Defence Assistance to the Civil Community Policy

Despite the threats by the purported government to send the troops around to force us to take the death jab, the fact is, they cannot force anyone to have the jab. This defence policy states clearly that the military may not use force against the people.

Service to the Nation

Download and read the whole policy carefully. Be informed. Know your rights. Stand up for your rights and freedoms and never back down!

Defence Assistance to the Civil Community Policy
Defence Assistance to the Civil Community Policy

The government is bound by the law. And their laws specifically say that our ADF personnel can assist in emergencies, but they cannot use force. Therefore, the threats of coercion by the the government sending the military to force us to vaccinate is yet another LIE!!!

Download and read the whole DACC policy document and know your rights!


1.1 Defence recognises the importance of supporting the Australian community
and the re-assurance Defence Assistance to the Civil Community (DACC) can
provide to the people of Australia in times of crisis.

1.2 The Defence Assistance to the Civil Community Policy (this policy)
establishes the Defence Assistance to the Civil Community (DACC) framework and
provides the arrangements by which Defence makes decisions regarding the
provision of assistance to the civil community. This policy includes concepts and
principles to inform Defence personnel who are making decisions about the provision
of DACC. The application of these concepts and principles enables Defence
personnel to meet the intended outcomes of this policy. Head Military Strategic
Commitments is responsible for ensuring the alignment of DACC policy with
Australian Government crisis management arrangements and providing the interface
between Defence and whole of government stakeholders. Defence personnel are
further supported by guidance, information and procedures described in the DACC
Manual which is managed by Military Strategic Commitments Branch.

1.3 Defence provides support to the community under a range of different
frameworks. The two main forms of assistance provided by Defence to civil
authorities and organisations within Australia are:
a. Defence Assistance to the Civil Community (DACC); and
b. Defence Force Aid to the Civil Authority (DFACA)—not covered in this policy.

1.4 In accordance with Australian Government expectations, Defence is
committed to assisting the civil community in both emergency and non-emergency
situations. DACC is the mechanism by which Defence achieves this effect. DACC
support is not to involve the use, or potential use, of force (including intrusive or
coercive acts) by Defence members.

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