AG Confirms Covid-19 Fines are being Dismissed

Aug 28, 2020 It’s been expressed in a sitting with the private corporation, namely VICTORIA GOVERNMENT in response to committee member, David Limbrick puts to the AG how the peoples rights have been stripped.

AG, Michaelia Cash

The AG, Michaelia Cash, goes on to suggest to EXERCISE THEM if you want them.

Quote: “to be able to enforce & argue um those rights.” End-Quote.

Rebecca Falkingham from the Department of Justice and Community safety was asked by David Limbrick ‘how many (Covid-19) fines have been in court’.

Rebecca alludes to the fact that no fines to the present date have reached court. She goes on to suggest that, they get withdrawn. Rebecca Falkingham also says’ QUOTE: “The fact most are resolved when they go to the review stage” “and have their fine withdrawn” END-QUOTE.

It would appear that the Fact they’re operating outside of the law the fines have no legal nor lawful standing.

One would suggest they wouldn’t stand up in court as a result of the Victoria police namely VICTORIA-POLICE illegitimate operation to which operates outside of law.

We urge you to seek out a Rights group, such as, that will empower you to act to stop the corruption.

Good people don’t kneel we stand. The time is now ladies and gents so get out from behind your keyboard, join others who are already standing up for our rights, and help restore the Rule of Law in our country.

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