Now We Know

By John Grey

We now know why the Federal Court of Australia and High Court are not delivering justice to the people of Australia. They are not Commonwealth Crown courts. They are simply private, highly paid sinecures of the Australian Government that has been acting without authority since at least 1973, when the below Royal Great Seal was first replaced in 1933 with a forgery, and certainly since 1973 when a Great seal without any Commonwealth Crown at all on it was introduced.

Ever since its inception the deliberations of the Parliament of the Commonwealth have been unable to be legitimately signed sealed and delivered.

The True Crown SealThe Fake Political Party Seal

A Statute or law made by any Parliament is a contract of record, and like all contracts it must be signed or sealed by the body corporate creating it and the parties to it, before it becomes binding.

The Queen of Australia is a legal fiction and so too are the Queens in right of each State. The Crown they wear is the same as at a children’s party made of crepe paper.

The Federal Court of Australia in particular is staffed by fake pretenders who pretend to make law, but only serve those who pay them the most. At present they are paid a salary greater than the Prime Minister gets, and so the bribery of them is firstly by the Australian Government and State Governments bribe their Supreme Court Justices similarly, and secondly by the litigants who can afford to buy the judgments they want or pay the Registry Staff not to issue process.

In the past month the Federal Court of Australia has been asked to issue process to bring Australia into line with the other countries who are aware of the Covid19 scam, and has solidly refused to do so.

The tube of excrement from which they are drawn, is comprised of Barristers and Solicitors, members of the Law Society and Bar association, who are without any morals or decency at all and whose first loyalty is to their hip pocket.

When first appointed the new Judges in Court are tried on a difficult case, and if found to be totally corrupt left to follow their career up to and including Chief Justice. They are corrupt because their Oath of Office means nothing to them. They like the vast majority of Members of Parliament in Political Parties, have a divided loyalty and serve two masters, one of which is not Her Majesty Elizabeth the Second. Her Majesty Elizabeth the Second represents Almighty God, by the Statute 1 Will & Mary C 6 ( Coronation Oath ) (1688), but these scoundrels, universally serve their second master, the State as in every Communist country, and ignore their Oath of Allegiance. That is treason at the worst and treachery if not treason.

These scurrilous scumbags in the High Court and Federal Court of Australia have never observed the provisions, of the Statute 1 Will & Mary C 6 ( Coronation Oath ) (1688) every day of their time as Judges in their corrupt Courts.

They squat down and defile the Constitution every time they sit as Judges, because the Constitution in S 79 says the federal jurisdiction of any court may be exercised by such number of judges as the Parliament prescribes. In 1900, when the Original Royal Great Seal of the Commonwealth was forged and made, it was designed to show that all the States were under the Commonwealth Crown. This is no longer the case, and each State has magically created its own Paper Crown and forged its own seal.

We now know why the Federal Court of Australia and High Court have continued to allow the people of Australia to be poisoned by a Chemical Mix falsely called a vaccine, and why some 500 plus people have died from it, with huge numbers of mental disturbances from unnecessary confinements causing suicides of specially young people. One jury trial would end it.

The High Court was squarely placed in a position to end this scam, when Solihin Millin got it to accept a matter, but declined on 17th June 2021, as it is probably on the take from the Big Pharma lobby.

People are greedy, and none more so than Judges. How many more people must die so these whores for money, can get their success fee?

The National Cabinet are probably in receipt of millions because the Government is paying probably $400 per shot for vaccine as is charged in the United States of America, and that leaves plenty of money for a bribe.

There has been a cure for Covid19 since 1st August 2020, when Professor Thomas Barody of Sydney made his solution public. The willful blindness of our Politicians and Judges and Mainstream Media should see them all hung for murder.

Two Seals

The First Royal Great Seal of the Commonwealth was in this design and was replaced by another introduced in 1933. It has a Royal Badge of Arms adorned by the Crown, There is no Crown on the 1973 Great Seal, so it is not a Royal Seal, and merely a Corporate Seal of no legal force.

We only owe allegiance to the Crown, not the Flag or the Republic or any State or Federal Government or a seal the same as a beer bottle has and a Crown of crepe paper.

The two subsequent Great Seals are forged and uttered by an entity that is in law by S 64 Judiciary Act 1903 a subject of the Queen of the Constitution and are utterly illegal, as made. Those forged unauthorised Great Seals have oppressed the people of Australia since their utterance.

By that Original Great Seal every State was under the Commonwealth Crown — all six of them — and the Commonwealth. They have had no power to unilaterally declare independence from the Commonwealth Crown except under Forged Seals used illegally.

The Crown as the Fount of Justice

No less an authority than Blackstone, probably revered more in the United States than in the United Kingdom or Australia explains that “justice is not derived from the king, as from his free gift; but he is the steward of the public…He is not the spring, but the reservoir…”

In England, from time immemorial, this authority has been exercised by the king or his substitutes. The Crown has acted as the fountain of justice in Australia from the time of the first settlement in 1788.

Since the Glorious Revolution, judges are no longer appointed ‘at pleasure’, Rather ,they enjoy tenure during good behaviour as determined by the parliament. This, and the fact they are appointed by the Crown, assures their independence. This independence preceded the grant of responsible government to the Australian colonies in the nineteenth century. Appointment of the judges is by the Crown – they are “Her Majesty’s Judges”, they are not the judges of the government in power at the time of their appointment. By their allegiance to their sovereign – even if they inappropriately and unwisely declare themselves to be republican, they cannot unilaterally dispense with their allegiance; their loyalty is clearly and publicly to the Crown as steward or trustee for the people.

I also cite A V Dicey who said this:

“… every official, from the Prime Minister down to a constable or a collector of taxes, is under the same responsibility for every act done without legal justification as any other citizen. The Reports abound with cases in which officials have been brought before the courts, and made, in their personal capacity, liable to punishment, or to the payment of damages, for acts done in their official character but in excess of their lawful authority. [Appointed government officials and politicians, alike] … and all subordinates, though carrying out the commands of their official superiors, are as responsible for any act which the law does not authorise as is any private and unofficial person.” (Law of the Constitution.)

We all want freedom. There is no freedom but under the Crown.

When in 1973 the Queen allowed the Great Seal to be forged without a Crown on it, and all the States under the One Crown, we lost our freedom and the justice system became a closed shop run by lawyers, and you are just pawns in the game.

We have no one but the Crown to turn to for justice.

Now the Attorney General has admitted the Great Seal has been false since 1973, and was tampered with in 1933, the Crown has been abolished by every State including the Commonwealth State, and we have no freedom. The vaccines are killing us off gently, 500 already and climbing. Without the Crown to protect us we are at the mercy of Doctors who obivously don’t care about human life at all.

No Crown — No justice!

Just the legal profession preaching the LAW as the State Religion. No Freedom, no justice, no hope in the Commonwealth.

We are run by a bunch of no hopers. Prime Minister Morrison is a No Hoper. The Premiers are No Hopers. The Chief Medical Officers are no hopers, and without the Commonwealth Crown and all it stands for, we have no hope at all.

Yours in hope that the Australian people will throw out these No Hopers.

Who is John Grey?

The nom de plume of a distinguished legal practitioner, a gentleman and a scholar, a fine judge of women and wines, with more than 50 years experience in law. He no longer practices, but he continues to advise and write about the law. His in-depth knowledge of the law, and dealing with the legal fraternity, has been of invaluable assistance to this Author.

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