own homelands to seek a better life in our lands. But worse than that, they were also intent on sneaking islamic terrorists into our country to conduct terror attacks against us, intending to destroy our society and bring in their savage, misogynistic, murderous ideology.

Despite the desperate attempts by the socialists, the ALP, ANTIFA, and other lefty groups the boats were stopped…but not before the damage was done. There are, today, at least 25,000 undocumented potential terrorists living among us, while the vocal Socialist groups continue to cry for the criminals incarcerated on offshore islands.

What is worse, Liberal governments boast that they stopped the boats, but they continue to allow tens of thousands of islamists to fly into our country…a fact that goes unnoticed and unreported by the media.

In fact, the political party government is seeking to bring the illegal invaders who were banned from ever entering Australia, starting with a handful of children they have recently allowed in. It’s only a matter of time before the rest of the criminals arrive from their island paradises. The Morrison government is no better than the Gillard and Rudd governments.

memes No-2-United-Nations

Today, a majority of Australians have learned how the political parties have betrayed our nation and helped to destroy it for their masters the United Nations so that they can bring in the New World Order one world government.

It has become clear that We the People can no longer tolerate the many crimes being committed against us every day. Phil is our first martyr. But there have been others since then.

As the political party governments become more dictatorial and repressive they are creating conditions for a massive backlash against them. The Wentworth election was just the start. What a shame that the people of Wentworth were only able to elect an avowed Left wing Socialist dyke who hates Australia so much that she wants to re-open our borders to let even more islamic terrorists and dole bludgers into our once prosperous and peaceful nation.


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