The Grand Plan Laid Out Years Ago

Do you still trust your government?

The Grand Plan has been underway for well over a Century. Its aims are so wide-ranging and radical that when people first hear about it, they cannot believe our so-called ‘representatives’ would betray us so massively.

But the evidence is there, right before our eyes. The Illuminati, that bunch of megalomaniacs who believe they are smarter and better than the rest of us just because they control the banks. These bozos are so full of their own worth that it’s amusing to watch as they puff and preen on the world stage. Their leader, Klaus Schwab is a joke…. he would have to be, wouldn’t he? After all, why would anyone choose the son of a Nazi who talks like Colonel Klink and looks like a sad dog?

His pronouncement that “you vill own nuzzing and you vill be happy” has made him a laughingstock. He could easily have been a character in Dr Strangelove (the movie).

Sadly, these people are so deluded that they cannot see the fatal flaws in their plans.

First of all, they have made some wild assumptions and they are guided by them. To them, We the People are just dumb cattle. But they forget that we outnumber them, and intelligence is not predicated on the money you own. Anyone can be intelligent, and you can be sure that there are literally millions of people who are not part of the WEF-UN axis of evil, and all these smart people have figured out what has been going on.

Secondly, we have the numbers. We are billions. The WEF-UN axis is led by just a few idiot billionaires with an overinflated opinion of themselves. They are so blinded by their own delusions that they cannot see what is happening around them.

This website always seeks to provide information that exposes the lies and tyranny, and then offers ways for our readers to right the many wrongs we face. The following video is a must-watch if you want to know what the Illuminati believe.

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