Malcolm Roberts the deceiver

Malcolm Roberts is lying through his teeth when he claims that the States have a legal right to mandate vaccines. He needs to read our Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901… not the fake one that was copyrighted to the political party corporation registered in the USA.

Listen to this snake-oil salesmen as he lies and deceives the Australian people:

You can check these documents to learn why Malcolm is not only deluded, but lying to you:

  1. – Look up the 1946 Referendum.
  2. – Look up Section 109. If Roberts doesn’t know this why is he sitting in parliament purporting to represent we, the people?
  3. For more information, download and read any of the documents in these links: &

The truth is, ever since the Parliament took control of the Governor General in 1960, every politician who has sat in Parliament has been committing high treason. They do not have a right to sit in Parliament. Read the Constitution, Sections 7 and 24. Only we, the People of the Commonwealth of Australia have the power and authority through the Constitution to select our representatives.

Political parties are not mentioned anywhere in the Constitution. If they are not in the Constitution they do not exist in law. Therefore, all political parties have no authority to represent anyone or to sit in the People’s Commonwealth of Australia Parliament.

Robert’s ignorance of the law does not excuse him for sitting in Parliament in TREASON! It’s time for all these lying, thieving, criminal TRAITORS to get out of our Parliament.

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