All about the ATO

  1. Is the ATO lawfully empowered to collect taxes?
  2. Do you have to pay tax, and if so, which taxes are they?
  3. Who runs the ATO?
  4. Is the ATO listed as a public company on ASIC?

These, and many more questions are all answered in the documents below. When you know your rights you can defend them.

Is the ATO Lawful?

ATO is not legal
ATO is not legal

This document explains why the ATO is not a legal entity. The truth shall set you free.

Size: 493KB

Send this Letter to the government to ask about the validity of demanding you must register a Director ID

Director ID Template Letter 1
Director ID Template Letter 1

Worried about the threats to force you to sign up for a Director’s ID? Download, fill in your details, and send this letter back to GovCorp…

Size: 15KB

Public Governance Act 2013 (page 25) and how it affects your obligations (if any) to the ATO

Public Governance Act
Public Governance Act

The Public Governance Act defines government entities. The ATO is not one of them!

Size: 327KB

Who is the ATO?

Who is the ATO?
Who is the ATO?

Who is the ATO? What authority do they have? Are you legally bound to pay taxes? Answers here.

Size: 235KB

Who or what is the Holding company for the ATO?

Ultimate Holding for all Company ASIC registration of ATO?
Ultimate Holding for all Company ASIC registration of ATO?

Who holds the registration for all ATO business? Is the ATO a government authorized department, or is it just a private corporation collecting money in fraud?


Size: 184KB

Your rights and paying tax

Your Rights and Paying Tax
Your Rights and Paying Tax

What are your rights when it comes to paying tax? You need to know this.

Size: 45KB

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Proof the Australian Government is in TREASON

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