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 G’day Australia. I’d like to talk to you today about leadership and how we are going to win this war, because we are at war.   These Mother-WEFers will not stop until they have got us under their thumb. So, we have got to stop them.

Now COVID was a disaster in many ways, but it was also a major unifying factor.

Bringing the various groups together in united opposition to the overbearing criminal attack on our rights and freedoms by the political tyrants.

The huge turnout at Canberra in February 2022 should have been a defining and unifying moment in our history. But as all rallies have proved, it was poorly organized, with no leader and no clear agenda.

Bringing together a gathering of over 2 million people in front of Parliament should have shown the government that they cannot ride roughshod over our rights. And it should have shown the Parliament that we are the masters and they are the public servants. Instead, it only provided an opportunity for various wannabe leaders to attempt to lead the way.

But there were so many competing voices vying to be heard, with confusing and often incoherent messages, that there was no chance for anything meaningful to emerge from that vast gathering. Not one of those who clamored for attention had a clear plan and a vision for the future. Without a plan, the people left the Canberra gathering no better off than before.

Since then, we have seen the Australian people rushing from one group to the next, seeking answers or leadership, or a knight in shining armour who will save us all from the terrible fate we know is planned by the mother whippers and their traitorous political puppets.  Isn’t it time we all stopped looking for a saviour?

That hasn’t worked for over 5, 000 years. Not once in history has a leader stepped forward who saved us from ourselves. Most of them just wanted the power over you. And with that power came all the corruption and terror that has become the hallmark of so-called world leaders.

The truth is, the only one who can save you is you. Common law tells us that we must abide by only two simple rules. Do no harm and take responsibility for our actions.

When Common Law Assembly started springing up all over the country, we had hoped that people would learn how to take responsibility for their lives and stop relying on a leader to tell them what to do. Instead, most people joined an assembly expecting someone else to save them, someone else to do the hard work. And this is not limited to Australia.

It’s happening everywhere. There’s a chap Canada who is almost crying in frustration, asking people to get up off their backsides and do something. So, it really is up to you. Since the COVID menace was withdrawn, everybody seems to think there’s no need to change the system anymore. You have all grown complacent, thinking the danger is over.

The real danger was not the COVID virus. It wasn’t even the jab.

It was, and always has been, the politicians. The judiciary, the medical sector, the mainstream media, and the bureaucrats who have gathered too much power into their grubby little paws. have proved they have no morals and no integrity, as they have supported the criminals who have destroyed our nation. Enjoy your 30 pieces of silver, media, because we have not forgotten what you have done.

But as a result of all of this, membership has dropped in all groups, not just common law assemblies. Instead, people turn up to rallies, shout at nothing, and then return home without ever achieving anything useful.  There’s nothing wrong with going to rallies. They do show the numbers and they allow us to meet other people who are also thinking the same way.

But we’ve got to do more than that. We have to turn up to rallies to hear real leaders. People who have not only the problems, but the solution to those problems. How many people are there like that? Not too many, I can tell you. We’ll never be able to change the system until people learn to stand on your own two feet like adults and take responsibility for your lives, your families, your communities, and our country.

It is the responsibility of each one of us. We can no longer rely on the empty promises from the politicians or wannabe leaders lusting for power. And we certainly cannot hope that the various leaders of the many freedom movement groups will lead you anywhere. If they haven’t done anything yet, they never will.

It’s all very well for these wannabe leaders to record videos to make grandiose statements big promises, but have we seen any of them unite people behind a single idea that everyone can get behind?

Tyrannical governments thrive by dividing the people. While we are all fighting over who has the biggest swinging dick, the politicians, judges, magistrates, mainstream media, and their minions are laughing all the way to the bank, their central bank, run by their mother whiffing masters.

So, what is the solution? As I said before, it is up to each one of us to take responsibility for what happens next. Remember, we are at war. We all know that the system is so corrupt, it is destroying itself simply by taking ever more draconian measures against us. More fines, more stupid rules, more government control over every aspect of our lives.

The government, the judiciary, and the mainstream media have all become the enemy. No government can survive long if the people no longer support it. Isn’t it about time we withheld our support and just said, NO, we will not comply.

But if, or when, the government does collapse, what then?

Are we going to face total anarchy? Or are we going to follow a plan that will save our nation and lead us forward to a better future? I have spoken many times about the Five Point Plan on our advanceaustralia.com.au website. But so far, very few people have understood that it is their responsibility to make it happen.

Don’t look at me. Don’t look at Bosie. Don’t look at, Wayne Glew. Don’t look at any other guy who’s on the videos. We are only one person at a time. It’s up to each one of us to take responsibility. And then when we do that, we must unite. And the only way we can do that properly is in a common law assembly.

We are Australians. It is up to each one of us to stop chasing after every new fad idea or wringing our hands at the many terrible things the government has been doing to us. Instead, we need to focus our energies on a single idea, and then unite to turn that idea into reality. What is that single idea?

Common law.

Common law offers a better way of living in peace and harmony. We don’t need a leader. We need every one of us to be a leader, to lead by example. And we all need to understand what our inalienable rights are.

We need to reclaim the high moral ground and stop supporting the weak, corrupt and disgusting ideas that the Mother-WEFers have used to distract and divide us. Ideas like transgenderism, free sex, abortion at nine months, same sex marriage, flat earth. And all the other stupid ideas that are a product of the left wing socialist communist mentality. They are all designed to divide us and make us run in so many directions that we end up going nowhere at all.

Because of this, everyone is ignoring the big danger that threatens us all. That danger is the mental confusion that is built in to the Agenda 2130 plan. It’s time for us to stop chasing each little new idea, and focus on the big change we all need to make. And it starts with you. You need to change the way you think and start taking steps to action.

Thus, you need to take that first step to start changing things. Only you can do this. If you haven’t read the Common Law website and the Five Point Plan on the advanceaustralia.com.au website, start now. We need everyone to have a clear vision of what we can all achieve when we work together. We only have to look at World War II to see how the whole world united to defeat the forces of evil.

We can do it again. But first, we must recognize the problem, and I think most of us do, and then we must concentrate on fixing this, which very few of us are doing. It’s up to you to do so.

Today, we face a much worse evil than any ten Hitlers. It is an evil that has hidden in the shadows as it infiltrated its nasty ideas into the consciousness of people through TV, movies, magazines, and now, it’s time for the people of the Commonwealth of Australia to reclaim our birthright and put a stop to the attacks on our rights and freedoms.

That is the purpose of the Common Law Assemblies. They provide a place where people who desire to live in freedom can work out new ways of working together to get out of the current corrupt system and free ourselves of the mental prison the Mother-WEFers have created in our own minds. We are only prisoners in our own minds. Break those chains and only you can save this country. Are you ready to fight for your rights and the rights of our children? It’s up to you, Australia.

Go to commonlaw. earth and advanceaustralia.com.au and let’s get this show on the road. Our show, time to get skin in the game.

Mike Holt

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