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One of the advantages of being older is that there is time to search out opinions and intelligence reports from the worldwide web.

Here is what has been gleaned this week .

A fellow from Pennsylvania called Phil Godlewski, has made two very interesting reports this week.  One while primarily concerned with the United States of America applies here in Australia equally. It devotes nearly two hours to explaining why Big Business is able to unduly influence the governments of the world, using bribery and lobbyists with very deep pockets.

The thing he has exposed is that it is our money not theirs they are using against us to create favourable business conditions for themselves. They have obtained tax rebates for political donations, and probably in Australia they donate equally to both major Parties, corrupting both. In the United States of America on the 3rd November 2020 their money went to the Biden camp. However they have overplayed their hand and President Donald Trump knew what they were doing and they may have to pay the piper for their merry dance.

Phil Godlewski two hours of interesting opinion:

The second video is what he calls a Rapid  Fire quiz where he gets asked questions on line, and answers them from knowledge he has acquired, and sometimes has to decline as it is still classified. Among the more interesting answers are these:

1. Will Gesara be implemented before Christmas?  Yes.
2. Will social security remain?  Yes but different.
3. Will credit card debts be forgiven? Yes
4. Will the news of Gesara come out this month?Yes
5. Will there be free electricity?Yes
6. Is Starlink, the new Internet up and running?Yes
7. Is the Military in charge of the United States of America?Yes
8. Is the money in your wallet safe?Yes
9. Will there be reparations for the injuries caused by Covid19? Yes

Phil Godlewski 12th October 2021 :

A woman from Texas called Shari Raye has some supporting intelligence reports, and her report ties in with the others. Among the highlights of her observations are the following:

1.     Nesara in the United States of America by the 3rd and 4th November 2021.

2.     Three sources are saying tat the Mainstream Media is going to be terminated in seven  days.

3.     Money under Gesara is being paid out and the ordinary folk are last but not least and the United States dollar is in a tailspin.

4.     Colin Powell committed suicide and did not die of Covid19 as he was fully vaccinated, to avoid a treason trial.

5.     The ships piled up on both United States seacoasts are blocked as they are from countries that interfered in the United States election last year and some are carrying deadly weapons and all are being investigated.

6.     The Man of God Documents are all released, but I can only find four.

7.     There have been no flu deaths since Covid19 appeared.

8.     The military in the United States of America is fully mobilised as in a war situation in every State.

9.     Nesara and Gesara are going to see the greatest wealth transfer from the extremely wealthy to the general population on the history of civilisation.

10. Around 10,000 Chief Executive Officers of major corporations worldwide have stepped down or resigned.

11. The Quantum Financial System is all on schedule to be implemented.

12. Your Birth Certificate which has been traded n the Stock Exchanges will be paid out at retirement age. |

13.Huge numbers of Medbeds, of which there are three types are to be rolled out and are already being manufactured. One type cures every disease known to man, the second can regrow a severed limb, or damaged organ, and the third can reduce physical age and rejuvenate the body leaving the mind as it is.  Can cure Alzheimers and other degenerative diseases of the brain.

Here is her latest link.

Monica Smit and Topher Field gave an interview  as both of them were persecuted by the Victorian State Government, In a previous comment I said Monica Smit could by law collect $56,000,000 dollars in liquidated penalties, under the common law of the Crimes Act 1914 (Cth) so they only held Topher Field for 3 hours. I have appended that as well.

As soon as I get some more interesting things from around the traps I will write again

Best wishes  and as the Constitution says, Humbly relying on the blessings of Almighty God  I remain a servant of my fellow Australians. The twenty third Psalm may soon apply to everyone, The Lord is my shepherd, I shalt not want.

Kindest regards,

John Grey.

Who is John Grey?

The nom de plume of a distinguished legal practitioner, a gentleman and a scholar, a fine judge of women and wines, with more than 50 years experience in law. He no longer practices, but he continues to advise and write about the law. His in-depth knowledge of the law, and dealing with the legal fraternity, has been of invaluable assistance to this Author.

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