Who is Themis?

In ancient Greek mythology, Themis was a titaness (a godess), the personification of divine order, fairness, law, natural law, and custom, whose symbols are the scales of justice, blindfolded, and her sword poised to be used to mete out punishment to the wrongdoer.

Symbolism is very important to those who are attempting to destroy our values, morals and culture today. If we look, we can see the servants of evil using sybolism all around us. But perhaps some of the most disturbing symbols are those seen above the entrance to the Supreme Court Melbourne, and on the wall of the County Court Melbourne.

As western culture developed after the Roman Empire, Themis came to represent the law. She is usually depicted standing ready for action, blindfolded to symbolise having no bias, with balanced scales to symbolise weighing up evidence with equal consideration, and her sword held high pointing upwards to symbolise the awful consequences for those found guilty.

This is how Themis is traditionally depicted in art, especially statues placed at law courts.

It is important to note how she is depicted, because she tells us about the state of justice within the court.

The Common Law website logo above displays all her important symbols

The State of Justice in Australia

The Melbourne Supreme Court Themis is a prime example of the state of the law in Australia today. She is seated instead of standing ready to act.

Her scales are resting on her knee, meaning any information in a case that comes before her will not be held in the balance for a fair decision.

Her sword pointing downwards means punishment will be meted out unfairly.

Her face is sad, and why wouldn’t she be? She symbolises the sad state of the law in Australia. She is also looking downward, symbolizing her attitude of haughty disdain to all who come before her.


Without a blindfold she is telling us that there is no justice within the Supreme Court walls. Any trial held there will allow biased opinions to sway the truth because she is not blindolded.

In other words, you will get no justice within the walls of the Melbourne Supreme Court, or in any court, especially if you employ a lawyer to represent you.

The judges and magistrates always tell you to get lawyer, but how can they present your truth? Only you know the truth. If you take the time to read the laws they quote at you if you are charged with a crime you can gain an understanding of what is really at stake. The laws are written very clearly. It is up to each one of us to read and understand them.

The laws are all available on Classic Austlii. Read Paragraph 13 in this High Court decision, which is now law. The courts around Australia are ignoring the law to make their own fake laws instread.

But even then, the courts and lawyers ignore the truth in our laws and seek to railroad the accused into accepting their biased opinions.

But when you know the law and your rights in law you can present your own truth to the court and let the true judges, the Jury, to decide your fate.

Other Representations of Themis

Across the road from that venerable old building you will see an even worse abomination. Themis has been reduced to a cartoon cariacature and hung on the outside wall of the courthouse. Her facial features can no longer be seen. Like the statue across the road, her scales are unbalanced, and her sword is also pointing downards. She is, however, blindfolded. But without the other components symbolising truth and justice, her blindfold is meaningless.

While symbols mean nothing to those who are unaware of them, those of us who understand the power of symbolism see these symbols as a worrying warning. It is clear that the so-called justice system in Australia needs a severe reformation.

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